Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spruce Brook BDC


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Lots of dogs and a big gallery was the order of the weekend as Spruce Brook Bird Dog Club held its annual spring field trial at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Chairman was Alene LeVasseur.

Weather was hazy, hot and humid but a welcome change from the endless snowy winter and rainy spring in the Northeast.

Gallery for the Open Restricted Shooting Dog Stake

Bird planters Kacey and Brian

Scout Aidan Malone gets ready to assist Bruce Jacobs

Chairman Alene LeVasseur

Scout Mark McLean and Mike Tracy at the breakaway

Aidan Malone at the breakaway.

Aidan hangs on to the setter while Bruce gets situated on the horse

Bruce Jacobs flushes for his dog while judge Tom Tracy watches

Aidan Malone on another scouting expedition

Alexis and her handsome horse Martini

Bill McNamee and Bob Reed at the starting line

Judges Tom Tracy, left, and Hunter Wilcox

Alexis and Grandpa Paul

At the watering hole

Tom Tracy and his whistle-blowing grandson. "Git those dogs to the line now!" :-)

Dick Bembenek and Sam

Elias Richardson mounts up for his brace.

Aidan Malone and Brady

Judge Tommy Tracy watches as Dick Bembenek takes Sam on after his first find.


Judge Mike Tracy watches as Dick Bembenek flushes for Sam

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Monique Giuliano and Mike Flewelling applaud the winners at the 2010 Region 1 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship.
Oct. 5, 1951 - May 23, 2011

     Monique (Boisvert) Giuliano, wife of Richard Giuliano, of Hope, RI, died Monday, May 23, 2011, of complications from renal cell carcinoma. She was 59. Together, she and Richard operated Richfield Kennels, turning out some outstanding pointers (and even setters) over the years.

Born in Providence, a daughter of Donald J. and Doris E. (Morin) Boisvert of Foster, Monique graduated from Ponaganset High School, was a homemaker, worked at A&R Feed and Farm Supply in Coventry, and also at Glass Container Corp. in Dayville, Conn.

Besides her husband and parents, she is survived by two brothers, David A. and J. Donald Boisvert, both of Foster, and two sisters, Paulette F. Galyas of Voluntown, Conn., and Aline L. Mosher of Sharon, Vt. 

Her funeral will be held Thursday at 9 a.m. from Woodlawn Funeral Home, 600 Pontiac Ave., Cranston, RI 02910, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. at Holy Ghost Church, 472 Atwells Ave., Providence, RI 02909. Burial will follow in St. Ann's Cemetery, Cranston, RI.

Calling hours are Wednesday from 4 to 7 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society,  931 Jefferson Blvd., Warwick, RI 02886.

Condolences may be sent to Richard Giuliano, P.O. Box 80, Matteson Road, Hope, RI 02831.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Results - Ocean State BDC


EXETER, RI - Ocean State Bird Dog Club kicked off its annual spring field trial on Saturday, May 21, 2011, with a very competitive Open Puppy stake.

Ocean State's favorite bird planter and good friend Bob Danna. :-)

 First place went to Stoney, a pointer male handled by John Stolgitis. Stoney was a very stylish young dog that hunted every minute he was on the ground. Second went to Mike's Lady Maxine, a pointer female owned and handled by Mike Nemshick. Maxie ran a big race, always to the front and exhibited some good hunting. Third went to Tea, a pointer female, owned by Jim Kilrain and handled by John Stolgitis. Tea also ran a big race with some nice applications. Judges were Pat Casey of South Hill, Va., and Frank Skut of Canterbury, Conn.

John Stolgitis gets ready at the break-away.
 In the Open Derby, first place went to Joy, a pointer female handled by John Stolgitis. Second went to XYZ, a pointer male handled by Robert Ecker, and third went to Yankie's Bucky Boy, a setter male owned and handled by Frank Skut. Judges were Bob Pombrio of Niantic, Conn., and Pat Casey.

Robert Ecker heads to the starting line as the gallery gets ready.

Robert Ecker swept the very competitive Open Shooting Dog stake with Grousewoods Reese, a setter male, that took first place; Cas Tiny, a pointer female, that took second; and Elhew Signature, a pointer male, that took third. Judges were Bob Pombrio of Niantic, Conn., and Pat Casey.
On Sunday, May 22, the Amateur Derby stake kicked off the morning.

 First place went to Bill Whigham's pointer female, Fox Cobble Zeva; second, Yank's Bucky Boy, owned and handled by Frank Skut, and third, Cruise, a pointer female owned and handled by George Crumlich. Judges were Jim Hathaway  of Pocasset, Mass., and Jim Curtin of Bridgewater, Mass.

Professional handler Brian Breveleri and his right hand man, son, Noah.

In the Gun Dog stake, Frank Skut's setter male, Stokely's Yankie Boy, took the blue ribbon. Second went to Annie, a setter female owned and handled by Tim Kisieleski.  Third went to Luc De Roidelechasse, a Brittany male owned and handled by Claudia McNamee.

Frank Skut on a horse for the first time in how long? :-)

Stella, a pointer female owned and handled by Claudia McNamee, bested a field of 22 dogs to win the Amateur Shooting Dog stake. Second went to Paul Kelly's pointer male, Mega Shadow, and third went to Autumn Memory Aldobai, a pointer male owned and handled by David Calcagni. Judges were Pat Casey and John Stolgitis of Ashaway, RI.

Erin and Eliza.

Chairman Richard Giuliano was unable to attend the trial as he was kept busy at his wife Monique's bedside at a local hospital. 

 Stepping in to fill his shoes was John Stolgitis, and he, along with members of Ocean State Bird Dog Club, extend their heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the weekend trial - from those who entered dogs, to the judges, to the bird planters, to the gallery truck drivers, to those who prepared lunches, to those who offered their horses to ride.

No trial runs itself and this was an example of the field trial community coming together to make sure this event came off as well as if Richard and Monique had been there themselves to run it.

The "Franks" - Frank McLaughlin and gallery wagon driver Frank Skut.

John Stolgitis and Bob Fleury.
Jim Kilrain and Frank Skut.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Central Conn. Bird Dog Club photos


SOUTH WINDSOR, CONN. - Twenty-seven dogs were entered in the Guard Rail Open Shooting Dog stake held Saturday, May 14, as part of Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club's annual spring trial held at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Mike Tracy (in the cover) and Dave O'Brien
From left, Erin Stolgitis, Norm Basilone and Elizabeth Malone


Pat Casey and John Stolgitis

Aidan Malone and Dave O'Brien

Erin Stolgitis

Dave O'Brien

Matt Basilone

Pat Casey, Southbound Strech and Dave O'Brien

Pat Casey

Southbound Strech and John Stolgitis

Bob Braman

From left, Dave O'Brien, John Stolgitis and John Fino

Monday, May 9, 2011

Report - Region 1 AHSD Championship

Front from left, Region 1 treasurer and championship chairman Jeff Smith, Alene LeVasseur with Champion Stone Dor and Tom Tracy with Runnerup Champion Threshold. Rear from left, judge Steve Merton, Amilcar Pereira, Gene Casale, judge Patrick Callahan, John Malone and Elizabeth Malone.


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Stone Dor, an almost 3-year-old white and orange pointer female, and her sire, Threshold, a 5 1/2-year-old white and orange pointer male, both owned and handled by Tom Tracy of Lebanon, Conn., were named champion and runnerup champion, respectively, at the 2011 Region 1 Amateur Horseback Shooting Dog Stake held April 23-24, 2011, at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Twenty-two dogs were entered in the two-day event which featured miserably rainy and chilly weather conditions.

Judges were Steve Merton of Manchester, Conn., and Patrick Callahan of Winsted, Conn. Championship chairman was Jeff Smith of Loudon, N.H.

Stone Dor (Threshold x Windcry), a light-footed, pretty-moving pointer, ran in the fourth brace and had seven well-spaced finds and a strong race in adverse weather conditions, to win this championship. Her rapport with her handler is worth noting because when Tracy runs this dog, it is basically an hour of quietness. Just the sounds of hoofbeats, some quiet chatter from the gallery, and his rare, occasional call to a dog who needs little or no handling because she is quite aware of where her handler is.

Stone Dor’s swings were enormous, especially under the power lines where a dog can show how much run it has. Her finds were exemplary, head and tail always held high with an intensity that was hard to match. To watch this dog run and hunt for an hour was nothing short of a pleasure.

In his 60 minutes on the ground, Threshold (Stone Free x Arc Angel) logged eight strong finds, three of which were divided, and had a big forward race. Again, much like his daughter, this was a big running dog who was outstanding on his birds, exhibited a nice hunting pattern and handled nicely.

Judges were particularly impressed with the first brace of the trial which set the high-water mark early. 

Calico’s Tom Thumb, a pointer male handled by Brian Sanchez, had four finds, two backs and an unproductive. LH Chain, a setter male owned and handled by Alene LeVasseur, had four finds and one back. Both dogs had hard-running, forward races in cold and rainy weather conditions.

Judges also liked East Coast Pete, a pointer male owned and handled by John Malone. Whenever this dog is put down to run, he comes up with the birds and looks good doing it. Pete logged seven well-spaced finds, one from a good distance away, had one unproductive and ran a strong race.

Also having a good day was Sugar Knoll Jack, the industrious pointer male owned and handled by John Fino. Jack had seven finds and a questionable stop on a woodcock before his hour was up. Only two weeks before, versatile Jack had been entered in the Region 1 Amateur Walking Championship where he had been named runner-up champion. Jack, who is no stranger to both the horseback and walking circuits, looked like an all-age dog this day. He made big swings, held nicely onto his edges and hunted the heck out of the woods. It’s always a pleasure to watch Jack.

There were numerous pickups and unproductives largely due to the inclement weather.


*The championship was hosted by Associated Field Trial Club of Connecticut. Many thanks to them to them and John Malone for making everyone feel welcome and looking out for everyone’s needs.

*On Saturday night, Brian Sanchez, owner/handler of 2010 Champion Great River Magnum, hosted a sumptuous cocktail party.

*Many thanks to Sue Way for again providing hungry field trialers with a variety of foods, hot and cold, at a moment’s notice.

Winners - Arcadia Field Trial Club Spring Trial

Open Puppy winners, from left: first place, John Stolgitis with Tea; second,  Phil Clarke with Tank; third, Phil Woody with Rina.

EXETER, RI – A total of 55 dogs were drawn for Arcadia Field Trial Club’s annual spring trial held April 30-May 1, 2011, at Arcadia Management Area.

The grounds were nicely groomed with the state having done a lot of mowing this spring. Weather was pleasantly cool and overcast on the first day. Sunny, warm weather on the second day caused scenting conditions to deteriorate.

Erin Stolgitis and retired champion Beaver Meadow Benjamin get ready to face off against Tim Kisieleski and Maggie.
One of the high points of the weekend trial was Erin Stolgitis running retired champion Beaver Meadow Benjamin in the Gun Dog stake on Sunday. Benny was celebrating his 10th birthday but he race hardly reflected his age. 

Pretty in pink, Erin Stolgitis handles Beaver Meadow Benjamin in the Gun Dog stake.

Erin, dressed in a pink shirt, pink boots and with pink dyed hair, and Benny sporting a fluorescent pink collar, proved quite the pair but even Erin’s expert handling couldn’t contain Benny this day as the dog ran to the extreme extremes of the course. When Erin finally corralled him at the end of his 30 minutes, she was a bit hoarse, but Benny looked like he had another hour in him.

Claudia McNamee

Another standout moment was the awarding of first place in the Amateur Shooting Dog stake to Richfield Finnegan, owned and handled by Claudia McNamee. The was the first blue ribbon in a shooting dog stake for Claudia with Finn and her eyes-wide-open “I-can’t-believe-it” reaction when chairman Richard Giuliano made the announcement was priceless.

Ten puppies were entered in the Open Puppy stake and these young animals hit the ground running. First place in the Open Puppy went to Tea, a pointer female handled by John Stolgitis. Second went to Tank, a setter male owned and handled by Phil Clarke, and third to Rina, a setter female handled by John Stolgitis. A field to 10 puppies competed. Judges were Claudia and Bill McNamee.

In the Open Derby stake, with a small entry of three, first place went to Jessie, a pointer female handled by John Stolgitis. Three dogs were entered in the stake. 

George Doyle and Jay Shippole get ready for the next brace.
 In the hotly contested Open Shooting Dog stake, the blue ribbon went to Iron Lady, a setter male handled by John Stolgitis. Lady had four finds and a quick, snappy race where she both ate up her edges, yet hunted the woods where necessary. Second place went to Chasehill Little Bud, also handled by Stolgitis. Bud had three finds and a hard-hitting race. Third place winner was Karen Unsworth’s Misty Meadow Rosebud, a pointer female. This pretty pointer had four finds and a race that was only slightly shorter than the top two dogs.  Sixteen dogs were entered in the stake. Judges were Jim Curtin and Janice Gregory.

Stacey Goodie and Eliza getting ready to ride.
 On Sunday, in very sunny and warm conditions, the Amateur Derby stake kicked off the day’s competition. First place went to Yank’s Bucky Boy, a setter male owned and handled by Frank Skut. Second went to Boss, a pointer male owned and handled by Dave Calcagni.

In the Gun Dog stake, which drew eight competitors, first went to Stokely’s Yankee Boy, a setter male owned and handled by Frank Skut. Second went to Luc, a Brittany male handled by Claudia McNamee, and third went to Sammy, a Brittany male handled by Goodall. Judges were Jeff Smith and George Doyle.

Dave Marshall and Sarah Conyngham plot their strategy in the Open Shooting Dog stake.
 In the Amateur Shooting Dog stake, first place went to Richfield Finnegan, a pointer male owned and handled by Claudia McNamee; second, Yankie’s Ginnie Girl, a setter female owned and handled by Frank Skut, and third, Misty Meadow Rosebud, a pointer female owned and handled by Karen Unsworth. Judges were Jeff Smith and John Stolgitis.

Jay Shippole with Pretty Boy.
 Many thanks go to the judges for their assistance, to John Stolgitis for his all-around help, to all the participants who not only come to run dogs but pitch in to help wherever they can, and especially to chairman Richard Giuliano for again hosting this trial, this time solo as his wife, Monique, who wasn’t feeling up to snuff, was unable to attend. To her we send our love and wish her a very speedy recovery.