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New England Dog 2-Time Winner of U.S. Complete Championship

From left, judge George Doyle; Runnerup Ch. Bob's Miller Sue with Bobby Phillips; Ch. Fox Cobble Jack with Bill Whigham, and judge Jeff Smith.


Pointer owned, trained and handled by Bill Whigham of Connecticut first dog to win national invitational championship twice in a row

At the breakaway on the first day of the championship. Bill Whigham and Fox Cobble Jack, right, and bracemate Dividing Creek Happy,  handled by Jimmy Crandall. Judges Jeff Smith, rear left, and George Doyle, keep watch.

Fox Cobble Jack, a pointer male owned, trained and handled by Bill Whigham of Connecticut and bred by Richard and the late Monique Giuliano of Rhode Island, was named champion for the second year in a row at the annual USCSDA National Amateur Invitational Championship held Dec. 14-15, 2012, in Virginia, Twelve dogs were entered in the Invitational.

Region 1 was well-represented at the championship with three of the 12 dogs invited being from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Bill Whigham watches as Fox Cobble Jack backs during the first brace.

On Day One, Jack had three finds and a good, forward race showing class and style around the course. 

Bill Whigham flushes for Jack in the first brace while Dividing Creek Happy backs. Judge George Doyle watches.

Fox Cobble Jack's first find.

Judges were Jeff Smith of New Hampshire and George Doyle, formerly of Massachusetts, who currently resides in Virginia.

Other Region 1 dogs competing were Iron Lady, a setter female owned and handled by Bill Bonnetti of Massachusetts, and Richfield Charlie, handled by Bill Bonnetti and bred by Richard Giuliano.

In Brace Four, pointer Richfield Charlie, handled by Bill Bonnetti and bred by Richard Giuliano, and bracemate Pinekone Hurley, handled by Lee Flanders.

Charlie was pleasing on the ground but required some extra handling. He had two finds.

Bill Bonnetti with his setter, Iron Lady, in the fifth brace.

The fifth brace had everyone on their toes. Quinton Oak Budlight scored five nice finds, Bill Bonnetti's Iron Lady had two finds and two unproductives.

On Day Two, Richfield Charlie ran in the first brace with Quinton Oak Budlight. Charlie had one find and one unproductive and ran a good, forward race.

Day Two: Iron Lady with Bill Bonnetti.

In the second brace of Day Two, Iron Lady was braced with Sinbad's Little Bit. Lady had three finds and three unproductives. 

Judge George Doyle keeps watch as  Iron Lady, left, points. Bracemate Sinbad's Little Bit, handled by Dennis Snyder takes the back. 

Brace Four featured Fox Cobble Jack and Bad River Frankie with Tom Vanacek. Jack showed excellent ground application, staying to the front, and having three good finds. His style on game and excellent manners  kept the judges' attention.  

At the end of Day Two, judges were unable to decide upon a winner and runnerup, but had narrowed the field down to two dogs. A callback was in order.

On Day Three, Fox Cobble Jack and Bob's Miller Sue, handled by Bobby Phillips, competed in a runoff. Sue had her running shoes on and was gone almost immediately. Jack had three good finds and was still running to the front even after three days of competition. He was named the champion. Runnerup went to Bob's Miller Sue.

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