Friday, May 15, 2015

Running Order -- Ocean State Bird Dog Club

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May 16-17,2015
Arcadia Field Trial Area
Exeter, RI

1-1 Tango PM Cavanaugh
1-2 Sage PF Mulcahy
2-1 Dottie PF Mulcahy
2-2 Ace PM Cavanaugh
3-1 Indy PF Cavanaugh
3-2 Bye

1-1 Patch PM Mulcahy
1-2 Slick PM Cavanaugh
2-1 Max PM LaBella/Cavanaugh
2-2 Brandy PF Kisieleski
3-1 Mac ESM Clark
3-2 Robbie ESM Hathaway
4-1 DeeDee PM Cavanaugh
4-2 Bye

1-1 Ruff Grouse ESF Christopher
1-2 Goldie ESF Forsyth
2-1 Star ESF Clark
2-2 Ace PM Cavanaugh
3-1 Tango PM Cavanaugh
3-2 Dottie PF Kisieleski

1-1 Patch PM Mulcahy
1-2 Max PM LaBella/Cavanaugh
2-1 Brandy PF Kisieleski
2-2 Roo PM Mulcahy
3-1 Robbie ESM Hathaway
3-2 Goldie ESM Forsyth
4-1 Slick PM Cavanaugh
4-2 Bye

1-1 Bo PM Pinkham
1-2 Tango PM Cavanaugh
2-1 Ace PM Cavanaugh
2-2 Bye
3-1 Indy PF Cavanaugh
3-2 Bye

1-1 Star ESF Clark
1-2 Ruff Grouse ESF Christopher
2-1 Tango PM Cavanaugh
2-2 Goldie ESF Forsyth

1-1 Floyd PM Kelly
1-2 Max PM LaBella
2-1 Maia GSPF Gregory
2-2 Betty GSPF Roy
3-1 Harry ESF Carter
3-2 Dakota ESM Dubriske
4-1 Roxie ESF Dappollonio
4-2 Bye

1-1 Duncan VM Roy
1-2 Max PM Cavanaugh
2-1 Winnie PF Unsworth
2-2 Bodhi PM Hopkins
3-1 Justina GSPF Jaconetti
3-2 Slick PM Cavanaugh
4-1 Trixie VF Roy
4-2 Bones GSPM Jaconetti
5-1 Katie PF Cavanaugh
5-2 Goldie PF Forsyth
6-1 Knox GSPM Roy
6-2 Zeva PF Whigham
7-1 Robbie ESM Hathaway
7-2 Chip PM Cavanaugh
8-1 Mac ESM Clark
8-2 Bye

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


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May 15-17, 2015
Flaherty Field Trial Area
East Windsor, Conn.

1-1 Butch PM Stolgitis
1-2 High Standing Ice's Shadow PM Tracy

2-1 Bell PF Tobiassen
2-2 High Standing All Business PM Tracy

3-1 Buddy PM Stolgitis
3-2 Premier's Ninja PM Tracy

4-1 Armstrong Mountain Joe PM Tracy
4-2 Buddy PM Sanchez/Tracy

5-1 Misty Acres Mindy ESF Tracy
5-2 Bella PF Stolgitis

6-1 Suemac's Roll Tide PM Tracy
6-2 Bye

1-1 A Keystone Kid ESM Tracy
1-2 Ox PM Basilone

2-1 Great River Dakota PF Tracy
2-2 Molly PF Basilone

3-1 High Standing All Business PM Tracy
3-2 Knot PF Tobiassen

4-1 Diva PF Basilone
4-2 Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride PM Tracy

5-1 High Standing Ice's Shadow PM Tracy
5-2 Jem PF Basilone

6-1 Misty Acres Mindy ESF Tracy
6-2 Bye

7-1 Vanilla Creek PM Tracy
7-2 By

1-1 Bell PF Tobiassen
1-2 Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride PM Tracy

2-1 Stella PF Stolgitis
2-2 High Standing All Business PM Tracy

3-1 Great River Dakota PM Tracy
3-2 Bobby PM Tobiassen

4-1 Great River Mackenzie PM Tracy
4-2 Bye

5-1 Vanilla Creek PM Tracy
5-2 Bye

1-1 Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride PM Tracy
1-2 Bud ESM Basilone

2-1 Jetsettin' Jenny PF Tracy
2-2 Cliff ESM Basilone

3-1 Blaze PM Tracy
3-2 Bill PM Sanchez/Tracy

4-1 A Keystone Kid ESM Tracy
4-2 Stan ESM Basilone

5-1 Great River Dakota PF Tracy
5-2 Beau PM Basilone

6-1 Billy ESM Basilone
6-2 Palara PF Tracy

7-1 Buck ESM Basilone
7-2 Vanilla Creek PM Tracy

8-1 Bully Bragg PM Tracy
8-2 Thudd PM Stolgitis

9-1 Little Girl Creek PF Tracy
9-2 Pete PM Basilone

10-1 Olive PF Basilone
10-2 Great River Mackenzie PM Tracy

11-1 Hightailing Miss Kate PF Tracy
11-2 Bella PF Stolgitis

1-1 Butch PF M. Scott
1-2 Jem PF Henry/Goodie

2-1 Laddie ISM McCluskey
2-2 Champ PM Richardson

3-1 High Drive Boss PM Sanchez
3-2 Ox PM Henry/Goodie

4-1 Bow PM Malone
4-2 High Drive Snapshot PM Sanchez

5-1 Jazz ESF Miller/Henry
5-2 Gail ESF Richardson

6-1 Brandy PF Kisieleski
6-2 Buddy PM Sanchez

7-1 Bella PF Stolgitis
7-2 Bye

1-1 Tess GSF Joyce
1-2 Thudd PF Kisieleski

2-1 Chad ESM Richardson
2-2 Billy ESM Miller/Henry

3-1 Danny PM Casale
3-2 Great River Dakota PM McNamee

4-1 Bill PM Sanchez
4-2 Pete PM Goodie/Henry

5-1 Jill PF Casale
5-2 Kate PF Joyce

6-1 Richfield Silver Belle PF McNamee
6-2 Beau PF Henry/Goodie

7-1 Ava PF J. Ruth
7-2 Stella PF Stolgitis

8-1 Uno PF Goodie/Henry
8-2 Great River Mackenzie PF McNamee

9-1 Sally PF Malone
9-2 Speck ESM Richardson

Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Region 1 All-Age Championship

Front left, Champion SF Bandwagon with scout Joel Casale, and Runner-up Champion Ironstone Spectacular with owner/handler Elias Richardson. Rear from left, judges Keith Cagle and Dave O'Brien, Larry Smith, owner of the champion; Tony Forte, Gene Casale Sr. and Gene Casale Jr. 



EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- With two stellar finds and a ground race that proved unbeatable, SF Bandwagon, a 2-year-old pointer male owned and handled by Larry Smith of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, was named champion at the 2015 Region 1 All-Age Championship held May 2, 2015 at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Runner-up with one find and a race that was only slightly shorter than the winner was setter male, Ironstone Spectacular, owned and handled by Elias Richardson of Uxbridge, Mass.

Judges were Keith Cagle and Dave O'Brien, who also served as championship chairman.

Bandwagon did a nice job during his hour and "it was worth [Larry Smith's] trip coming out from Iowa," said judge Dave O'Brien. The pointer was in tremendous shape. He ran his edges, was fast on the ground and handsome on his game. He had finds at 42 and 58.

Spectacular had a find at 4 minutes, and was, indeed, spectacular on point. He ran hard for his hour, hunting out all the proper areas. He finished well but didn't have quite as much quickness and range as the winner.

A small field of 10 pointers and setters were entered for the one-day event.

In the first brace, Ironstone Mona Lisa (Richardson) was paired with SF Maple Leaf (Smith). Mona Lisa had two finds, one at 4 and one at 20, and looked good on her birds. She slowed up somewhat at the end of her hour. Maple Leaf was up at 17 after a bird infraction.

The second brace featured Railway Jill (Casale) and Lonestar (Richardson). Jill had one find at 4, but she moved on her birds and was picked up. Lonestar had two finds, one at 8, one at 35, but lost steam as his hour went on.

Groundswell (Pombrio) and SF Bandwagon (Smith) were paired in the third brace. Groundswell went birdless with only one backing opportunity which he executed nicely. Bandwagon was previously described.

In the fourth brace, SF Trademark (Smith) was braced with Ironstone Spectacular (Richardson). Trademark went birdless and Spectacular was previously described.

In the fifth and final brace, Railway Danny (Casale) was paired with Southbound Strech (Fino). Danny had one find at 30 and then ran out of gas. Strech went birdless.

In the companion Derby stake, winner was Elias Richardson's pointer, Talladega. 

Many thanks to Tony Forte for providing his usual wonderful Italian cuisine, to everyone who pitched to make this championship a success, and to Purina for their continued support of field trials held in New England.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Arcadia Results

79 dogs drawn
 for 2-day event

EXETER, RI -- A record number of dogs -- 79 total -- was drawn for Arcadia Field Trial Club's annual spring trial held May 2-3, 2015, at Arcadia Management Area. Forty-six dogs competed in the Open stakes, while the Amateur stakes drew 33. With so many of the spring field trials in the Northeast being cancelled due to snow, it seemed that everyone wanted to shake off the winter cobwebs and get their dogs back into competition.

OPEN SHOOTING DOG: 1.  Miss Penn Star with Pedja Kazic and handler Robert Ecker. 2. Grouse Hill Dixie, owned by John Capocci and handled by John Stolgitis. 3. Grouse Hill Bell, with handler John Stolgitis, owned by John Capocci, and judge Tom Mercier.

Competitors enjoyed sunny, warm weather with temperatures ranging from 40s in the morning to low 70s in the afternoon. 

OPEN DERBY: 1. Messy Jessie, with handler John Stolgitis, owned by Rob Bartley; judge Tim Cavanaugh; 2, Fieldstone Bart, with Pedja Kazic, owned by Jim Millett and handled by Robert Ecker; 3. Texas Free Mason with handler Garry Malzone, owned by Kevin Klein, and judge Tom Mercier.

Field trial chairman was Richard Giuliano. Judges for the two day event included Tim Cavanaugh and Tom Mercier, who judged virtually all of the amateur stakes; Giuliano, Janice Gregory, John Capocci, Pedja Kazic, Sarah Conyngham, Dave Marshall, Elias Richardson III and John Stolgitis.

OPEN PUPPY: 1. Chasehill Big Brittany, with handler John Stolgitis, owned by Henri Esciveux; 2. Chasehill Baby Beanie, owned and handled by Erin Stolgitis; 3. Pete, handled by Mike Flewelling.
Professionals in attendance were Robert Ecker, Garry Malzone and Stolgitis.

AMATEUR PUPPY: 1. Daddy's Little Boy Butch, with handler Maria Scott, owned by Paul Scott; judge Sarah Conyngham, 2. Chasehill Baby Beanie, with owner/handler Erin Stolgitis; judge Dave Marshall; 3. Chasehill Reggie, with handler Mike Flewelling, owned by Mike Best. 

Many thanks to Purina for their continued support of all U.S. Complete Shooting Dog events, including the Arcadia trial. Purina manufactures a variety of products, including Pro Plan, which is used to feed many of the canine athletes that competed here this weekend.


GUN DOG: 1. Peace Dale Black Gold with owner/handler Dave Carter; judge Sarah Conyngham; 2. Adios Maia with owner/handler Janice Gregory; judge Dave Marshall; 3. Dakota, with owner/handler Adam Dubriske and daughters.

AMATEUR SHOOTING DOG: Erin Stolgitis, trial chairman Richard Giuliano, Rose Tramonti, 1. Grouse Hill Bell with owner/handler John Capocci; judge Elias Richardson; 2. Fox Cobble Zeva with owner/handler Bill Whigham; judge John Stolgitis; 3. Tango with owner/handler Tim Cavanaugh; John Olfson and Pete LaBella.
John Stolgitis and Robert Ecker at the breakaway. 

John Stolgitis, left, with Bell, and Sarah Conyngham with Jake at the breakaway for the Open Shooting Dog Stake. 

Mike Flewelling watches as Erin Stolgitis lets loose Chasehill Big Brittany and John Bunker  sends off  Haley Girl in the Amateur Puppy stake.

John Olfson, left, and Pete LaBella.

Lunch at the pavilion.

Janice Gregory and judge Elias Richardson chat with Dave and Elizabeth Calcagni before their brace in the Amateur Shooting Dog stake.

Dave Calcagni with Boss, and Kelsey Dellinger with Allie, get their dogs ready to run.

Rose Tramonti

Erin Stolgitis checks out her horses. 

Dick Bembenek, left, and Garry Malzone await the next brace.

John Stolgitis and Robert Ecker get ready for another one.

John Stolgitis with Bodhi and Kelsey Dellinger with Allie in the Open Restricted Shooting Dog Stake.

Erin Stolgitis

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Running Order -- Region 1 All-Age



EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- A small field of 10 dogs has been drawn for the Region 1 All-Age Championship to be held Saturday, May 2, 2015, at Flaherty Field Trial Area.
Judges are Dave O'Brien and Keith Cagle. The first brace will break away at 8 a.m.

1-1 Ironstone Mona Lisa ESF Richardson
1-2 SF Maple Leaf PF Smith

2-1 Railway Jill PF Casale
2-2 Lonestar ESM Richardson

3-1 Jake PM Pombrio
3-2 SF Bandwagon PM Smith

4-1 SF Trademark PM Smith
4-2 Ironstone Spectacular ESM Richardson

5-1 Railway Danny PM Casale
5-2 Southbound Strech PM Fino

** CORRECTED VERSION ** Running order -- Arcadia Field Trial Club


(Corrects Amateur Puppy, adds Amateur Derby)

EXETER, RI -- Arcadia Field Trial Club will hold its annual spring trial Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, 2015, at Arcadia Management Area. Stakes start at 7 a.m. both days. Food and refreshments will be available. Stake manager is Richard Giuliano.

SATURDAY (7 a.m. start)
1-1 Maggie PF J. Stolgitis
1-2 Pete PM Flewelling
2-1 Sam ESM Scarpelli
2-2 Beanie PF E. Stolgitis
3-1 Brittany PF J. Stolgitis
3-2 Reggie PM Flewelling
4-1 Haley Girl PF Bunker
4-2 Train ESF Scarpelli

1-1 Bodhi PM J. Stolgitis
1-2 Allie ESF K. Dellinger
2-1 Blue PF J. Stolgitis
2-2 Katie GSPF Hopkins
3-1 Chip PM Flewelling
3-2 Butch PM Stolgitis

1-1 Fieldstone Bart ESM Ecker
1-2 Jessie PM J. Stolgitis
2-1 Mason ESM Malzone
2-2 Cover Charge PM Ecker
3-1 Adam PM J. Stolgitis
3-2 Zack ESM Malzone
4-1 Sterlingworth Judge ESM Ecker
4-2 Butch PM J. Stolgitis

1-1 Bill PM Conyngham
1-2 Sadie ESF Ecker
2-1 Speck ESM Scarpelli
2-2 Eddie ESM Malzone
3-1 Chip PM J. Stolgitis
3-2 Wizards's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway
4-1 Islander ESM Ecker
4-2 Mimo ESM Scarpelli
5-1 Bee ESF Malzone
5-2 Thudd PM J. Stolgitis
6-1 Bud of Piney Woods PM Ecker
6-2 Dot BF Conyngham
7-1 Miss Penn Star ESF Ecker
7-2 Country PF Malzone
8-1 Bella PF Stolgitis
8-2 Sunrise Star ESM Ecker
9-1 Jake Viszla Conyngham
9-2 Belle PF Stolgitis
10-1 Celtics Signature ISF Ecker
10-2 Buck PM Malzone
11-1 Celtics Strike ISF Ecker
11-2 Maddie BF Conyngham
12-1 McGraw ESF Ecker
12-2 Dixie PF Stolgitis

SUNDAY (7 a.m. start)
1-1 Brittany PF E. Stolgitis
1-2 Haley Girl PF Bunker
2-1 Butch PM Scott
2-2 Reggie PF Flewelling
3-1 Beanie PF E. Stolgitis
3-2 Bye

1-1 Starr ESF Clark
1-2 Pete PM Flewelling
2-1 Tango PM Cavanaugh
2-2 Butch PM Flewelling
3-1 Laddie ISM McCluskey
3-2 Lilly ESF Christopher
4-1 Adam PM Flewelling
4-2 Poppy PM Calcagni

1-1 Maia GSPF Gregory
1-2 Max PM LaBella
2-1 Whitey BM Hayes
2-2 Harry ESM Carter
3-1 Dakota ESM Dubriske
3-2 Bye

1-1 Belle PF Capocci
1-2 DeeDee PM Cavanaugh
2-1 Buck ESM Skut
2-2 Chip PM Flewelling
3-1 Charlie PM Calcagni
3-2 Islander ESM Kazic
4-1 Mack ESM Clark
4-2 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway
5-1 One Bad Winter PF Unsworth
5-2 Dixie PF Capocci
6-1 Max PM LaBella
6-2 Zeva PF Whigham
7-1 Boss PM Calcagni
7-2 Allie ESF K. Dellinger
8-1 Bailey ESF L. Dellinger
8-2 Bye