Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Central Conn. Running Order


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Central Connecticut Field Trial Club starts its annual spring weekend horseback trial on Friday, May 2, 2014, at 7 a.m. at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Chairman is Gene Casale. Co-chairman is Gene Casale Jr.

Running order follows: 


1A. Jake PM B. Sanchez 
1B. Kate PF M. Tracy 

2A. Misty Acres Mindy SF G. Tracy 
2B. Bella PF J. Stolgitis 

3A. Laddie IS Greger 
3B. Come Fly With Me PF M. Tracy 

4A. Gus PM Palmer
4B. Sue PF L. Casey 

5A. May PF B. Sanchez 
5B. Winterset on the Mark SM M. Tracy 

6A. Misty Acres Brooke PF G. Tracy 
6B. Hailey PF J. Stolgitis 

7A. Fred PM M. Tracy 
7B. Southbound King Kong PM L. Casey 


1A. Bluebar Jill PF M. Tracy 
1B. High Drive Rogue PM G. Tracy 

2A. Great River Dakota PF M. Tracy 
2B. Sally PF P. Casey 

3A. The Duke of Earl PM M. Tracy 
3B. Jess PF K. Stuart 

4A. Our Bully Boi PM M. Tracy 
4B. Jamback’s Magic Mike PM G. Tracy 

5A. Little Girl Creek PF M. Tracy 
5B. Ben PM P. Casey 

6A. Great River Platium PM M. Tracy 
6B. Millers Brown Eyed Girl PF G. Tracy


1A. Great River Platinum PM M. Tracy 
1B. Sedgefields Dollar Bill PM G. Tracy 

2A. Outlaw GSM M. Tracy 
2B. Aeroflow PM G. Tracy 

3A. Little Girl Creek PF M. Tracy 
3B. Sally PF P. Casey 

4A. Limbsmoke Billy ESM Basilone 
4B. Miller’s Brome Eyed Girl PF G. Tracy 

5A. Hightailing Miss Kate PF M. Tracy 
5B. Ben PM P. Casey 

6A. High Drive Rogue PM G. Tracy 
6B. Bully Bragg PM M. Tracy 

7A. Little Wing Lady Kira PF Basilone 
7B. Jake PM M. Tracy 

8A. Awsum Full Throttle PM G. Tracy 
8B. Peeps PM S. Goodie


1A. Ice’s Image PM M. Tracy 
1B. Great River Shagger PM G. Tracy 

2A. Finnegan PM C. MacNamee 
2B. Awsum Full Throttle PM G. Tracy 

3A. Bully Bragg PM M. Tracy 
3B. Clem PF T. Tobiassen 

4A. Big PM M. Tracy 
4B. High Drive Ranger PM G. Tracy 

5A. High Tailing Miss Kate PF M. Tracy 
5B. Sedgefields Dollar Bill PM G. Tracy


1A. Winterset Arriba PF M. Tracy 
1B. JB’s Silver Wings PM Basilone 

2A. Ice’s Image PM M. Tracy 
2B. Rock Da House PM Basilone 

3A. Attitude’s Iron Will SM M. Tracy 
3B. Miller’s Vanilla Snow PF G. Tracy 

4A. Jetsettin Jenny PF M. Tracy 
4B. Fazan’s Deelite ESF Basilone 

5A. Silver Hill Lucy Lu PF P. Casey 
5B. Sedgefields Dollar Bill PM G. Tracy 

6A. Bully Bragg PM M. Tracy 
6B. Little Wing Lady Kira PF Basilone 

7A. Barcelona Bull PM M. Tracy 
7B. Steel City Mauen PF Basilone 

8A. Palara PF M. Tracy 
8B. High Drive Ranger PM G. Tracy 

9A. Big PM M. Tracy 
9B. Fazan’s Stress Free ESM Basilone

10A. Fort River Megabucks ESM Basilone 
10B. Enhancement Southern Belle PF M. Tracy 

11A. Westerly Bonnie Blue Shadow PF M. Tracy 
11B. Bye


1A. Rex PM Sanchez 
1B. Chip PM Richardson 

2A. Kate PF Joyce 
2B. Jess PF K. Stuart 

3A. Bull PM Sanchez 
3B. Sam SM Richardson 

4A. Sport PM Sanchez
4B. Railway Jill PF G. Casale


1A. Chad ESM Richardson 
1B. Buck PM Sanchez 

2A. Speck SM Richardson 
2B. Rex PM Sanchez 

3A. Dan ESM Richardson 
3B. Kate PF Joyce 

4A. Peeps PM Goodie
4B. John SM Richardson

5A. Dixie PF O’Brien 
5B. Mike ESM Richardson

Friday, April 25, 2014

Running order -- Associated Field Trial Clubs of Conn.


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Associated Field Trial Clubs of Connecticut holds its annual spring walking/horseback field trial this weekend (April 26-27, 2014) at Flaherty Field Trial Area.  The event starts Saturday, April 26, at 7 a.m.

Chairman is Dave O'Brien.

Running order:
Amateur Horseback Puppy 
Judges: Eli Richardson & Leslie Hunt

1A. Eva GSPF Goodie
 B. Laddie ISM McClusky

2A. Ox PM Goodie
 B. Kate PF O’Brien

3A. Gus PM Palmer
 B. Diva PF Goodie

Harry Townshend
Amateur Horseback Derby
 Judges: Andrew Campbell & Chris Palmer

1A. Jill PF Casale
 B. Chip PM Richardson

2A. Bodhi PM Hopkins
 B. Sam SM Richardson

3A. Hank GSPM Goodie
 B. Rosie PF Malone

4A. Kate PF O’Brien
B. Bye

Bruce Jacobs
 Amateur Horseback
 Shooting Dog
 Judges: John Malone & Andrew Campbell

1A. Mike SM Richardson
 B. Dixie PF O’Brien

2A. Peeps PM Goodie
 B. Daisy PF Palmer

3A. Chad SM Richardson
 B. Boodha BM Hunt

4A. Willie PM Casale
 B. Slick PM Cavanaugh

5A. Dan SM Richardson
 B. Olive PF Cavanaugh

Amateur All-Age Horseback
 Judges: Chris Palmer & John Malone

1A. Chip PM Cavanaugh
 B.Danny PM Casale

2A. Peeps PM Goodie
 B. John SM Richardson

3A. Spec SM Richardson
 B.Olive PF Richardson

Amateur Walking Puppy
 Judges: Aidan Malone & John Malone

1A. Ox PM Goodie
 B. Laddie ISM McClusky

2A. Eva GSPF Goodie
 B. Chet PM Cavanaugh

3A. Diva PF Goodie
 B. Gina PF Labella

Amateur Walking Derby
 Judges: Chris Palmer & Eli Richardson

1A. Bo PM Malone
 B. Dee Dee PM Cavanaugh

2A. Rosie PF Malone
 B. Hank GSPM Goodie

3A. Katie PF Cavanaugh
 B. Kate PF O’Brien

4A. Diva PF Goodie
B. Bye

Amateur Walking Shooting Dog
 Judges: Leslie Hunt & Andrew Campbell

1A. Olive PF Cavanaugh
 B. Mac SM Clark

2A. Peeps PM Goodie
 B. Max PM Labella

3A. Slick PM Cavanaugh
 B. Toby GSPM Goodie

4A. Chip PM Cavanaugh
 B. Winnie PF Unsworth

5A. Lucy PF Olfshon
B. Bye

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Region 1 Walking Championship

Region 1 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Champion One Bad Winter, with owner/handler Karen Unsworth, and runnerup champion Snuff  Mill Bailey, with owner/handler Lanny Dellinger. Rear from left, judge Tom Mercier, Kelsey Dellinger, John Stolgitis, chairman Richard Giuliano, reporter Janice Gregory and judge Jeff  Smith. 


Runnerup Champion
 Is Snuff Mill Bailey

EXETER, RI -- With four finds and a strong, forward race, One Bad Winter, a 3-year-old pointer female owned, trained and handled by Karen Unsworth of Richmond, RI, was named champion at the 2014 Region 1 Amateur Walking Championship held April 12-13, at Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, RI. 

Runnerup, with three finds and a slightly shorter race, was Snuff Mill Bailey, a 3-year-old setter female owned, trained and handled by Lanny Dellinger of Saunderstown, RI.

Karen Unsworth stands with One Bad Winter who's backing Fox Cobble Zeva. Bill Whigham goes in to flush while judge Jeff Smith watches.

The winner came from the 11th and final brace. One Bad Winter was paired with Fox Cobble Zeva (Whigham). Winter started out with a strong find at 7, with her bracemate backing. They switched off at 12, when Zeva successfully pointed a quail under a pine tree, with Winter backing. Zeva went on to have two more very nice finds with good manners, but was picked up close to the half-hour mark for failing to back.

Winter had an unproductive at 20 followed by finds at 26, 34, 36, and 44. She ran a hard, forward race for the entire hour, hunting the outer parts of  the course, checking in occasionally and standing her birds staunchly. 

In the fourth brace, Woodcock Haven Stella (Ogilvie) and Snuff Mill Bailey (L. Dellinger) went head to head.

Stella started out strong with three well-placed, nicely-executed finds. However, something caused her to lose steam and concentration in the second half. She was not as forward or convinced of herself as she had been in the first and her performance suffered. 

Bailey ran the perfect walking shooting dog race. She was very in tune with her handler, checking in just enough but not too much, running through the woods head and tail high. Judges were impressed with her animation and her happy-go-lucky way of going. She started out with a beautifully executed back and followed that up with a stop to flush and three additional textbook finds. Bailey was still running strong when time was called.

Runnerup Champion Snuff Mill Bailey with owner/handler Lanny Dellinger, Kim Dellinger and Kelsey Dellinger. 

Judges for the event were Jeff Smith of Loudon, NH, and Tom Mercier of Voluntown, Conn. Field trial chairman was Richard Giuliano of Coventry, RI.


On the first day of the championship, the sun was hot, the grounds were dry and the air still. Scenting conditions would prove to be poor and the first two braces showed this as all four dogs were picked up. Unproductives would be the order of the day.

In the first brace were Wizard’s Ploughman Poet (Hathaway) and Indian Creek Great White (Cavanaugh). In the second, Ironstone Stoney (Bonnetti) and Sunkhaze Whoa Nellie (Flewelling). None of the dogs made it around, with three of the four suffering unproductives and one (Poet) a bird infraction. 

In the third brace, Grouse Hill Belle (Capocci) and Quinton Oaks Abby (Lewis) faced off. Belle ran her usual stylish nice race. However, she suffered two unproductives and was picked up. Abby also ran a strong race, carrying a high tail. She had one find with impeccable manners, but followed that up with an unproductive. And then Abby hit the road and was gone for a good 10 minutes when time was called. Handler and scout rounded her up within the requisite time.

Fourth brace. Previously described.

Islander with Pete Kazic.

Islander (Kazic) and Richfield Almond Joy (Giuliano) were paired in the fifth brace. Joy was found standing at 9 minutes with Islander backing. Joy moved on her birds and was picked up. Islander, who ran a strong, forward race, went on to have another find and an unproductive but wasn't pleasing his handler. He was picked up at 26.

Richard Giuliano and Richfield Almond Joy.

Iron Lady with judge Jeff Smith watching and handler Bill Bonnetti flushing.

Iron Lady (Bonnetti) and Yank's Bucky Boy (Skut) were in the sixth brace. Bucky started with an unproductive and was picked up shortly thereafter. Lady also started with an unproductive, then had one nice find in the woods with a single quail being flown. However, with the next unproductive, after two relocations, she was picked up.

Frank Skut going in to flush for Yank's Bucky Boy.

In the seventh brace, Kissamee Pool Shark (Cavanaugh) was paired with Chase Hill Ben Franklin (Flewelling). Shark started quickly with a nice find where he stood with head and tail high. However, he was another victim of unproductives and after two he was picked up. Franklin caught the judges' attention early. He had three well-spaced finds and one unproductive following a relocation. The pointer hunted all aspects of the course and ran a fast, forward race. 

Handler Mike Flewelling heads back to Chase Hill Ben Franklin.

The eighth brace kicked off Sunday morning. Temperatures were about 15 degrees lower than the previous day, with partly cloudy skies. Scenting conditions had improved considerably.

The eighth brace paired Grouse Hill Dixie (Capocci) and Chase Hill Big Bradley (Giuliano). Dixie was gone from the get-go and the tracker was called for early on. Bradley found birds everywhere and at the end had logged six finds, some steady, some not so much, but gave a decent performance nonetheless.

Quinton Oaks Bud Lite (Lewis) and Richfield Silver Lining (Flewelling) were paired in the ninth brace. Both dogs got off early and were gone for an extended time. Bud Lite had one unproductive at 18 and was picked up at 40. Silver Lining was having no luck finding birds this day and was picked up at 30.

Breakaway for Brace 10, Snuff Mill Atalanta with Kelsey Dellinger and Chase Hill Little Bud with Mike Flewelling.

In the 10th brace, Snuff Mill Atalanta (K. Dellinger) was braced with Chase Hill Little Bud (Flewelling). Atalanta handled easily for the entire hour. She never got too far away from her handler, but with the number of birds she was finding, there was no reason to expect her to. She hunted out the woods, checking all possible bird-hiding areas. She started with a back and followed that up with six finds -- her first at 27, and the following at 32, 36, 40, 54 and 58. Bud had a find early on and went on to point at 35 and 41. He suffered from some extended absences.

Kelsey Dellinger stands with Snuff Mill Atalanta who's backing Chase Hill Little Bud. Mike Flewelling is flushing. 

Eleventh brace. Previously described.


A cocktail party was held Saturday night hosted by Jim Kilrain, owner of last year's champion Chase Hill Little D-Lite. Catering was done by John Stolgitis, who continues to impress with his culinary prowess. His hors d'oeuvres ran the gamut from fancy cheeses and crackers to fresh shellfish caught off the Rhode Island coast.

Everyone pitched in to help whether it was driving the gallery truck or setting up lunches. Region 1 couldn't do without its many volunteers and thanks each and every one. 

The Region also thanks Purina for its continued support, and sends out a special thanks to judge Jeff Smith, who soon will be permanently moving from New Hampshire to North Carolina. Jeff has held many position within Region 1 over the years and never has turned down a request to judge. His honesty and straightforwardness is appreciated by all and we will truly miss him.

Judge Jeff  Smith. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Region 1 All-Age Cancelled

The grounds, when they're dry, at the Glastonbury Meadows.


The Region 1 Amateur All Age Championship, scheduled for April 18-20, 2014, at Glastonbury Meadows, Glastonbury, Conn., has been cancelled due to flooding of the grounds. The championship committee is working to reschedule the event in May. New dates will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Running Order -- Region 1 Walking Championship


EXETER, RI -- Twenty-two pointers and setters have been drawn for the annual Region 1 Walking Championship to be held Saturday and Sunday, April 12-13, 2014 at Arcadia Management Area. The event starts Saturday at 8 a.m. and is hosted by Arcadia Field Trial Club. A minimum of 7 braces will be run on Saturday.

 A cocktail party hosted by Jim Kilrain, owner of 2013 winner Chase Hill Little D-Lite, will be held Saturday night after the running.

Judges are Jeff Smith of Loudon, NH, and Tom Mercier of Voluntown, CT. Chairman is Richard Giuliano.

Grounds and Directions: Arcadia Management Area, Exeter, RI. Driving north or south on Route 95  to Exit 5, to Route 102 South to Route 3 South to Route 165 West. Turn right on Frosty Hollow Road. Signs will be posted.

1-1 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway
1-2 Chip PM Cavanaugh
2-1 Ironstone Stoney PM Bonnetti
2-2 Nellie PF Flewelling
3-1 Grouse Hill Belle PF Capocci
3-2 Quinton Oaks Abby PF Lewis
4-1 Woodcock Haven Stella PF Ogilvie
4-2 Bailey ESF L. Dellinger
5-1 Islander ESM Kazic
5-2 Richfield Almond Joy PF Giuliano
6-1 Iron Lady ESF Bonnetti
6-2 Yankie's Bucky Boy ESM Skut
7-1 Slick PM Cavanaugh
7-2 Chase Hill Ben Franklin PM Flewelling
8-1 Grouse Hill Dixie PF Capocci
8-2 Chase Hill Big Bradley PM Giuliano
9-1 Quinton Oaks Bud Lite PM Lewis
9-2 Richfield Silver Lining PM Flewelling
10-1 Allie ESF K. Dellinger
10-2 Chase Hill Little Bud PM Flewelling
11-1 One Bad Winter PF Unsworth
11-2 Fox Cobble Zeva PF Whigham