Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flaherty Work Party Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012

 (FEB. 25, 2012)

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. -- A work party to clean up the grounds after a run of unusually harsh fall storms, will be held Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012, at Flaherty Field Trial Area, South Windsor, Conn.

Says Flaherty president Rich Murphy, "Fox Hill needs a lot of work just to get up and around it and I am sure that there are other areas that will need to be cleared of debris just to get through.

"I was hoping that the weather would cooperate just enough to freeze the ground so we could get the necessary vehicles in there to make clean up easier but of course its going to be 45 degrees and sunny Saturday which means slick and muddy at Flaherty.

"I would like to get some help from the membership over the next few weeks to clean up what we can. My best guess is we will need chain saws, chains,4 wheel drive trucks, maybe a tractor if anyone has one ready to travel and maybe a few ATVS to get to some of the areas. If you can think of anything else that might help bring it along.

'Please put a call out to your club members to see if anyone can help as i believe there is more work to do than meets the eye. Please let me know if you or any of your members can make it and what they can bring so we can plan accordingly.

"Note, the clubhouse will be open but there is no running water or working bathroom. I will supply coffee and donuts."

Rich Murphy

Monday, February 13, 2012

Setter Club Announces Spring Field Trial

March 31*-April 1, 2012
Starts 7 a.m. daily

(7 a.m.) PHIL FOGG CLASSIC* (45 min.) - 40%, 50-30-20 .... $65
(*Classic may start Friday, March 30, depending on entries)
(7 a.m., separate course) OPEN PUPPY (20 min.) -- 40%, 50-30-20 ... $25
FLORENCE HARWARTH OPEN DERBY (30 min.) -- 40%, 50-30-20 ... $40
(To follow Open Puppy)
All Open stakes: 40%, 50-30-20, less $7 per dog

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG (30 min) -- Rosettes & Certificates ... $35
(Starts at completion of Classic, but not before Sunday at 7 a.m.)
(7 a.m., separate course) AMATEUR PUPPY (20 min.) -- Rosettes ... $20
AMATEUR DERBY (30 min.) -- Rosettes and certificates ... $35
(To follow Amateur Puppy)

JUDGES: Classic -- Jim Bush, Mansfield Center, Conn., and John Malone, Bolton, Conn.
OWD, OWP - Jeff Smith, Loudon, NH, and Jim Hathaway, Falmouth, MA
AWP, AWD: George Doyle, Plympton, MA, and Dennis Hazel, Rehoboth, MA
AWSD: Bob Danna, Moosup, Conn., and Bill Whigham, Hadley, MA
Alternate judges if needed.

GROUNDS: FA Crane Management Area, Falmouth, MA. Liberated quail and native woodcock. From Bourne Bridge, take Route 28 South to Route 151 East and follow signs. Lunch served daily. Use of tracking collars and scouting on horseback is permitted. However, handlers must provide collar and make own scouting arrangements. Please have dog's essential data information available.

DRAWING: Wednesday, March 28, 8 p.m., at the home of the chairman.

ACCOMODATIONS: Falmouth Inn - (508) 540-2500, 828 Main St., (Rt. 28). Mention Setter Club field trial for special rates.

Home: (508) 279-1182; Cell: (508) 245-2867
Do not leave entries on machine or voicemail

Entries accepted with the understanding that the club, officers, members and landowners are not responsible and cannot be held liable  for accidents or damage involving anyone attending the trial, their horses, dogs, vehicles or equipment.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Englanders Win Again Down South

Winners, participants and well-wishers at the 48th U.S. Quail Shooting Dog Futurity at Hoffman, N.C.
Front from left: 1st place, Silver Hill Lucy Lu; 2nd, Yaukepic Marpi; 3rd, Serious Investment; 4th, Erin's Goodtime.
OF 48th U.S. QUAIL

  HOFFMAN, N.C. -- Silver Hill Lucy Lu (Porter Meadow Elroy x Porter Meadow Reba - now Waybetter Reba), a pointer female owned by Ed and Pat Marin of Ansonia, Conn.,  topped a field of 71 pointers and setters to win the 48th U.S. Quail Shooting Dog Futurity held at Hoffman from Jan. 31-Feb. 4. 

Judges were Jim Crews and Jim Jones. Reporter was Mike Husenits.

Second through fourth place, respectively, went to:
Yaukepic Marpi, PF, owner, Jose Marvan; breeder, Karen Conroy; handler, Randy Latty

Serious Investment, PM, Greg Strausbaugh, Frank Joyal, Mike Tracy
Erin's Goodtime, PM, Mitch Solt, Scott Crawford, Eddy Taylor

Lucy Lu was bred by Jim Bush of Mansfield Center, Conn., whelped by Patty Marin and daughters Jeannine and Jennifer, and handled by Pat Casey of South Hill, Va., formerly of Cohasset, Mass. Lucy, a New England dog through and through, is a littermate to Silver Hill Big Brutus, below, who placed fourth in the New England Futurity last October.

Winners from October's New England Futurity also competed in the 48th U.S. Quail Shooting Dog Futurity at Hoffman.  Front from left, Gene Casale Jr. with Willie Rail (3rd place in New England), and Ed Marin with Silver Hill Big Brutus (4th in the NE Futurity.) Also participating in the N.E. Futurity were, from left, Dick Bembenek, John Malone, Gene Casale, reporter and chairman Margaret Drew, Janice Gregory, Luigi DiMeglio, Pat Casey, Stacey Goodie, Aidan Malone and Jeff Smith.

Other dogs with New England connections who competed in the Futurity included:

     Liver Mush, PF, Earl/Margaret Drew, owners; George Tracy, breeder;  Earl Drew, handler
     Serious Investment, PM, Greg Strausbaugh, Frank Joyal, Mike Tracy
     JB’s Who Dat, PM, Bob & Jennifer Braman, Bob & Jennifer Braman, Pat Casey
     Ginny Rail, PF, Gene Casale, Ross Callaway, Randy Latty
     Lady Antebellum, PF, Eli Richardson, Rich Giuliano, Pat Casey
     Marque’s Mega Buck, PM, John & Susan Ivester, Tom Tracy, Lefty Henry
     Ironstone King’s Ransom, ESM, Eli Richardson, Harold Ray, Doug Ray
     Silver Hill Big Brutus, PM, Ed & Patricia Marin, Jim Bush, Pat Casey
     I’m Pistol Pete, PM, Earl & Margaret Drew, Ross Callaway, Mike Tracy
    Silver Hill Lucy Lu, PF, Ed & Patricia Marin, Jim Bush, Pat Casey
    Backcountry Bella, PF, Chris Catanzarite, Frank Joyal, Mike Tracy
    Porter Meadow Bette, PF, Jim Bush, Jim Bush, Pat Casey
    Rock The House, PM, Debbie McElwaine, Bob & Jennifer Braman, Matt Basilone
    Willie Rail, PM, Gene Casale, Warren Parrott , Randy Latty
    Backcountry Sid The Kid, PM, Chris Catanzarite, Frank Joyal, Mike Tracy
    Stand Proud, PF, Hunter Wilcox, Tom Tracy, Hunter Wilcox
    T S Trailblazer, PM, Joe Cincotta, Bob/Jennifer Braman, Matt Basilone

Callbacks on Friday included:
     Stand Proud, PF, Hunter Wilcox, Tom Tracy, Hunter Wilcox
     Silver Hill Lucy Lu, PF, Ed & Patricia Marin, Jim Bush, Pat Casey
     Marque’s Mega Buck, PM, John & Susan Ivester, Tom Tracy, Lefty Henry
     Ironstone King’s Ransom, ESM, Eli Richardson, Harold Ray, Doug Ray
     Serious Investment, PM, Greg Strausbaugh, Frank Joyal, Mike Tracy

The gallery follows along on a beautiful day at Hoffman. (Photo courtesy of The Field Trialer)


Friday, February 3, 2012

Flaherty Reopens


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Flaherty Field Trial Area reopened to the public on Friday, Feb. 3, at noon. While much work was accomplished during the week thanks to funds from FEMA, there is still more work to do. The state is looking into hiring a contractor to do some of that work, but that depends on how much funding is left.

Rich Murphy, president of the Flaherty Field Trial Association, has offered to put together some work parties over the next few weeks to cut wood and haul brush. The times for these will be announced when plans are more firmly in place.