Sunday, October 11, 2015

2015 Northeastern Running Order



EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Thirty-eight dogs have been drawn for the 2015 Northeastern Shooting Dog Championship starts Columbus Day, Monday, Oct. 12, at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Judges are Jeff Smith and George Doyle.

   1-1 Little Girl Creek  PF  Mike Tracy
1-2 Millers Vanilla Snow  PF  George Tracy

  2-1 Covey Up Black Ice  PM  Jeanette Tracy
2-2 The Lobbiest   PM   George Tracy

   3-1 Jessie’s Bojangles SM  Jeanette Tracy
3-2 Backcountry Tornado PF Mike Tracy

   4-1 Steel City Arapahoe  PM  Jeanette Tracy
4-2 Enhancement Southern Belle  PF  Mike Tracy

    5-1 High Drive Ranger  PM  George Tracy
5-2 Land Cruiser Scout  SM  Jeanette Tracy

    6-1 Great River Dakota  PF  Mike Tracy
6-2 Sugarknoll War Paint   PM George Tracy

    7-1 Indian Summer PF  Jeanette Tracy
7-2 Suemac’s Roll Tide  PM  Mike Tracy

   8-1 The Kings Hand PM Jeanette Tracy
8-2 Walden’s Ridge Liz   PF George Tracy

   9-1 Pine Straw Blackhawk  SM   Jeanette Tracy
9-2 Great River Ice  PM Mike Tracy

10-1 A Keystone Kid  SM Mike Tracy
10-2 Erin's War Creek  PM  George Tracy

11-1 Great River Journey   SM  Jeanette Tracy
11-2 Great River Mackenzie PM  Mike Tracy
      12-1 High  Drive  Rogue PM George Tracy
12-2 Walden’s Rider Chatter Box PM  Mike Tracy

    13-1 Covey Up Woody PM  Jeanette Tracy
13-2 Bully Bragg PM   Mike Tracy

14-1  Fast And Furious  PM   George Tracy
14-2 Vanilla Creek  PM    Mike Tracy

 15-1  Jessie’s Bonanza  SF  Jeanette Tracy
15-2 Come Fly With Me  PF  Mike Tracy

16-1   Calico’s Touch Of Class PF  George Tracy
16-2 Calico’s Cowboy Casanova  PM  Mike Tracy

17-1  Hillhavyn’s Stump Jumper PM  Jeanette Tracy
17-2 Palara   PF Mike Tracy

18-1 Steel City Karen PF  Jeanette Tracy
18-2 Coosawhatchie Smooth Ride PM Mike Tracy

19-1 Grand Heritage Commotion  SF Jeanette Tracy

19-2 Hightailing Miss Kate PF   Mike Tracy

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