Saturday, October 6, 2012

Northeastern Running Order

 FOR 2012

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Fifty-five pointers and setters have been drawn for the annual Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship which starts Monday, Oct. 8 at 7 a.m. at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Chairman of the event is Gene Casale Jr.

The Northeastern kicks off New England's GRAND THREE which also includes the 77th New England Shooting Dog Futurity on Oct. 12-13, and the 84th New England Open Championship on Oct. 15. The Region 1 Amateur All-Age Championship will be squeezed in between the Futurity and the Open, but not before Saturday, Oct. 13.

Running order for the Northeastern follows: 

1A. Coosawhatchie Chief              PM         Mike Tracy
1B. Chiseled In Stone                    PF         Jeanette Tracy
2A. Calico’s Touch of Class          PF           George Tracy
2B. Fazan’s Stress Free                SM          Matt Basilone

3A. Tall River’s Chico                   PM         Mike Tracy
3B. Megan’s Black Jack                SM        Gary Malzone

4A. The Thrill Is Back                    PF           Jeanette Tracy
4B. Waiting Till Midnight                PF           George Tracy

5A. Merritt’s Zachary                    SM          Gary Malzone
5B. Klee’s Shooting Star               PF           Mike Tracy

6A. Sugarknoll War Paint              PM         George Tracy
6B. The Lobbyist                           PM         Jeanette Tracy

7A. Double Trouble Joe                 PM         Matt Basilone
7B. Klee’s Handsome Hank          PM         Mike Tracy

8A. South Bound Stretch              PM         Gary Malzone
8B. Sugarknoll Snow Warning      PM         George Tracy

9A. Jetsettin Jenny                        PF           Mike Tracy
9B. A Carolina Shadow                PM         Gary Malzone

10A. Big ‘N’ Rich                         PM         George Tracy
10B. Maple Valley Cowgirl           PF           Jeanette Tracy

11A. Merritt’s Pearl                      SF           Gary Malzone
11B. Grousewood’s Skeeter         SM          Matt Basilone

12A. Calico’s Catch ‘N’ Release  PM         George Tracy
12B. Heritage                                PM         Mike Tracy

13A. Octavio                                SM          Mike Tracy
13B. Grand Heritage Motion         SM          Jeanette Tracy

14A. TS Steelforce                        PM         Matt Basilone
14B. Misty Acres Abby                 PF           George Tracy

15A. Avalon Creek                        PF           Mike Tracy
15B. White Spider                         SF           Jeanette Tracy

16A. Richfield Silver Belle              PF           Mike Tracy
16B. Enhancement Alice June         PF           George Tracy

17A. Redgate’s Sassy Pants           PF           Jeanette Tracy
17B. Calico’s Dynomite                  PM         George Tracy

18A. Dimigelio’s Bobbi                  PM         Matt Basilone
18B. Great River Ice                      PM         Mike Tracy 

19A. Dominator’s Legacy               PM         Jeanette Tracy
19B. Erin’s War Creek                   PM         George Tracy

20A. Chasehill Little Bud                 PM         John Stolgitis
20B. Our Big Bully                          PM         Mike Tracy

21A. High Drive Rocky                   PM         George Tracy
21B. Buffalo Bill                              PM         Mike Tracy

22A. Triple G Dominator’s Girl        PF           Jeanette Tracy
22B. Steel City Maven                     PF           Matt Basilone

23A. Richfield Silver Lining              PM         John Stolgitis
23B. R.J.’s Carbon Copy                PM         George Tracy

24A. Serious Investment                  PM         Mike Tracy
24B. Fazan’s Dee Lite                     SF           Matt Basilone

25A. Moonlite Magic                      PF           George Tracy
25B. Land Cruiser Scout                 SM          Jeanette Tracy

26A. Erin’s Boxcar Willie                PM         Mike Tracy
26B. I Wanna Be A Cowgirl           PF           Matt Basilone

27A. Covey Up Woodie                 PM         Jeanette Tracy
27B. Great River Class                    PF          George Tracy 

28A. High Desert Dream                 PF          George Tracy
28B. Bye

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