Monday, October 5, 2015

Running orders: NE Open/Harry Townshend Classic


and Harry Townshend Classic

POMFRET, Conn. -- Thirty-one dogs have been drawn for the annual New England Open Championship set to start Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8 a.m. at Ragged Hill Farm. Judges are Kevin Stuart and Al Fazenbaker.

The inaugural Harry Townshend Amateur Shooting Dog Classic will follow, starting Saturday, Oct. 10, at 8 a.m., also at Ragged Hill. Ten dogs have been drawn for that stake. Judges are Pete Flanagan and Richard Giuliano.

Stake chairmen for both trials are Richard Bembenek and Janice Gregory.


1-1 Walden's Ridge Liz PF GTracy
1-2 The King's Hand PM JTracy

2-1 Backcountry Tornado PF MTracy
2-2 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway

3-1 Steel City Karen PF JTracy
3-2 Calico's Touch of Class PF GTracy

4-1 Jessie's Bojangles ESM JTracy
4-2 Enhancement Southern Belle PF MTracy

5-1 Calico's Cowboy Casanova PM MTracy
5-2 Miller's Brown Eyed Girl PF GTracy

6-1 Pine Straw Blackhawk ESM JTracy
6-2 Miller's Vanilla Snow PF GTracy

7-1 Great River Dakota PF MTracy
7-2 Jessie's Bonanza ESF JTracy

8-1 Palara PF MTracy
8-2 Fast And Furious PM GTracy

9-1 Great River Journey ESM JTracy
9-2 High Drive Ranger PM GTracy

10-1 Great River Mackenzie PM MTracy
10-2 Covey Up Woodie PM JTracy

11-1 Sugarknoll Warpaint PM GTracy
11-2 Great River Ice PM MTracy

12-1 Land Cruiser Scout ESM JTracy
12-2 High Drive Southern Bound PF GTracy

13-1 Bully Bragg PM MTracy
13-2 Steel City Arapahoe PM JTracy

14-1 Great River Joe PM GTracy
14-2 A Keystone Kid ESM MTracy

15-1 High Drive Rogue PM GTracy
15-2 Covey Up Black Ice PM JTracy

16-1 Erin's War Creek PM GTracy
16-2 Bye


(Saturday 8 a.m. start)

1-1 I'm Earl PM Drew
1-2 Ironstone Spectacular ESM Richardson

2-1 Thomas Adirondack Mason ESM Thomas
2-2 Talladega PM Richardson

3-1 Ironstone Lone Star ESM Richardson
3-2 Southbound Strech PM Fino

4-1 Deacon Jones PM Drew
4-2 Blackstone Stony PM Richardson

5-1 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway
5-2 Mike ESM Richardson 

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