Monday, May 27, 2013

Winners -- Region 1 Horseback Championship



EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Sugar Knoll War Paint, a pointer male handled by Frank Henderson, was named top dog at the Region 1 Amateur Horseback Shooting Dog Championship held May 26-27, 2013,  at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Runnerup Champion was Great River Magnum, a pointer male handled by Jack Sanchez for his son, Brian, while Brian recuperates from shoulder surgery.

Honorable mention went to Calico's Catch & Release, a pointer male handled by Alex Smith, and to Chasehill Little Bud, a pointer male handled by Elias Richardson.

Judges were John Malone of Bolton, Conn., and Bill Bonnetti of Plymouth, Mass. Chairman was John Stolgitis.

Twenty-six dogs were entered in the two-day stake which was part of Memorial Day weekend field trial that also featured companion Open stakes.

More results and information to follow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Running Order -- Region 1 AHSD Ch/Companion Stakes




EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Twenty-six dogs have been drawn for the annual Region 1 Amateur Horseback Shooting Dog Championship to be held Memorial Day weekend at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Companion stakes start Friday May, 24, 2013, at 8 a.m. The Championship will start at the conclusion of the Open stakes, but not earlier than noon on Saturday, May 25, 2013.

Running orders follow:

1-1 Winterset Nuthin To It ESF Tracy
1-2 One Bad Winter PF Stolgitis
2-1 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway
2-2 Coast To Coast PM Tracy
3-1 Brewster PM Stolgitis
3-2 Awsum Full Throttle PM Tracy
4-1 Ice's Image PM Tracy
4-2 ZZ Top ESF Casey
5-1 Spec ESM Richardson
5-2 Jake PM Pombrio
6-1 Robin PF Tracy
6-2 Sam ESM Casey
7-1 The Crowd Pleaser PM Tracy
7-2 Chad ESM Richardson
8-1 Ben PM Casey
8-2 Dancing Daisy Duke PF Tracy
9-1 Dan ESM Richardson
9-2 Palara PF Tracy
10-1 Dee PF Casey
10-2 Calico's Spanish Fly PF Tracy

1-1  Lucy PF Olfson
1-2 Ice's Image PF Tracy
2-1 Palara PF Tracy
2-2 Brute PM Casey
3-1 Live Mush PF Drew
3-2 Hugo ESM Tracy
4-1 Limbsmoke Sugar Plum PF Miller
4-2 I'm Earl PM Drew
5-1 Limbsmoke Billy Boy ESM Miller
5-2 Enhancement Southern Belle PF Tracy

1-1 Erin's Silver Wings PM G. Tracy
1-2 Tall River Chico PM M. Tracy
2-1 Awsum Country Girl PF G. Tracy
2-2 Serious Investment PM M. Tracy
3-1 Rock Da House PM Basilone
3-2 Westerly Bonnie Blue Shadow PF Tracy
4-1 Deerfield Bell PF Basilone
4-2 Jet Settin' Jenny PF Tracy
5-1 Strut's Blaze PM Tracy
5-2 Fazan's Delite ESF Basilone
6-1 JB's Housewings PM Basilone
6-2 Miller's Vanilla Snow PF Tracy
7-1 Dimeglio's Bobby PM Basilone
7-2 Avalon Creek PF Tracy
8-1 Fort River Megabucks ESM Basilone
8-2 Moonlite Magic PF Tracy
9-1 Fazan's Stress Free ESM Basilone
9-2 Rockabull PM Tracy
10-1 Grousewoods Skeeter ESM Basilone
10-2 Golden Nugget PM M.Tracy
11-1 Bullish Pride PF G. Tracy
11-2 Enhancement Southern Belle PF M. Tracy
12-1 Big PM M. Tracy
12-2 Bye 


1-1 High Drive Rocky PM Linder
1-2 Barcelona Bull PM Saniga
2-1 Racey Kate PF Drew
2-2 Calico's Dynomite PM Linder
3-1 Silverhill Suzie Q PF Marin
3-2 RJ's Carbon Copy PM Linder
4-1 Sugar Knoll War Paint PM Henderson
4-2 Dancing Daisy Duke PF Palmer
5-1 Richfield Silver Belle PF McNamee
5-2 Erin's Silver Wings PM Linder
6-1 Awsum Country Girl PF Ricci
6-2 Ironstone Clyde ESM Richardson
7-1 Richfield Silver Lining PM McNamee
7-2 A Keystone Kid ESM Saniga
8-1 Great River Magnum PM Sanchez
8-2 Richfield Finnegan PM McNamee
9-1 Buffalo Bull PM Saniga
9-2 Railway Danny PM Casale
10-1 Chasehill Little Bud PM Richardson
10-2 I'm Earl PM Drew
11-1 Chasehill Little D'Lite PF Richardson
11-2 Calico's Touch of Class PF Henderson
12-1 Calico's Catch and Release PM Henderson
12-2 Jessie PF Smith
13-1 Rockabully PM Saniga
13-2 Southbound Strech PM Fino

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Running Order -- Ocean State Bird Dog Club


EXETER, RI -- Fourty-eight dogs have been drawn for Ocean State Bird Dog Club's annual spring walking field trial to be held this weekend (May 18-19, 2013) at Arcadia Management Area. Chairman is Richard Giuliano.

Running order follows:

1-1 Maggie ESF Ecker
1-2 Montana Rod PM Dowdy
2-1 Tina ESF Ecker
2-2 Dexter PM Nemshick
3-1 Piper ESF Ecker
3-2 Suzie ESF Oliveri
4-1 Mike ESM Ecker
4-2 Montana Soo PF Dowdy

1-1 Brewster PM Stolgitis
1-2 Tom ESM Ecker
2-1 Maura ISF Ecker
2-2 Bradley PM Stolgitis
3-1 Pink ESF Ecker
3-2 Winter PF Unsworth
4-1 Josey ESM Ecker
4-2 Bye

1-1 Floyd PM Kelly
1-2 Bailey ESF L. Dellenger
2-1 Tank ESM Clark
2-2 Maura ISF Ecker
3-1 Doc ISM Klapity
3-2 Richfield's Little Orphan Annie PF Giuliano

1-1 Doc PM Ecker
1-2 Strike ISF Nemshick
2-1 Mary ISF Ecker
2-2 Sig PM Nemshick
3-1 Reese ESM Ecker
3-2 Abe ESM Nemshick
4-1 Luke ESM Ecker
4-2 Man PM Nemshick

1-1 Montana Rod PM Dowdy
1-2 Kelly PF Cavanagh
2-1 Stylish Streak PF Palmer
2-2 Amber PF Cavanagh
3-1 Montana Soo PF Dowdy
3-2 Bye

1-1 Allie ESF K. Dellenger
1-2 Katie PF Cavanagh
2-1 Max PM LaBella
2-2 Tyson PF McLaughlin

1-1 Zeva PF Whigham

1-2 Bette PF Bush
2-1 Winter PF Unsworth
2-2 Ginnie ESF Skut
3-1 Floyd PM Kelly
3-2 Bob's Miller Seal PF Bush
4-1 Rosebud PF Unsworth
4-2 Buck ESM Skut

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Running Order -- Central Conn.

 91 DOGS 

EAST WINDSOR, Conn -- Ninety-one dogs have been drawn for Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club's annual field trial to be held May 17-19, 2013, at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Running order follows:

1A. Speck  SM  E. Richardson
  B. Palara PF M. Tracy
2A. Jake PM   B. Pombrio
  B. Awsum Full Throttle PM G. Tracy
3A. Hot Blooded PM P. Casey
  B. Ices Image  PM M. Tracy
4A. Robin PF M. Tracy
  B. Triple Nickel Fred PM M. Basilone
5A. Coast to Coast PM G. Tracy
  B. Ben PM P. Casey
6A. Winterset Nothin to It SM M. Tracy
  B. Chad SM E. Tracy
7A. The Crowd Pleaser PM G. Tracy
  B. Archie  M E. Saniga
8A. Dancing Dayzee Dukes PF M. Tracy
  B. Bud PM M. Basilone
9A. Robbie  SM J. Hathaway
  B. Dan SM E. Richardson
10A. Dee PF P. Casey
    B. Miller’s Vanilla Snow PF G. Tracy

1A. Hugo GSP M.Tracy
  B. Limbsmoke Billy Boy  SM M. Basilone
2A. High Drive Hawk PM  G. Tracy
  B. Stony PM E. Richardson
3A. Palara PF M. Tracy
  B. Miller’s Vanilla Snow PF G. Tracy
4A. Enhancement Southern Belle PF   M. Tracy
  B. Limbsmoke Sugar Plum PF M. Basilone
5A. Dancing Dayzee Dukes  PF M. Tracy
  B. Z SF P. Casey
6A. Ices Image PM M. Tracy
  B. Pablo PM E. Saniga

1A. Big PM M. Tracy
  B. Clem  PF T. Tobiassen
2A. Emhancement Southern Belle PF M. Tracy
  B. Sally PF B. Pombrio
3A. Jetsettin Jenny  PF M. Tracy
  B. Misty Acres Abby PF  G. Tracy
4A. Palara PF M. Tracy
  B. High Drive Hawk PM G. Tracy
5A. Ices Image PM M. Tracy
  B. Bye
6A. Rockabull PM M. Tracy
   B. Bye

1A. Big PM M. Tracy
  B. Fort River Megabucks SM M. Basilone
2A. Moonlite Magic PF G.Tracy
  B. Fazan’s Dee Lite SF M. Basilone
3A. Strut’s Blaze PM M. Tracy
  B. Steel City Maven PF M. Basilone
4A. Erin’s Silver Wings PM G. Tracy
  B. Strech PM  J. Fino
5A. Rock Da House PM M. Basilone
  B. Jetsettin Jenny PF M. Tracy
6A. Rockabull PM M. Tracy
  B. Awsum Country Girl PF G. Tracy
7A. Deerfield Bell PF  M. Basilone
  B. Westerly Bonnie Blue Shadow PF M. Tracy
8A. Enhancement Southern Belle PF M. Tracy
  B. J.B.’s Hotwings PM M. Basilone
9A. Golden Nugget PF  G. Tracy
  B. Fazan’s Stress Free SM M. Basilone
10A. Dimeglio’s Bobbi PM M. Basilone
  B. Tall River’s Chico PM M. Tracy
11A. Gazzola’s Punky PF  M. Tracy
  B. Miller’s Vanilla Snow PF G. Tracy
12A. Grousewood’s Skeeter SM M. Basilone
  B. Serious Investment PM  M. Tracy
13A. Bullish Pride  PG. Tracy
    B. Bye

1A. Dancing Dazee Dukes  PF  C. Palmer
  B. Clem PF T. Tobiassen
2A. Robbie  SM J. Hathaway
  B. Speck  SM E. Richardson
3A. Knot PF T. Tobiassen   
  B. Archie  SM  E. Saniga
4A. Hot Blooded  PM  J. Malone
  B. Dan  SM  E. Richardson
5A. Jake PM B. Pombrio
  B. Chad  SM E. Richardson
6A. Jill  PF G. Casale
  B. Dee  PF J. Malone

1A. Bo PM C. McNamee
  B. Lila PF  E. Saniga
2A. Jack PM  J. Fino
  B. Mike  SM E. Richardson
3A. Stella  PF  C. McNamee
  B. Tina  PF E. Richardson
4A. Danny PM G. Casale
  B. Strech  PM J. Fino
5A. Angie SF C. McNamee
  B. Clyde SM E. Richardson
6A. Willie PM G. Casale
  B. Buck PM A. Pereira      

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Results -- Arcadia FTC


Amateur Gun Dog winner Gates of Waccabuc, a Brittany male owed/handled by Claudia McNamee, along with the second place dog, Adios Maia, a German shorthaired pointer female with owner/handler Janice Gregory; and third place, Luc de Roidelachasse, a Brittany male also owned and handled by Claudia McNamee and held by Jill Stolgitis. Judges, rear from left, are Erin Stolgitis and Kelsey Dellenger.

EXETER, RI -- Sixty-two dogs, including pointers, English setters, Irish setters, French Brittanys, and a German shorthaired pointer were entered at Arcadia Field Trial Club's annual spring trial held May 4-5, 2013, at Arcadia Management Area. Chairman was Richard Giuliano.

Waiting on a dog. From left, field trial chairman Richard Giuliano, Claudia McNamee, John Stolgitis, Erin Stolgitis and Jill Stolgitis. 

The event started Saturday, May 4, with the first brace of puppies breaking away at 7:15 a.m. under bright skies but chilly conditions. Winner of the Open Puppy stake with a fast, forward race was Sunrise Star, a setter male handled by Robert Ecker. Second went to male setter, Wizard's Ploughman Poet, owned and handled by Jim Hathaway. Third was Grousewoods Piper, a setter female handled by Robert Ecker. Judges were Janice Gregory and, making her judging debut, Erin Stolgitis.

Judges John Molle, rear, and Bill Bonnetti, front, keep an eye on Chasehill Bud Lite while handler John Stolgitis flushes. 

In the Open Restricted Shooting Dog stake, first and second placements went to dogs owned by Jim Kilrain, who was on hand to see them run, and handled by John Stolgitis. First was Chasehill Little D-Lite, a pointer female, and second was Chasehill Bud Lite, a pointer male. Third place also went to a dog handled by Stolgitis, Chasehill Big Bradley, owned by Taadaki Terada of Japan. Judges were John Molle and Bill Bonnetti.

Judges Elias Richardson, on gray horse, and John Molle, on spotted horse at right, along with Erin Stolgitis, foreground, wait for the next Derby to be brought to the line.

Wizard's Ploughman Poet had a busy morning as he also competed in the Open Derby stake and won first place. Second went to Chip, a pointer male handled by Stolgitis, and third was Pinekone Josey Wales, a setter male, handled by Robert Ecker. Judges were John Molle and Elias Richardson.

Kelsey Dellenger and her setter, Snuff Mill Atalanta, wait for their bracemate.

Robert Ecker and his setter, Tom, and Kelsey Dellenger and her setter, Snuff Mill Atalanta, at the breakaway for Brace No. 2 in the Open Derby stake.
First-place in the Open Shooting Dog stake went to perennial winner Chasehill Little Bud, a pointer male owned and handled by Stolgitis. Second went to pointer female Richfield Almond Joy, also handled by Stolgitis, and third-place winner was Grousewoods Reese, a setter male handled by Robert Ecker. Judges were Bill Bonnetti and John Molle.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny but still a bit frosty.

Jim Hathaway and his multi-talented setter, Wizard's Ploughman Poet, winner of the Amateur Puppy stake. Behind him are Amateur Puppy judges Erin Stolgitis, left, and Kelsey Dellenger.

Wizard's Ploughman Poet got a good night's sleep and came back to win the Amateur Puppy stake, the first of the day. Judges were Erin Stolgitis and Kelsey Dellenger.

Deb Northup with her Morgan mare, Scarlet.

Winner of the Amateur Derby stake, judged by Karen Unsworth and Bill Whigham, was Snuff Mill Atalanta, a setter female owned and handled by Kelsey Dellenger. Second went to Plainfield Kate, owned and handled by Paul Fuhrman, and third went to Jim Hathaway's Wizard's Ploughman Poet.

At the breakaway for the Amateur Gun Dog Stake. Janice Gregory, left, with her GSP, Adios Maia, and Claudia McNamee with her Brittany, Luc de Roidelachaisse, along with judges Kelsey Dellenger, rear left, and Erin Stolgitis.

In the Amateur Gun Dog stake judged by Kelsey Dellenger and Erin Stolgitis, it was an emotional win as Claudia McNamee took first place with her late husband Bill's personal gun dog Gates. The handsome 10-year-old French Brittany found birds all over the course and did his late owner -- and his handler -- proud.

Claudia McNamee with Gates of Waccabuc. Watching are, rear from left, Kelsey Dellenger, Jill Stolgitis and Erin Stolgitis.

Gates of Waccabuc, winner of the Amateur Gun Dog stake.

In the Amateur Shooting Dog stake, judged by Bob Danna and Jim Hathaway, first place went to Fox Cobble Zeva, a pointer female owned and handled by Bill Whigham. Second went to One Bad Winter, a pointer female owned and handled by Karen Unsworth. And third went to Grouse Hill Dixie, a pointer female owned and handled by John Capocci.

Jill Stolgitis waits for a dog to be rounded up. 

Many thanks go out to those who spent hours judging, to those who planted birds (and there were many!), to those who brought food and helped set up and break down lunches, to Purina for its support, and most especially to those who ran dogs, for without them there would be no field trials.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Running Order -- Arcadia FT Club


EXETER, RI -- Sixty-two dogs have been drawn for Arcadia Field Trial Club's annual spring trial to run this weekend (May 4-5, 2013) at Arcadia Management Area.

The event starts Saturday at 7 a.m. with Open stakes.

Chairman is Richard Giuliano.



1-1 Maggie ESF Ecker
1-2 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway]
2-1 Tina ESF Ecker
2-2 Bodhi PM Hopkins
3-1 Dexter PM Ecker
3-2 Stylish Streak PF Palmer
4-1 Piper ESF Ecker
4-2 Bet ESF Conyngham
5-1 Mike ESM Ecker
5-2 Sunny BM Conyngham

1-1 Buck ESM Skut
1-2 Tina PF Stolgitis
2-1 Bailey ESF L. Dellenger
2-2 Brewster PM Stolgitis
3-1 Tank ESM Clark
3-2 Brady PM Stolgitis
4-1 Stoney PM Stolgitis/Richardson
4-2 Bye

1-1 Maura ISF Ecker
1-2 Kate PF Fuhrman
2-1 Tom ESM Ecker
2-2 Allie ESF K. Dellenger
3-1 Josie ESM Ecker
3-2 Chip PM Stolgitis
4-1 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway
4-2 Bye

1-1 Doc PF Ecker
1-2 Winter PF Unsworth
2-1 Strike ISF Ecker
2-2 Stella PF Stolgitis
3-1 Mary ISF Ecker
3-2 Bill PM Conyngham
4-1 Reese ESM Ecker
4-2 Bo PM Stolgitis
5-1 Sig PM Ecker
5-2 Joy PF Stolgitis
6-1 Man PM Ecker
6-2 Bud PM Stolgitis
7-1 Luke ESM Ecker
7-2 Bye
8-1 Abe ESM Ecker
8-2  Bye

1-1 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway
1-2 Maggie PF Whigham

1-1 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway
1-2 Kate PF Fuhrman
2-1 Max PM LaBella
2-2 Allie ESF K. Dellenger
3-1 Bradley PM E. Stolgitis
3-2 Tyson PM McLaughlin

1-1 Maia GSPF Gregory
1-2 Luc BM McNamee
2-1 Gates BM McNamee
2-2 Bye

1-1 Zeva PF Whigham
1-2 Buck ESM Skut
2-1 Winter PF Unsworth
2-2 Bo PM McNamee
3-1 Belle PM Capocci
3-2 Tank ESM Clark
4-1 Kate PM Lufkin
4-2 Angie ESF McNamee
5-1 Dixie PF Capocci
5-2 Rosebud PF Unsworth
6-1 Ginnie ESF Skut
6-2 Bullet PM Capocci
7-1 Stella PF McNamee
7-2 Bye

R.I. Birddog Seminar

 GSP Rescue NE birddog seminar chairman and Region 1 secretary Janice Gregory, left, addresses the gathering. She was assisted by trainers Dave Marshall, seated on table, Sarah Conyngham and Richard Giuliano; and, with backs to camera,  Steve Susko, in orange hat, and Barbara Susko, in yellow vest. 



MAPLEVILLE, RI -- The dogs were pointing and chasing, the quail were flying, and there were ooohs and aaahs from the spectators as almost 100 novice handlers turned out with about 50 dogs for German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of New England's first birddog seminar held at Addieville East Farm. The event was held Saturday, April 27, 2013, as a fundraiser for GSP Rescue NE.

While the event was hosted by GSP Rescue NE, with boardmember Michele Morris on hand to keep the ship on course, a number of Region 1 members turned out to help. The event was designed to test the scenting abilities of birddogs, specifically the shorthairs who come through GSP Rescue NE, who might never have an opportunity to get on quail. The Rescue also wanted to introduce adults and kids to the sport of hunting with dogs and field trialing so the opportunity to participate was opened to the public. The response was overwhelming with attendees coming from as far away as New Hampshire and New Jersey.

Waiting for the seminar to begin.

The morning started with a two-hour seminar by Dave Marshall and Sarah Conyngham of Centerville Farm and Kennels in Hope Valley, RI. Dave's seminars are always interesting and the two hours flew by as he and Sarah explained -- in layman's terms -- the intricacies of hunting and training birddogs. There were plenty of demonstrations and questions from the audience.

GSP Rescue NE member Jen Weston, her senior shorthair, Layla, and the Purina goodies!  

Following the seminar, lunch for a hundred people was cooked by Tad Dorry, and prize-giveaways were held featuring beautiful bells and release traps, all made and very kindly donated by Mike Flewelling. Purina rep Dean Reinke was most generous in his donation of dog food, frisbees and hats.

More fun Purina stuff!

Prizes were awarded to kids for Spottiest Dog, Dog with Longest Tail, Longest Ears and Shortest Dog.  The kids LOVED it! 

Chairman Janice Gregory and GSP Rescue NE boardmember Michele Morris pick the Spottiest Dog, right, ...

... And the Shortest Dog. :-)

After lunch, Tad took the kids in the group fishing at one of Addieville's gorgeous ponds. Did they catch anything? They sure did. Some of the kids even came equipped with their own poles and fishing gear.

Fishing ...

Fishing ... 

The rest of the group headed out to a field chosen specifically by Addieville managers Sally Hayter and Jack O'Brien in which to work birds. 

Ready to work.
It was perfect -- a bowl-type arrangement featuring switch grass in the middle with the edges being mature pine and hardwoods with enough blow-down in which to hide the birds. From one spot, a person could look around the circle and see all the other dogs and people working.
Trainer Dave Marshall addresses the group. 

Volunteering to train the group, along with Dave and Sarah, were Richard Giuliano, Region 1 first vice-president; and Steve and Barbara Susko, volunteers with GSP Rescue NE, who drove up from Cape Cod to help.

Trainer Richard Giuliano discusses a young dog with an owner.

 The five trainers each shepherded 10 dogs and their owners. 

Dogs and handlers of all shapes and sizes.

Trainers Dave Marshall and Sarah Conyngham work with a Brittany.

Birds were planted and the dogs were checkcorded up to them. 

Trainer Richard Giuliano works with a shorthair. 

Step by step, the process was explained: How to use the wind. How to guide the dog. How to let the dog figure things out for itself. How to get the dog to style up. What to do when the bird flew. 

Photo opportunity!
Camera clicked and people stood pleased and amazed as their dogs actually caught scent of the bird and stopped to investigate.

What's in the box?!

Trainer Sarah Conyngham works with her group. 

GSP puppy with a prize quail!

 Some dogs charged right in. Others stood back and actually pointed for a bit before they charged.

Richard Giuliano explains to the group what this Brittany is doing. One of Mike Flewelling's bird releaser, with a quail in it, is directly in front of the dog. 

 But by and large, each and every dog successfully pointed a bird.

Trainer Sarah Conyngham, left, flushes for the two dogs.

At the end of almost three hours, every dog had at least two opportunities to be worked on a bird. At the end of the day, every kid who wanted to had fished, and every owner got to take pictures home of his dog doing what they were meant to do: point a bird.

End of the day and it's time to head home.