Thursday, April 26, 2012

PICTURE - 2012 Region 1 AHSD Winners

2012 REGION 1

Ch. Waybetter Jade with John Malone, Carl Bishop, judges Deb Goodie and Steve Merton, RU Ch. Ironstone Clyde with Aidan Malone, Elizabeth Malone and Elias Richardson.

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Waybetter Jade, a pointer female owned and handled by Carl Bishop of Pennsylvania, was named Champion at the 2012 Region 1 Amateur Horseback Shooting Dog Championship held April 20-22 at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Runnerup honors went to Ironstone Clyde, a setter male owned and handled by Elias Richardson of Uxbridge, Mass.

Judges were Deb Goodie of Sloansville, NY, and Steve Merton of Manchester, CT. Field trial chairman was Stacey Goodie, assisted by Dick Bembenek.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Running Order - Region 1 Amateur Horseback Championship


 FOR 2012
Flaherty Field Trial Area
East Windsor, CT

Start time:
 Friday, April 20, 2012
 1 p.m.

Judges: Deb Goodie of Sloansville, NY,
 and Steve Merton of Manchester, CT


1-1 Erin's Stone Cutter PM Stuart
1-2 East Coast Slick PM A. Malone

2-1 Calico's Tom Thumb PM Sanchez
2-2 Silver Hill's Lucy Lu PF Richardson

3-1 Fox Cobble Jack PM Whigham
3-2 Caladen's Railway Max PM Casale

4-1 Chasehill Little Bud PM Richardson
4-2 Saddle Up Sally PF Pombrio

5-1 Great River Magnum PM Sanchez
5-2 Stone Dor PF Tracy/LeVasseur

6-1 Gamestopper PF Lordi
6-2 Manley Farm John PM King

7-1 East Coast Pete PM J. Malone
7-2 Chain ESM Tracy/LeVasseur

8-1 Richfield Silver Belle PF McNamee/Sanchez
8-2 Craftsmen's Southern Lady PF Stuart

9-1 Iron Lady ESF Bonnetti/Richardson
9-2 Silverback ESM Bembenek

10-1 Moon Dancer PF Smith
10-2 Railway Danny PM Casale

11-1 Richfield Stella PF Bill/Claudia McNamee
11-2 Hunter's Ridge Willy PM O'Brien

12-1 Mac's Silver Dollar PM Bishop/McClurg
12-2  Glastonbury Little Bud PM Bembenek

13-1 Ironstone Jungle King ESM Richardson
13-2 Waybetter Rex PF Bishop/McClurg

14-1 Way Better Jade PF Bishop/McClurg
14-2 Colby PM Tracy/LeVasseur

15-1 Southbound Strech PM Fino
15-2 Popeye PM Braman

16-1 Ironstone Clyde ESM Richardson
16-2 Richfield Silver Lining PM Bill/Claudia McNamee

17-1 Richfield Finnegan PM Bill/Claudia McNamee
17-2 Bye