Saturday, October 20, 2012

Field trial/hunting dogs


Many people wonder if field trial dogs are one dimensional. Do they only run in field trials? Are they only roaded and trained, roaded and trained, never getting to really hunt just for fun, to run with no pressure, to find wild birds wherever they might be and not at a particular designated feeder? Can they bring home the birds like they used to do a hundred years ago when a good bird dog would help put  dinner on the table?

Can they do what they were actually bred to do before the sport of field trialing turned the sport of bird hunting into a game with rules and standards and specifics.

Well, a couple of Rhode Island dogs are proving that they can live, work and play in both worlds.

Chris Palmer, of Exeter, RI, was out early this morning with his pointer, Frankie, on the opening day of pheasant season. 

Chris said there were only 50 cars in the parking lot. "My dog is going to have a fun time," said Chris.

 Sure looks like Frankie did!

Chris Palmer's pointer, Frankie, on point.
Chris Palmer, Jess Dacones and Frankie with the morning's take.

And John Stolgitis, of Ashaway, RI, is far up north grouse hunting with his multiple champion pointer, Chasehill Little Bud. This is the time of year Bud gets to let his hair down and hunt just for fun. No more pressure of having to stay to the front, no worries about missing a bird spot. No nothing. Just a good time for this little pointer.

John Stolgitis with Chasehill Little Bud grouse hunting with friends Dean Reinke, left, and Mike Flewelling.
 Can our field trial dogs do it all? They sure can!


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