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2012 Region 1 All-Age Report and Pictures

All Age winners, from left, Ch. Great River Magnum with Brian Sanchez, and RU Ch. Chasehill Little Bud with Erin Stolgitis. Rear from left, chairman Richard Giuliano, judge Jason Smit, Christine Donabedian, judge Jim Isperduli, Jim Bush, John Stolgitis, Elizabeth and John Malone and Janice Gregory.
Full report for Region 1 All-Age Championship

 WINS 2012


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. – The best and most anticipated brace of the Region 1/AFTCA Amateur All-Age Championship turned out to be No. 10. Going head-to-head were two well-known multiple champions, Great River Magnum, owned and handled by Brian Sanchez, and Chasehill Little Bud, owned and handled by John Stolgitis. Both dogs had more than the required stamina and drive for this all-age competition. Both ran far to the front yet stayed in tune to their handlers.

Magnum had six well-spaced finds, including a number of covey finds, and two backs. He was out of sight for about 10 minutes, but when he was found, he was far to the front standing high and tight on his birds. Bud had six finds, several on coveys, and two backs. A dog that is always staunch and pretty on his game, Bud, who spends a lot of time competing in cover dog events, showed his versatility as he also ran an impressively good, forward all-age race.

When all was said and done, the nod for the championship went to Great River Magnum.  “Magnum was a little more of a rebel, just gone a little bit more than [Chasehill Little Bud],” said judge Jim Isperduli. Chasehill Little Bud received runnerup honors.

Judges Jason Smit, left, and Jim Isperduli

The Region 1 All-Age was held Oct. 13-14, 2012, at Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor, Conn. Twenty-one pointers and setters were entered in the two-day event. Judges were Jim Isperduli of Paxton, Mass., and Jason Smit of Montgomery, NY.

Judges remarked that there were a number of very good dogs in the stake and honorable mentions were given to Calico’s Touch of Class, handled by Tiffani Henderson; Erin’s Stone Cutter, handled by Kevin Stuart; Richfield Silver Belle, handled by Bill McNamee; and High Drive Casey, also handled by Brian Sanchez.


Tiffani Henderson gets ready to run her dog, Calico's Catch and Release in the first brace of the Region 1 All-Age.

In the first brace of the first day, Waybetter Rex (Bishop) was braced with Calico’s Catch And Release (Henderson). Rex had his running shoes on and was soon lost, Catch And Release had one find and two unproductives and was picked up.

John Fino, on horseback, and Southbound Strech.

Southbound Strech (Fino) and Ironstone Jungle King (Richardson) were paired in the second brace of the day. Dogs shared a divided find early on, then Strech took off for parts unknown. Jungle King went on to have two more finds then was lost at 50.

In the third brace, Calico’s Touch of Class (Henderson) was paired with Mac’s Silver Dollar (McClurg). Dollar was picked up early for a bird infraction. Class went on to lay down a scorching ground race. The dog had four well-spaced finds and was always far to the front, just a dot on the horizon. Judges carried Class for the first day.

Sound Investment (C. McNamee) was paired with Moon Dancer (Smith) in the fourth brace. After two finds, Dancer was lost. Investment had somewhat of an erratic race. She suffered an unproductive early on, then went on to have a covey find, a stop to flush, one back, another find, then an unproductive at 52, at which point she was picked up.

Owner/handler Claudia McNamee, with husband, Bill, behind her.

The fifth and final brace of Saturday was Calico’s Tom Thumb (C. McNamee) and Erin’s Stone Cutter (Stuart). After somewhat of a rough start, Cutter straightened out and went on to have six well-spaced, good finds. Tom Thumb also did a nice job with four nice finds, including a covey find, and a back.

At the end of the first day, judges’ picks for top dogs were Calico’s Touch of Class and Erin’s Stone Cutter.

In the sixth brace, the first of Sunday morning, Thomas’ Adirondack Ringo (Thomas) was braced with Ironstone Clyde (Richardson). Both dogs were picked up for too-long absences.

Owner/handler Jim Thomas
The seventh brace paired Richfield Silver Belle (B. McNamee) and Porter Meadow Elwood (Bush). Judges were impressed with defending champion Richfield Silver Belle’s ground race and the dog hunted the limits of the course, scoring more than half a dozen finds in her hour on the ground. While Elwood didn’t quite have the race judges were looking for, he did have the birdwork and judges said it was some of the best of the championship. He had three bang-up finds and one unproductive before getting lost at 50.

High Drive Casey (Sanchez) and Shaula (Richardson) were paired in the eighth brace. Casey was a dog that had the judges sitting on the edge of their saddles. He ran an outstanding race with five well-spaced finds, always reaching to the front. Shaula was picked up for a bird infraction at about the halfway mark.

The ninth brace featured Richfield Silver Lining (B. McNamee) and Thomas’ Adirondack Mighty (Thomas). Silver Lining had his running shoes on and wasn’t seen again after the breakaway. Mighty had one find and then was picked up for a bird infraction.
Judges and gallery follow Great River Magnum and Chasehill Little Bud.

The 10th brace was the winning Great River Magnum (Sanchez) and Chasehill Little Bud (Richardson), previously described.

The 11th and final brace had Porter Meadow Bette (Bush) running as a bye. Bette suffered two unproductive and was picked up.

Chris and Heather Palmer

A cocktail party was hosted Saturday night by Bill and Claudia McNamee, owners of 2011 Champion Richfield Silver Belle, handled by Bill McNamee. The wine was flowing and all kinds of delicious hors d’oeuvres were prepared by chef John Stolgitis and his wife, Jill. Making a special appearance was Aidan Malone, on crutches after his recent unfortunate run-in with a Bobcat (the four-wheel type). We know he’d rather be out scouting than be sidelined, and we wish him a very speedy recovery!

Chairman of the championship was Richard Giuliano. Also helping out were Bob Danna, Jeff Smith, John Bunker, and a host of other very helpful friends of the club. We thank them all.

Once again, support from Purina was appreciated. They provided field trialers with hats, both tan and pink, a new banner for the New England region, and dog food for the winners.

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