Saturday, October 13, 2012

2012 New England Futurity Results

Futurity winners, front from left, Mark McClain with Enhancement Southern Belle, Nadine and Jim Thomas with Thomas's Adirondack Mason, Hillhayvn's Stump Jumper with Jeanette Tracy and Oh My Darlin' with Jason Smit. Back row from left, Tom Hance, Becky Blanton, Mike Tracy, Billy Kerr, Lloyd Miller, Tom Mercier, Dillon Shaffer,  Mary Tracy, John Stolgitis, Pat Casey, Janice Gregory, Bill McNamee, Jeff Smith, Kevin Stuart and George Tracy.

 WINS 2012

Enhancement Southern Belle, a pointer female handled by Mike Tracy, was named winner of the 2012 New England Futurity.  Belle had five well-spaced quail finds and ran a big, forward race. Judges were impressed with the dog's ability to find birds off course and with the fancy pointing style of the dog. "He tore the place apart," said judge Tom Mercier.

Second place went to Thomas's Adirondack Mason, a setter male owned and handled by Jim Thomas. The big, tri-colored setter ran early in the stake and had one find and one back. He also ran a big, powerful race -- something the judges were looking for -- and looked awesome on point. And although it won't win a field trial, a good back never hurts and Mason had an outstanding one. With his bracemate pointing, Mason staunchly backed and stayed that way even when the bracemate chased the bird after it flushed. Judge Lloyd Miller was particularly impressed with the rapport the dog had with his handler.

Third place went to Hillhayvn's Stump Jumper, a pointer male bred and handled by Jeanette Tracy.  The pointer had four finds and ran a big, strong, driving race. Judges were impressed with the dog's class on the ground and his style on point. 

Fourth place went to Oh My Darlin', a pointer female handled by Pat Casey. The pointer had five good, well-spaced finds. Judges were impressed by the dog's ability to dig up birds on the course. 

Honorable mention went to Awsum Country Girl,  a pointer female run by George Tracy. Country Girl had four finds, one back and a lot of class on the ground.

Judges were Lloyd Miller and Tom Mercier. Field trial chairman was Jeff Smith, in Margaret Drew's absence. And a big thank-you to Mary Tracy for stepping in to handle the essential details of the trial when we were between chairmen!

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  1. Congrats to Tom Hance (owner), Mike Tracy (Handler) & Bruce Mercer (Breeder) on Enhancement Southern Belle's big win this weekend. Mr. Hance is a true gentleman and a deserving owner.

    Rob Hopkins