Monday, September 30, 2013

N'eastern Grouse/ Woodcock Ch.



Photo courtesy of Chris Mathan
Handler Tony Bly with Ch. Jonesy's Rebel Revenge (owned by Tim Kisieleski) and RU Ch. Chasehill Little Bud with owner/handler John Stolgitis. 

FRANKFORT, Maine -- Ch. Jonesy's Rebel Revenge, a setter female owned by Tim Kisieleski and handled by Tony Bly, was named top dog at the Northeastern Grouse & Woodcock Championship. 

Runner-up honors went to Chasehill Little Bud, a male pointer owned and handled by John Stolgitis.

The event, hosted by Mid-Coast Maine Field Trial Club, started Saturday, Sept. 28, 2013. Thirty-four of the top cover dogs from Maine to Pennsylvania were drawn for the championship.  Judges were Mike Roderka and Russ Ogilivie.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ocean State Bird Dog Club


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Running Order

EXETER, RI -- Forty-five dogs have been drawn for Arcadia Field Trial Club's annual fall field trial set for Sept. 21-22, 2013, at Arcadia Management Area.

Participants are reminded that the entrance to the grounds on Frosty Hollow Road is closed.

Instead of entering at Frosty Hollow Road, those traveling West on Route 165 will take the Midway Trail (the next right after Frosty Hollow). Those traveling East will take a left onto Midway, which is the left before Frosty Hollow.

Once on Midway, cross a wooden bridge and follow to Brook Trail, which forks to the left. Follow Brook Trail to the end and turn right. Field trial area will be on the right.

To get an arial view, go to Google Maps and get directions to Frosty Hollow Road, Exeter, RI, and Midway Trail, Exeter, Ri. The maps will show the proximity of the roads.

A word of caution: All the roads are misspelled on Google Maps. Brook Trail is Brookie Trail, Midway Trail is Midway Rail, and Plain Road should be Austin Farm Road.

SATURDAY (Beginning at 7 a.m.)
1-1 Hank ESM Ecker
1-2 Blue PF J.Stolgitis
2-1 Paprika ISF Ecker
2-2 Hayley PF Stolgitis
3-1 Bella PF E. Stolgitis
3-2 Lucky PM J. Stolgitis

1-1 Abe ESM Ecker
1-2 Tina PF Stolgitis
2-1 Strike ISF Ecker
2-2 Belle PF Stolgitis
3-1 Lizzie ESF Marquis
3-2 Dalton ISM Ecker
4-1 Winnie PF Unsworth
4-2 Fricke'n Coco ESF Ecker
5-1 Rina ESF Stolgitis
5-2 Maura ISF Ecker
6-1 Bradley PM Stolgitis
6-2 Luke ESM Ecker
7-1 Dixie PF Stolgitis
7-2 Mary ISF Ecker
8-1 Stella PF Stolgitis
8-2 Buddy PM Ecker
9-1 Cas Tiny PF Ecker
9-2 Brewster PM Stolgitis
10-1 Allie ESF Dellenger
10-2 Bye

SUNDAY (Beginning at 7 a.m.)
1-1 Blue PF E. Stolgitis
1-2 Zack ESM Cavanaugh
2-1 Bella PF E. Stolgitis
2-2 Hayley PF McNamee
3-1 Lucky PM Stolgitis
3-2 Star ESF Clark

1-1 Luc BM McNamee
1-2 Katie PF Cavanaugh
2-1 Gates BM McNamee
2-2 Maia GSPF Gregory
3-1 Strike PM Cavanaugh
3-2 Robbie ESM Hathaway

1-1 Dixie PF Capocci

1-2 Harry ESM Carter
2-1 Stella PF McNamee
2-2 Jack PM Whigham
3-1 Belle PF Capocci
3-2 Rosebud PF Unsworth
4-1 Ginnie ESF Skut
4-2 Tank ESM Clark
5-1 Angie ESF McNamee
5-2 Allie ESF Dellenger
6-1 Beau PM McNamee
6-2 Buck ESM Skut
7-1 Winnie PF Unsworth
7-2 Bullet PM Capocci
8-1 Katie PF Cavanaugh
8-2 Annie PF Giuliano

Sunday, September 15, 2013

North American Woodcock Championship

Ch. Chasehill Little Bud with John Stolgitis, and RU Ch. Chasehill Big Bradley, with Mike Flewelling, winners of the North American Woodcock Championship.

 WINS 42nd

Bud's Son, Chasehill 
Big Bradley,
 Named Runner-Up
 AND Wins Futurity

NEW BRUNSWICK, Canada -- As a cover dog, Chasehill Little Bud has a corner on the market. Not only does he have innumerable championships himself, the majority of puppies that he throws are blue-ribbon winners, too.

Owned and handled by John Stolgitis of Ashaway, RI, Bud's most recent win came at the 42nd North American Woodcock Championship held Sept. 13-15, 2013, at Cronk Farm in New Brunswick, Canada.

Twenty-four dogs were entered in the championship judged by Tony Bly, of Milan, N.H., and Russ Ogilvie, of Jefferson, Maine.  Stake manager was Bob Little, of McAdam, New Brunswick.

Runnerup in the event was Chasehill Big Bradley, a son of Bud, owned and handled by Mike Flewelling

During the course of the trial, 39 grouse were moved with 27 being pointed. Six woodcock were pointed, and every dog had birdwork. 

The 37th running of the North American Woodcock Futurity was held at the conclusion of the woodcock championship. Judges were Mike Best and Leonard Sinclair, both of Bocabec, New Brunswick. Stake manager was Joe Dahl of Bangor, Maine.

 Nine dogs were entered in the futurity, and taking first place, after coming off his runnerup win in the championship, was Chasehill Big Bradley, handled by John Stolgitis. 

Second place winner was Magic Mist, Dahl; 3. Sanderling Lucky Penny, Little; 4. Cairds Little Brynn, Little.

Many thanks to Bob Little for trial information,
 and to Matt Winchester for the photo! 

Friday, September 13, 2013


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Brian Sanchez Wins 
Region 13 ASD 
 With Great River Magnum

Runner-up was Glenmere's Sentinel, owned by Jeff Haggis.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Gene Casale, Dave O'Brien and Stacey Goodie, all of Connecticut, loaded up their dogs and horses and made the 12-hour drive to Clinton, Ontario, on Sept. 11 to compete in the Region 13 Amateur Shooting Dog Championship Sept. 13-14 at Hullett Wildlife Area

Judges were Bob Showers of Vanessa, Ontario, and Tim Tufts of Orono, Ontario.

Between taking care of the dogs and the horses and Dave and Gene, Stacey also managed to take some really nice pictures of the action up North. Thanks, Stacey!

Gene Casale, 92, handling his pointer, Danny, at the Region 13 ASD Championship in Ontario. Gene was assisted on breakaways and finds by Kevin Stuart. 

Gene Casale, Kevin Stuart and Danny.

Dave O'Brien and Dixie at the breakaway Sunday morning. 

Gene Casale and Dave O'Brien. ;-)

Gene and Dave

Gene Casale

Uno and Dave O'Brien at the breakaway.

Grounds at Hullett. 

Waiting at the breakaway of the Open Derby.

Monday, September 9, 2013

A pointing dog seminar
 presented by the R.I. 
Hunter Education Program

EXETER, R.I. -- Twenty-six people and 19 dogs turned out for the RI DEM's first birddog training seminar held Sunday, Sept. 8, at Arcadia Management Area. Leading the seminar was Dave Marshall of Centerville Farm and Kennel of Hope Valley, RI. He was assisted by his wife, Sarah Conyngham; Richard Giuliano of Richfield Kennels, Bob Fleury of Birch Hill Brittanys, Janice Gregory, Region 1 secretary, and Debbie Northup. The event was presented by the RI Hunter Education Program and sponsored by South County Field Trial Club and Purina. Karen Unsworth and Ed McGovern, both of the RI DEM,  put the seminar together.

Marshall described numerous training techniques to attendees  and then everyone got to try out their new skills with their novice dogs. Everyone had a great time. All the dogs got to point numerous birds and hopefully, we'll get one or two hunters or field trialers out of the group!