Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NE Futurity Running Order


Twenty-seven dogs have been drawn for the 2012 New England Futurity which will start Friday morning, Oct. 12 at Flaherty Field Trial Area in Connecticut. Judges are Lloyd Miller and Tom Mercier.

A cocktail party will be held Friday at 5 p.m. in honor of 2011 Futurity Winner Calico's Touch of Class followed by dinner at 6:15.

Running order follows:

1-1 Sugarknoll Sledgehammer PM Casey
1-2 Cold Harbor Wheezy PF G. Tracy

2-1 Skip A Beat PM J. Tracy
2-2 Ironstone Linestar ESM Richardson

3-1 Great River Chance ESM M. Tracy
3-2 Thomas Adirondack Mason PM Thomas

4-1 High Drive Chez PM G. Tracy
4-2 Grand Heritage Revolution ESM J. Tracy

5-1 Oh My Darlin PF Casey
5-2 Awsum Country Girl PF G. Tracy

6-1 Ironstone King's Reward ESM Richardson
6-2 Dancing Dayzee Dukes PF M. Tracy

7-1 I'm Earl PM G. Tracy
7-2 Hillhayvn's Stump Jumper PM J. Tracy

8-1 Backcountry Tornado PM Catanzarite
8-2 Steel City Kate PF J. Tracy

9-1 Mac's HiHo Silver PM McClurg
9-2 Enhancement Southern Belle PF M. Tracy

10-1 Backcountry Polly PF Catanzarite
10-2 Lite Speed PM G. Tracy

11-1 Ironstone Spectacular ESM Richardson
11-2 Big Creek's Samantha ESF J. Tracy

12-1 ZZ Top PM Casey
12-2 Backcountry Penny PF Catanzarite

13-1 The Kings Hand PM J. Tracy
13-2 Walden's Ridge Ice PM G. Tracy

14-1 Hickory's Golden Girl PF M. Tracy
14-2 Bye

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  1. That's one heck of a field of young dogs! Can't wait to get down there on Friday to watch as many braces as I can.