Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 New England Futurity Running Order

Starts Thursday, Oct. 15 at Noon
Flaherty Field Trial Area 
East Windsor, CT

Judges: Pat Casey and Bill Bonnetti

Derby Name - Breeder - Owner -Handler

1-1 Ignite The Nite Sanchez-Sanchez-MTracy
1-2 Pine Straw Sweet Tea Reeves-Reeves-JTracy

2-1 Dymond's Bud Emerson-Dymond-GTracy
2-2 Chasehill Baby Beanie JStolgitis-EStolgitis-JStolgitis

3-1 Thomas Adirondack Turbo Giuliano-Thomas-Thomas
3-2 Fire & Ice Tracy-Sanchez-MTracy

4-1 Prue Confidence Giuliano-Cavanaugh-LaBella/Stolgitis
4-2 High Drive War Paint Calico Kennels-Linder-GTracy

5-1 Bail Me Out Tracy-Puckett-MTracy
5-2 Beaver Meadow Rose Giuliano-Commissa-Stolgitis

6-1 Walden's Ridge Rocky Top Tracy-Steele-GTracy
6-2 Great River Survivor Sanchez-Sanchez-MTracy

7-1 The Slightest Edge Tracy-Lordi-MTracy
7-2 Steel City Tank Conroy-Blaine/Reed-JTracy

8-1 Deacon Jones Drew-Drew-Drew
8-2 Jamback's True Grit Tracy-Richardson/Verner-GTracy

9-1 Bad Bourbon Tracy-Primm-MTracy
9-2 Ice's Jack Is Back McHugh-McHugh-JTracy

10-1 Klee's Dakota Jake McHugh-Duerksen-MTracy
10-2 Misty Acres Buck Tracy-Hilyer-GTracy

11-1 Sassy Creek Ruth-Ruth-JTracy
11-2 Bacardi On Ice Emerson-Joyal-MTracy

12-1 Chasehill Double Trouble Drew-EStolgitis-JStolgitis
12-2 Neely's Paint The Town Calico Kennels-Linder-GTracy

13-1 Summerhill Lillian Bishop-Tracy-GTracy
13-2 Teacher's Pet Drew-Drew-Drew

14-1 Klee's Geechee Gal McHugh-Duerksen-MTracy
14-2 Steel City Last Waltz Drew-Blaine/Reed-JTracy

15-1 Wild Blue Moses-Moses-GTracy
15-2 Rentz's Fire & Ice Mercer-Rentz-JTracy

16-1 Icy Luci Emerson-Chambers-MTracy
16-2 Bye

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