Sunday, August 29, 2010

Winners - Elwin Smith Amateur Shooting Dog Classic


SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. - East Coast Pete, a pointer male owned and handled by John Malone of Bolton, Conn., took the blue ribbon at the Elwin G. Smith Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog Classic held at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Thirty-eight pointers and setters were entered.

Second place went to Book, a pointer male owned and handled by Tom Tracy of Lebanon, Conn., and third went to Great River Magnum, pointer male owned and handled by Brian Sanchez of Central Islip, NY.

The Inez C. Smith Memorial Open Shooting Dog Classic followed the Elwin Smith ASD Classic, starting Sunday afternoon. That event drew of field of 72 dogs.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Running order - Smith OSD Classic




EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - A highly competitive field of 72 dogs has been drawn for the Inez C. Smith Memorial Open Shooting Dog Classic to be held at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Judges are Steve Merton of Manchester, Conn., and Kevin Stuart of Schenectady, NY. The event begins at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 29.

The Inez C. and Elwin G. Smith Shooting Dog Classics are presented by the Pittsburgh Field Trial Club and Associated Field Trial Clubs of Connecticut.

Running order for the OSD Classic follows:

1-1 Bay Country Hope PF J. Tracy
1-2 Buffalo Bull PM Tracy

2-1 Coosawhatchie Chief PM Tracy
2-2 Ard Righ Rockette PF J. Tracy

3-1 Erin's Dancing Queen PF Eisenhart
3-2 Voyager ESM Tracy

4-1 Great River Razor PM Tracy
4-2 I Wanna Be A Cowgirl PF Basilone

5-1 White Spider ESF J. Tracy
5-2 Caladen's Sawmill Struttin PM Tracy

6-1 Gamestopper PF Tracy
6-2 Fazan's Stress Free ESM Basilone

7-1 Hightailing Miss Daisy PF Tracy
7-2 Erin's Black Fury PM Eisenhart

8-1 Calico's Big N Rich PM Tracy
8-2 TS Steel Force PM Basilone

9-1 Heritage PM Tracy
9-2 Snow Warning PM Eisenhart

10-1 Great River Class PF Tracy
10-2 Sound Investment ESF Eisenhart

11-1 Little Things PF Tracy
11-2 Enhancement Tess PF J. Tracy

12-1 Erin's Box Car Willie PM Tracy
12-2 Fazan's Delight ESF Basilone

13-1 Calico's Dynomite PM Tracy
13-2 Mohawk Mill Dana PF Eisenhart

14-1 Lawless Lady PF Tracy
14-2 Caladen's Bimbo Jones PM Eisenhart

15-1 Bittersweet Alibi PM Eisenhart
15-2 Maple Sugar Nugget PM Tracy

16-1 Stone Tavern Matrix ESM Tracy
16-2 Marques Earl PM Basilone

17-1 Great River Ice PM Tracy
17-2 Sukara's Come Home Jessie ESF J. Tracy

18-1 G.I. Jane PF Tracy
18-2 Erin's Backstreet Affair PF Eisenhart

19-1 Waiting Til Midnight PF Tracy
19-2 Erin's War Creek PM Eisenhart

20-1 Caladen's White Hawk PM Tracy
20-2 Windfall's Silver Rain PM Eisenhart

21-1 The Insider ESM Eisenhart
21-2 Great River Magnum PM Sanchez

22-1 Green Mountain Keeper PF Tracy
22-2 Phillip's High Line PM Eisenhart

23-1 Calico's Catch N Release PM Tracy
23-2 Richfield Silver Belle PM Eisenhart

24-1 Talisman PM Tracy
24-2 Triple Nickel Nick PM Basilone

25-1 Our Big Bully PM Tracy
25-2 Erin's Little Soldier PM Eisenhart

26-1 No Rules PM Tracy
26-2 Erin's Skydancer ESF Eisenhart

27-1 Avalon Creek PF Tracy
27-2 Grousewood Skeeter ESM Basilone

28-1 Klee's Handsome Hank PM Tracy
28-2 Great River Dominator PM J. Tracy

29-1 M's Kid Rock PM Tracy
29-2 Enhancement Trey PM J. Tracy

30-1 Harbor City Cash PM Basilone
30-2 Caladen's Railhawk PM Tracy

31-1 Klee's Shooting Star PF Tracy
31-2 Enhancement Alice June PF J. Tracy

32-1 Annafield Buck PM Tracy
32-2 Erin's Dog Soldier PM Eisenhart

33-1 Buffalo Creek PM Tracy
33-2 Erin's Foolish Pride PM Eisenhart

34-1 RJ's Carbon Copy PM Tracy
34-2 Indian Creek White Snake PM Eisenhart

35-1 Caladen's Railway Max PM Tracy
35-2 Mt. View Decision Maker PF J. Tracy

36-1 Serious Threat PM Tracy
36-2 Erin's Little Engine PM Eisenhart

Friday, August 27, 2010

Smith ASD Classic running order


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Thirty-eight dogs have been drawn for the Elwin G. Smith Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog Classic, sponsored by Pittsburgh Field Trial Club and Associated Field Trial Clubs of Connecticut.

The Inez C. Smith Memorial Open Shooting Dog Classic will follow. Running order will be announced.

The Smith Classics are being held Aug. 27-Sept. 2 at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

ASD Classic running order is:

1-1 Klee's Rough Rider PM Duerksen
1-2 Erin's Box Car Willie PM Strausbaugh

2-1 Hightailing Miss Daisy PF Joyce
2-2 Great River Class PF Sanchez

3-1 Klee's Bella Bella PF Duerksen
3-2 Great River Razor PM Joyal

4-1 Klee's My Guy PM Duerksen
4-2 Bud GSPM Tazza

5-1 Klee's Calypso PM Duerksen
5-2 Scooter GSPM Tazza

6-1 Dot PF Joyce
6-2 Great River Magnum PM Sanchez

7-1 Richfield Finnigan PM McNamee
7-2 East Coast Slick PM Malone

8-1 Kraftsman's Soldier PM Ballester
8-2 Calico's Catch 'N Release PM Henderson

9-1 Annafield Buck PM Hood
9-2 Margrette GSPF Tazza

10-1 Erin's Foolish Pride PM McNamee
10-2 G.I. Jane PF Sanchez

11-1 Book PM Tracy
11-2 Serious Threat PM Strausbaugh

12-1 Shadow GSPF Tazza
12-2 Sue PF Malone

13-1 Richfield Silver Lining PM McNamee
13-2 Chain ESM Tracy

14-1 Bittersweet Alibi PM Gillotta
14-2 Caladen's Railway Max PM Casale

15-1 Calico's Cotton Candy PF Henderson
15-2 Sugarknoll Snow Warning PM DellCollo

16-1 Annie GSPF Tazza
16-2 Wick ESM Tracy

17-1 Waiting Til Midnight PM Sanchez
17-2 East Coast Pete PM Malone

18-1 Richfield Silver Belle PF McNamee
18-2 Maple Sugar Nugget PM Joyal

19-1 Klee's Showboat PF Duerksen
19-2 Zina GSPF Tazza

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Region 1 ANEFTC Annual Summer Meetings


EXETER, RI - Region 1 and the Association of New England Field Trial Clubs held their annual summer meetings Sunday, Aug. 15, at Arcadia Management Area following the Northeast Field Trial Club's summer trial.

From left, Don Gustafson, Ed McGovern, Gene Casale, Frank McLaughlin,
Bill Whigham, Jennifer Braman and Jim Kilrain.

Patrick Callahan was re-elected Region 1 president. Seated as Region 1 officers were Bill Bonnetti, 1st vice president; George Doyle, 2nd vice president; Janice Gregory, secretary; and Jeff Smith, treasurer. Region 1 trustee is Elias Richardson.

John Stolgitis was re-elected as president of the ANEFTC. First vice president is Patrick Callahan; 2nd vice president, Jennifer Braman; and secretary/treasurer is Janice Gregory. Members of the board of directors are: Richard Bembenek, Don Gustafson, Jeff Smith, Elias Richardson, Joe Marino, Patrick Callahan and Jim Kilrain.

Jennifer Braman, ANEFTC 2nd vice president and points chairman, along with ANEFTC president John Stolgitis, presented awards for the top dogs of the year.

Jennifer Braman and John Stolgitis present the award for Lloyd Murray's Long Gone Zeena.

Kellie Short picks up an award for True Patriot, the ASD Walking Dog of the Year.

Bill Whigham gets one for Fox Cobble Jack, AD Walking Dog of the Year.

John Stolgitis with one of several awards won by Chasehill Little Bud.

Jim Kilrain with the Amateur Derby award for his pointer, Currahee

Gene Casale accepts the award for Caladen's Railway Max, Amateur Derby Dog of the Year.

EXETER, RI - Iron Lady, a setter female owned and handled by Bill Bonnetti, took first place in the Amateur Shooting Dog stake at Northeast Field Trial Club's annual summer trial held Sunday, Aug. 15, at Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, RI.

Earning the second place ribbon was Richfield Charlie, a pointer male owned and handled by Richard Giuliano.

Third place went to Yankie's Ginny Girl, a setter female owned and handled by Frank Skut.

Judges were John Stolgitis and George Doyle.

Winning the Amateur Puppy stake was Richfield Jenna, a setter female owned by Monique Giuliano and handled by Richard Giuliano.

Second place went to Buck, a setter male owned and handled by Frank Skut.

Judges were John Stolgitis and Bill Bonnetti.

Weather was hot and humid, but overcast with a breeze making for a bearable day to run dogs.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do some early Christmas shopping before the meetings!




AUG. 15, IN R.I.

Region 1/ANEFTC/U.S. Complete Northeast Region and Northeast Field Trial Association to meet Sunday, Aug. 15, starting at noon.

"In The Field'' books and 75th New England Futurity hats will be available for purchase.

EXETER, RI - Region 1 AFTCA and the Association of New England Field Trial Clubs will hold their annual meetings on Sunday, Aug. 15, starting at noon at Arcadia Management Area, Frosty Hollow Road, Route 165, Exeter, RI.

Also meeting that day at Arcadia will be the U.S. Complete Northeast Region and the Northeast Field Trials Association.

The meetings will follow the running of the Northeast Field Trial Association's summer field trial which kicks off at 6 a.m. that day.

Approximate meeting times are:

Region 1 AFTCA: Noon-12:45 p.m.
Association of New England Field Trial Clubs: 1-1:45 p.m.
U.S. Complete Northeast Region: 2-3 p.m.
Northeast Field Trials Association: 3:15 p.m. to conclusion

Times are approximate, please be flexible. This will afford New England clubs belonging to multiple associations the opportunity to attend their respective association's meetings in one day.

During the ANEFTC meeting, awards will be presented for Top Dogs of the Year.

Dog taxes, clubs dues and insurance fees are payable at the ANEFTC meeting. Clubs will not be allowed to choose dates for the 2010-2011 season if they are in arrears.

For more information on Region 1 or ANEFTC, contact Janice Gregory

For information on U.S. Complete, contact Bill Bonnetti,

And for those who like to do their Christmas shopping early, "In The Field,'' an excellent coffee table book with many outstanding photographs of sporting dogs by Nancy Whitehead will be available, along with hats promoting the 75th anniversary of the New England Futurity.

The book would make a great judging gift or a nice addition to a sporting dog library. The hats are excellent stocking stuffers.

"In The Field'' is being promoted in the Northeast by Joan LaBree, who is donating 20 percent of each sale to the 20th Century Fund.

Cost per book is $38.

Hats are $15.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Northeast Field Trial Association 2010 Winners Announced


Garry Malzone was named top Open Handler of the Year, and Richard Giuliano was named top Amateur Handler of the Year as the Northeast Field Trial Association announced the winners for its 2010 season.

Top Open Shooting Dog was Indian Creek Shine, a pointer male owned and handled by Malzone. Top Amateur Shooting Dog was Yankie's Ginny Girl, a setter female owned and handled by Frank Skut.

Other winning dogs and handlers follow:

Winner: Emileena Bockaleena Koff, ESF, Albert Gehm, o/h
Runnerup: Montana's A Rambling Bud, PM, Gary Dowdy, o/h

Winner: Richfield Charlie, PM, Richard Giuliano, o/h
Runnerup: Richfield Silver Lining, PM, Bill McNamee, o/h

Winner: Yankie's Ginny Girl, ESF, Frank Skut, o/h
Runner Up: True Patriot, ESM, Kellie Short, o/h

Winner: Luc Roidelachasse, BM, Bill McNamee, o/h
Runnerup: Gates of Waccabuc, BM, Bill McNamee, o/h

Winner: Richard Giuliano
Runnerup: Frank Skut

Winner: Richfield Polly, ESF, Monique Giuliano, owner; Richard Giuliano, handler
Runnerup: Richfield Almond Joy, PF, Monique Giuliano, owner; Richard Giuliano, handler

Winner: Grouse Hill Bullet, PM, John Capocci, o/h
Runnerup: Cas Tiny, PF, Jim Castagna, owner; Robert Ecker, handler

Winner: Indian Creek Shine, PM, Garry Malzone, o/h
Runnerup: Peace Dale Duke, ESM, Richie Frisella, o/h

Winner: Garry Malzone
Runnerup: Richard Giuliano