Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 New Englanders Win Big in Virginia

Front left, Frank Skut with RU Ch. Yankie's Ginnie Girl, and Bill Whigham with Ch. Fox Cobble Jack. Rear, from left, judge Til Hankley, reporter Cynthia Brown, and judge Tommy Stargell. (Photos courtesy of the U.S. Complete website.)

Two New Englanders have taken Virginia by storm and have shown what northern birddogs can accomplish on southern grounds.

Bill Whigham's Champion Fox Cobble Jack on point.
Bill Whigham of South Hadley, Mass., and Frank Skut of Colchester, Conn., won champion and runner-up honors, respectively, at the 2011 U.S. Complete Amateur Invitational Championship held Dec. 9-10 at Dick Cross Wildlife Management Area in Mecklenburg County, Va. Fourteen dogs were invited to the event. Eleven were drawn. Each dog ran a one-hour course on each of the two days. Judges were Til Hankley and Tommy Stargell. Reporter was Cynthia Brown.

RU Ch. Yankie's Ginnie Girl on point.
 The Champion, Fox Cobble Jack, a pointer male owned and trained by Bill, had four nice finds and one back on his first day of running, and two finds and two backs on the second day.  Runnerup champion,  Yankie's Ginnie Girl, a setter female owned and handled by Frank, had a slow but good start on the first day with one find and two backs, then really got going on the second day with four finds and two unproductives.

According to the kind folks who called and emailed with results and reports from the grounds, the dogs ran in some very heavy cover, making birds hard to point and, in return, very hard to flush.

One report in particular from Dean Conklin and Frank Skut described judge Tommy Stargell getting off his horse while Ginnie was pointing in heavy brush, and getting down on his hands and knees himself looking for the bird. While Frank pulled some of the heavier cover away, Ginnie stood staunchly, and Tommy eventually found the quail for the setter. Now that's teamwork!

RU Ch. Yankie's Ginnie Girl remains composed while Judge Tommy Stargell gets on his knees to look for the bird.  Handler Frank Skut pulls away some of the heavier cover.

Bill and Frank, who train together regularly, made the 12-plus-hour drive from New England to the Dick Cross WMA with their two best birddogs, Jack and Ginnie. But they weren't the only New Englanders in town. Hosting a number of field trialers in their new bed and breakfast facilities were George Doyle and Jay Shippole of Plymouth, Mass., now of South Hill, Va. George also scouted for Bill during the trial. Fixing fences and helping out all-around was Pat Casey, long a resident of South Hill, but a native of Cohasset, Mass.

An honorary New Englander was there also, Claudia McNamee of Waccabuc, NY, who ran her pointer, Richfield Stella. Claudia competes in so many New England trials that we think of her as one of our own!

Claudia McNamee and Richfield Stella.

Also, the breeder of both the winner, Fox Cobble Jack, and of Richfield Stella, is a New England guy, Richard Giuliano, of Hope, RI. How's that for keeping it in the New England family?!

The New Englanders couldn't say enough nice things about their Southern counterparts, their bracemates, the judges, their hosts, basically everyone involved in the trial. While trials up North often tend to be life-or-death events for many involved, it seems those folks down South have a better grasp of keeping trials in perspective and mixing good times with good birdwork.

For more pictures and a brace-by-brace report, click here to go to the U.S. Complete website. (And many thanks to Yvonne McKeag for the use of the U.S. Complete's pictures!)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

U.S. Complete Championship


Front from left, judge Dan Decelles, Robert Ecker with Ch. Elhew Signature, chairman Bill Bonnetti, Garry Malzone with RU Ch. Indian Creek Shine, John Fino and judge Jim Curtin.

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - The 2011 U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association's Northeast Regional Championship  was held under sunny skies on Saturday, Nov. 19, through Monday, Nov. 21. Judges were Dan Decelles of Oxford, N.J., and Jim Curtin of Bridgewater, Mass. Chairman was Bill Bonnetti. Thirty-five pointers and setters were entered in the stake.

Elhew Signature, handled by Robert Ecker, was named champion. Runnerup was Indian Creek Shine, handled by Garry Malzone. Pushing the top two dogs hard for the win was Southbound Strech, handled by John Fino. Judges gave Strech honorable mention.

Garry Malzone's Grouse Ridge Remi takes the back while Robert Ecker flushes for Grousewoods Reese, while chairman Bill Bonnetti looks on.
Grousewoods Reese on point.
John Fino looks for the bird while Southbound Strech points.

Southbound Strech on point with scout Ed Marin watching.
Handler John Fino goes in to flush for Strech.
Shots are fired and all is in order for the intense Strech.

Below is video of  the birds being flushed by handler John Fino for Southbound Strech at his last find in his hour:

Judge Jim Curtin keeps an eye on the proceedings for Garry Malzone and Robert Ecker.

Garry goes in to flush for Remi ...

... while Robert points out the bird as he stands with Reese.
Handler Bill Whigham, left, and judge Jim Curtin.

Fox Cobble Jack, left, handled by Bill Whigham, and Elhew Wildfire share a divided find with Wildfire's handler Brian Breveleri approaching.

Monday, October 31, 2011

"Thanks" from Bruce and Barbara Jacobs

Bruce and Barbara Jacobs

On Saturday, Oct. 15, at Flaherty Field Trial Area, during the two-week running of some of New England's oldest and most prestigious horseback championships -  the Northeastern, the New England Futurity, the New England Open and the Region 1 Amateur All Age - professional handlers Bruce and Barbara Jacobs, who have competed for many years in these events either as handlers or trainers, were presented with the Bird Dog Foundation's Life Patron Award.

A large group of fans attended the presentation at the Flaherty clubhouse. Master of ceremonies was Joe Crowley, well-known in field trial circles as the owner of the setter Mr. Motion. Friends from all over the northeast were in attendance, as well as almost the entire Jacobs family.

After the event, Bruce and Barbara write:

"(We) would like to thank all those involved in the presentation of the Bird Dog Foundation's Life Patron Award: The Association of New England Field Trial Clubs Inc., Harry Townshend, Tom Gates, Dave O'Brien, Gene Casale, Joe Crowley, Janice Gregory, Margaret Drew, Dick Bembenek and all family and field trialers who attended."

I think it is we who need to thank them. For their professionalism, for their talent in training dogs, for their friendship. Here's to you, Bruce and Barbara, and to many more years of doing the things you love!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winners - 2011 New England Open

Ch. Klee's Handsome Hank with Chris Palmer, and RU Ch. Great River Ice with Heather Palmer. Rear, from left, judge Dave O'Brien, Stacey Goodie, judge Pat Casey, John Fino, co-chairmen Dick Bembenek and Janice Gregory, reporter Margaret Drew, Earl Drew and Mike Tracy.

OF 2011 

Getting ready at the breakaway. Not a lot of fall color this year thanks to the recent hurricane.

      POMFRET, Conn. - With six finds and a powerful race, Klee's Handsome Hank, a pointer male owned by Roger and Susan Duerksen, and handled by Mike Tracy, was named champion at the 2011 New England Open Championship held at Harry Townshend's Ragged Hill Farm.

Judge Dave O'Brien

Runnerup was also last year's runnerup, Great River Ice, a pointer male owned by Great River Kennels, also handled by Mike Tracy. Ice had six finds and handled well, but Hank's performance really made the judges sit up and take notice. He pointed his birds precisely, standing up on his toes in anticipation of the flush, and gave an all-around electric performance.

Judge Pat Casey, right, with John Stolgitis

     Honorable mention goes to, in no particular order, Klee's Shooting Star, a pointer female, and Octavio, a setter male, both handled by Mike Tracy; and Sukara's Grace, a setter female, handled by Jeanette Tracy.

From left, Gene Casale, Harry Townshend and Bruce Jacobs

The event was held Oct. 16-17.

Twenty-nine dogs were entered in the event. Judges were Pat Casey of South Hill, Va., and Dave O'Brien of Marlborough, Conn. A cocktail party was sponsored by Ross Callaway, owner of last year's winner, Caladen's Sawmill Struttin', a pointer male handled by Mike Tracy.

Bird planters Riley, left, and James Scheuritzel

From left, Bernie and John prepare the lobsters while Dick supervises.
Erin gets ready to ride.
John Fino goes in to flush for Sugar Knoll Jack.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Running Order - New England Open

FOR 2011

POMFRET, Conn. - Twenty-nine dogs have been drawn for the 2011 New England Open Championship held annually at Ragged Hill Farm.
Ragged Hill Farm

The event begins Monday, Oct. 17, at 8 a.m.

Order of running:
1-1 Our Big Bully PM M. Tracy
1-2 Glastonbury Little Bud PM Stolgitis

2-1 Klee's Shooting Star PF M. Tracy
2-2 Richfield Almond Joy PF Stolgitis

3-1 Ragged Hill Danny ESM Jacobs
3-2 Great River Ice PM M. Tracy

4-1 Heritage PM M. Tracy
4-2 Silverback ESM Bembenek

5-1 Excellence In Motion ESM Jacobs
5-2 Richfield Silver Lining PM M. Tracy

6-1 Buffalo Bull PM M. Tracy
6-2 Chiseled In Stone PF J. Tracy

7-1 Iron Lady ESF Stolgitis
7-2 Octavio ESM M. Tracy

8-1 Southbound Strech PM Fino
8-2 Sukara's Come Home Jessie ESF J. Tracy

9-1 Coosawhatchie Chief PM M. Tracy
9-2 Land Cruiser Scout ESM J. Tracy

10-1 Richfield Finnegan PM M. Tracy
10-2 White Spider ESF J. Tracy

11-1 Caladen's Railway Max PM M. Tracy
11-2 Captain Ben ESM Drew

12-1 Serious Threat PM M. Tracy
12-2 Chase Hill Little Bud PM Stolgitis

13-1 Klee's Handsome Hank PM M. Tracy
13-2 Sukara's Grace ESF J. Tracy

14-1 Mt. View Decision PF J. Tracy
14-2 Sugar Knoll Jack PM Fino

15-1 Richfield Silver Belle PF M. Tracy
15-2 Bye

Results - 2011 Region 1 Amateur All-Age Championship

Champion Richfield Silver Belle with Claudia McNamee, runnerup champion Calico's Tom Thumb with Brian Sanchez, and chairman Jeff Smith with Candy. Rear from left, Michael, Mike Tracy and Jeanette Tracy, judges, John Malone, Elizabeth Malone and Aidan Malone.


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -  Richfield Silver Belle, a pointer female owned and handled by Claudia McNamee of Waccabuc, NY, was named champion at the 2011 Region 1 Amateur All-Age Championship held Oct. 15-16 at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Runnerup was Calico's Tom Thumb, a pointer male handled by Brian Sanchez of Central Islip, NY.

Twelve dogs were drawn for the championship. Chairman was Jeff Smith. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Results - 2011 New England Futurity

Futurity winners, front from left, Mike Tracy, standing in for dad, George Tracy, and stand-in white and black pointer for Calico's Touch of Class, both of whom had departed the previous day; Jeanette Tracy with Covey Up Woody, Gene Casale Jr. with Willie Rail, and Ed Marin with Silver Hill Big Brutus.
WINS  2011

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Calico's Touch of Class, handled by George Tracy, bred by Calico Kennels and owned by Calico Kennels, Pete DelCollo and Dale Herndon, was named winner at the 2011 New England Futurity held at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Thirty-two pointers and setters were drawn for the day-and-a-half event, which turned into two full days due to torrential rain which postponed running by half a day.

Second place in the Futurity went to Covey Up Woody, handled by Jeanette Tracy, bred by Ladywood Kennels and owned by K. Thomas.

Third went to Willie Rail, owned and handled by Gene Casale Jr., and bred by Ross Callaway.

And fourth went to Silver Hill Big Brutus, handled by Pat Casey, bred by Jim Bush, and owned by Ed and Patricia Marin.
Last brace. From left, Becky Johnson, judge Gary Miller, Elizabeth Malone

Judges were Richard Bembenek of Webster, Mass., and Gary Miller of  Pinehurst, S.C. Reporter was Margaret Drew of Hoffman, N.C.

A cocktail party was held Friday night by Bob Reed and Harry Blaine, owner of last year's Futurity winner,  The Lobbyist, handled by Jeanette Tracy.

Bruce and Barbara Jacobs

A special recognition dinner was held Saturday night following the Futurity to honor Bruce and Barbara Jacobs and to present them with the Bird Dog Foundation's Life Patron Award. The room was packed as the whole Jacobs clan was in attendance along with their many, many  friends and owners.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Results - 2011 Northeastern OSD Championship

2011 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Champion RJ's Carbon Copy

IN 2011

Ernie Saniga,
owner of RU Ch. Our Big Bully
Champion handler
George Tracy

Runnerup handler
Mike Tracy

      EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - RJ's Carbon Copy, pointer male owned by Alan Linder and handled by George Tracy, was named champion at the 2011 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship held Oct. 10-13 at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

     Runnerup was Our Big Bully, a pointer male owned by Ernie Saniga and handled by Mike Tracy.

     Judges were Richard Bembenek of Webster, Mass., and  Gary Miller of Pinehurst, N.C.

Championship chairmen Gene Casale ...
... and  Dave O'Brien

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running Order - Region 1 Amateur All Age

2011 REGION 1 
October 15, 2011

 EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Twelve dogs have been drawn to run in the 2011 Region 1 Amateur All-Age Championship to be held Oct. 15 at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Judges will be Jeanette Tracy and Mike Tracy.

Chairman is Jeff Smith.

Order of running is:

1-1  Glastonbury Little Bud PM Dick Bembenek
1-2  Bob’s Miller Seal PM John Malone/Jim Bush

2-1 Great River Magnum PM Brian Sanchez
2-2 Silverback ESM Dick Bembenek

3-1 Richfield Finnegan PM Bill McNamee/Brian Sanchez
3-2 Dimeglio’s Bobbi PM Luigi Dimeglio

4-1 Calico’s Tom Thumb PM Brian Sanchez
4-2 Porter Meadow Elroy PM John Malone/Jim Bush

5-1 Richfield Silver Belle PF Bill McNamee/Brian Sanchez
5-2 Silverhill Suzie Q PF Ed Marin/John Malone

6-1 Caladen’s Railway Max PM Gene Casale
6-2 Moon Dancer PF Jeff Smith

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Running Order - 2011 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship

2011 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship

Starts Monday, Oct. 10, 2011
7 a.m., Flaherty Field Trial Area
East Windsor, CT
Judges: Richard Bembenek, Webster, MA
and Gary Miller, Pinehurst, NC

1A. Richfield Finnegan PM  Mike Tracy
  B. Grousewood’s Skeeter SM Matt Basilone

2A. Maple Sugar Nugget PM George Tracy
  B. Maple Valley Cowgirl PF Jeanette Tracy

3A. Land Cruiser Scout SM Jeanette Tracy
  B. Richfield Silver Lining PM Mike Tracy

4A. Enhancement Alice June PF George Tracy
  B. Avalon Creek PF Mike Tracy

5A. Dimeglio’s Bobby PM Matt Basilone
  B. Great River Ice PM Mike Tracy

6A. Grand Heritage Motion SM Jeanette Tracy
  B. High Drive Windstorm PF George Tracy

7A. Fort River Megabucks SM Matt Basilone
  B. Our Big Bully PM Mike Tracy

8A. Octavio SM Mike Tacy
  B. Sukara’s Grace SF Jeanette Tracy

9A. Double Trouble Joe PM Matt Basilone
  B. RJ’s Carbon Copy PM George Tracy

10A. White Spider SF Jeanette Tracy
     B. Written In Stone PF Mike Tracy

11A. Richfield Silver Belle PF Mike Tracy
     B. Triple Nickel Nick PM Matt Basilone

12A. The Lobbyist PM Jeanette Tracy
     B. Southbound Strech PM Fino

13A. The Thrill Is Back PF Jeanette Tracy
    B. High Drive Casey PM George Tracy

14A. Great River Dominator PM Jeanette Tracy
     B. Caladen’s Railway Max PM Mike Tracy

15A. Coosawatchie Chief PM Mike Tracy
     B. Enhancement Trey PM Jeanette Tracy

16A. Klee’s Shooting Star PF Mike Tracy
     B. Fazan’s Stress Free SM Matt Basilone

17A. Chiseled In Stone PF Jeanette Tracy
     B. Calico’s Catch ‘N’ Release PM George Tracy

18A. Klee’s Handsome Hank PM Mike Tracy
     B. Ragged Hill Danny SM Bruce Jacobs

19A. Heritage PM Mike Tracy
     B. Waiting Till Midnight PF George Tracy

20A. Mt. View Decision Maker PF Jeanette Tracy
     B. Calico’s Dynomite PM George Tracy

21A. Buffalo Bull PM Mike Tracy
     B. Big ‘N’ Rich PM George Tracy

22A. Sukara’s Come Home Jessie SF Jeanette Tracy
     B. Great River Class** PF George Tracy

23A. Moonlight Magic** PF George Tracy
     B. Enhancement Tess** PF Jeanette Tracy

**  in season

Friday, October 7, 2011


Starts 8 a.m. Friday, October 14, 2011

Flaherty Field Trial Area
East Windsor, CT

EAST  WINDSOR, Conn. - Thirty two dogs have been drawn for the 76th New England Shooting Dog Futurity to be held Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 14-15, 2011, at Flaherty Field Trial Area. The event starts Saturday, Oct. 14, at 8 a.m.

Judges are Richard Bembenek of Webster, Mass., and Gary Miller of Pinehurst, S.C.
Reporter is Margaret Drew of Hoffman, N.C.

Chairmen are Margaret Drew, Janice Gregory and Jennifer Braman.

A cocktail party will be held Friday, Oct. 14, following the running, hosted by Bob Reed and Harry Blaine, owners of last year's winner, The Lobbyist, handled by Jeanette Tracy.

On Saturday night, Oct. 15, Bruce and Barbara Jacobs will be honored with a presentation of the Bird Dog Foundation's  Life Patron Award.

Running order follows:

B: Breeder
O: Owner
H: Handler

1-1 BLAZE'S ISIS B: S Morelli; O: S Morelli; H: Mike Tracy
1-2 TRIPLE G DOMINATOR'S GIRL   B: Ladywood Kennels; O: B Guffey; H: Jeanette Tracy

2-1 COVEY UP NATE B: Ladywood Kennels;  O: K Thomas; H: Jeanette Tracy
2-2 SILVER HILL BIG BRUTUS   B: J Bush; O: E & P Marin; H: Pat Casey

3-1 CALADEN'S STORM TROOPER   B: R Calloway; O: R Calloway; H: Mike Tracy
3-2 DOMINESS B: Ladywood Kennels; O:  J Tracy ; H: Jeanette Tracy

4-1 LADY ANTEBELLUM  B: M Guiliano; O: E Richardson, H: Pat Casey
4-2 CALICO'S TOUCH OF CLASS  B: Calico Kennels; O: Calico Kennels & P DelCollo&D Herndon; H: George Tracy

5-1 LIVER MUSH  B: Summerhill Kennels; O: E Drew; H: Mike Tracy
5-2 OPEQUON CREEK  B: S Derrig; O: H Blaine & B Reed; H: Jeanette Tracy

6-1 ATTITUDE'S IRON WILL  B: J Paddy; O: J Patty & D Beauford; H: Kevin Stuart
6-7 BIG B: A Clark; O: S  & R Duerksen; H: Mike Tracy

7-1 STEEL CITY WHIRLWIND  B: H Blaine & B Reed; O: H Blaine & B Reed ; H: George Tracy
7-2 STEEL CITY MAVEN  B: G R Kennels; O: H Blaine & B Reed; H: Matt Basilone

8-1 SERIOUS THREAT B: G Strausbaugh & F Joyal: O: G Strausbaugh; H: Mike Tracy
8-2 COVEY UP WOODY  B: Ladywood Kennels; O: K Thomas; H: Jeanette Tracy

9-1 BACKCOUNTRY SID THE KID B: G Strausbaugh & F Joyal; O: C Catanzarite; H: Mike Tracy
9-2 DOMINATOR'S LEGACY   B:  Ladywood Kennels; O: D Shaffer & T Foust ; H: Jeanette Tracy

10-1 WAYBETTER PADDY   B: J Bush; O: C & C Bishop: H: Pat Casey
10-2 CALADEN'S COOL HAND LUKE B: R Callaway; O: R Calloway ; H: Mike Tracy

11-1 BIZZY BLUE  B: A Clark; O: S & R Duerksen;  H: Mike Tracy
11-2 HARD TELLIN'  B: J Kilrain; O: David O'Brien; H: Dave O’Brien

12-1 JETSETTIN' JENNY  B: Ladywood Kennels; O: J, J & K Lordi; H: Mike Tracy
12-21 WILLIE RAIL  B: R Calloway; O: G Casale  Jr.; H: G Casale Jr

13-1 BACKCOUNTRY BELLA  B: G Strausbaugh & F Joyal; O: C Catanzarite; H: Mike Tracy
13-2 PORTER MEADOW BETTE B: J Bush; O: J Bush; H: Pat Casey

14-2 EAST MOTION B: Summerhill Kennels; O: A Hower ; H: Mike Tracy
14-2 SILVER HILL LUCY LU  B: J Bush; O: E & P Marin; H: Pat Casey

15-1 CALADEN'S PISTOL PETE   B: R Calloway; O: R  Calloway; H: Mike Tracy
15-2 LICKITY SPLIT TAMMY  B:  F Henderson; O: D Miller; H: Pat Casey

16-1 RUFFWING DESTINY*   B: D Ptak; O: D Ptak; H: Jeanette Tracy
16-2 QUINCY'S SUSE*   B:  J Kilrain; O: B Hyland; H: Pat Casey

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ocean State Winners


EXETER, RI - Shine, a pointer male handled by Garry Malzone, was named the winner of the Open Shooting Dog stake on Saturday at Ocean State Bird Dog Club's annual fall field trial held Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 1-2, 2011, at Arcadia Management Area. Winning the Amateur Shooting Dog stake on Sunday was Iron Lady, a setter female owned and handled by Bill Bonnetti.

Other winners were:

Open Shooting Dog: 2. Zack, setter male, Garry Malzone; 3. Eddie, setter male, Garry Malzone.

Open Derby: 1. Willie, pointer male, Malzone; 2. Spud, setter male, Malzone; 3. Joe, pointer male, Malzone.

Open Puppy: 1. Sam, pointer female, Malzone; 2. Emma, pointer female, Brian Breveleri; 3. Olive, pointer female, Tim Cavanaugh.

Amateur Shooting Dog: 2. Jake, setter male, Victor Forsyth; 3. Rosebud, pointer female, Karen Unsworth.

Amateur Derby: 1. Blackstone Stoney, pointer male, Richardson; 2. Zeva, pointer female, Bill Whigham; 3. Bailey, setter female, Lannie Dellenger.

Amateur Gun Dog: 1. Stokley's Yankie Boy, setter male, Frank Skut.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Running Order - Ocean State BDC

Oct. 1-2, 2011
Arcadia Management Area
Exeter, RI

EXETER, RI - More than 50 dogs have been entered in Ocean State Bird Dog Club's annual fall field trial. The event will be held Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 1-2, 2011, at Arcadia Management Area. Chairman is Richard Giuliano.

Running order follows:

7 a.m. start


1-1 Ella PF Breveleri
1-2 Spud ESM Malzone

2-1 Chet PM Breveleri
2-2 Bud PM Dobson

3-1 Olive PF Cavanaugh
3-2 Leo ESM Malzone

4-1 Emma PF Breveleri
4-2 Sam PF Malzone


1-1 Maxine PF Nemschek
1-2 Willie PM Malzone

2-1 Sassy PF Cavanaugh
2-2 Nikki PF Malzone

3-1 Joe PM Malzone
3-2 Bye

4-1 Spud ESM Malzone
4-2 Bye


1-1 Reggie PM Nemschek
1-2 White Snake PM Malzone

2-1 Rosebud PF Unsworth
2-2 Buck PM Malzone

3-1 Avatar ESM Nemschek
3-2 Remi ESM Malzone

4-1 Jill PF Breveleri
4-2 Eddie ESM Malzone

5-1 Slick PM Cavanaugh
5-2 Butch PM Malzone

6-1 XYZ PM Nemschek
6-2 Ruby PF Malzone

7-1 Smoke PM Breveleri
7-2 Shine PM Malzone

8-1 Zorro ESM Nemschek
8-2 Porky PF Malzone

9-1 Joy PF Giuliano
9-2 Zack ESM Malzone

10-1 Chance PM Nemschek
10-2 Jill PM Malzone

7:30 a.m. START


1-1 Yank ESM Skut
1-2 Buck PM Knehr


1-1 Tank ESM Clarke
1-2 Tony PM Richardson

2-1 Zeva PF Whigham
2-2 Bailey ESF Dellenger

3-1 Mike ESM Richardson
3-2 Bye


1-1 Buck ESM Skut
1-2 Brady PM Pacitti

2-1 Clyde ESM Richardson
2-2 Jake ESM Forsyth

3-1 Jack PM Whigham
3-2 Rosebud PF Unsworth

4-1 Hudson PM Knehr
4-2 Ginnie ESF Skut

5-1 Patch PF Pacitti
5-2 Lady ESF Bonnetti