Sunday, January 13, 2013

U.S. Complete National OSD Championship


Winner is Rockin Kate, 
owned by John Everett, 
handled by Jerry Raynor

Runnerup is
 A Tarheel Obsession,
 owned and handled
 by Roger McGuire

From left, Ginny and Ted Riley, Earl Drew, judge Steve Browder, judge Margaret Drew,  Jerry Raynor with Ch. Rockin Kate, judge Gailen Cooper, Eric Russell, Phil Culbreth, Dennis Beauford, Hope Beauford and Doyle Hardison. (All photos from
Thirty-four dogs were entered in U.S. Complete's 2013 National Open Championship held Jan. 11-13. 

Representing New England were Southbound Strech, a pointer male owned by John Fino,  of Massachusetts, handled by Garry Malzone, of New Jersey; Richfield Silver Lining, bred by Richard Giuliano, of Rhode Island, owned by Bill McNamee, of New York, and handled by John Stolgitis, of Rhode Island; Chasehill Little Bud, owned and handled by John Stolgitis; and Iron Lady, owned by Bill Bonnetti, of Massachusetts, and handled by John Stolgitis.

According to reports from the U.S. Complete website, the winner, Rockin Kate, ran in the seventh brace on Day 2. She scored seven well-spaced finds including a stop-to-flush and made good use of the course.

Rockin Kate, left, with Jerry Raynor, right, and Miss Anna with Tony Bingham.
In Brace 10, runnerup A Tarheel Obsession ran a strong shooting dog race once he got on course, and scored two nice finds. 

A Tarheel Obsession and Roger McGuire.

Judges were Gailen Cooper, Steve Browder, and former New Englander, Margaret Drew, below. 


John Stolgitis and Richfield Silver Lining, along with Garry Malzone, rear.

On Day 2, the ninth brace paired Southbound Strech, with Garry Malzone, and Richfield Silver Lining, with John Stolgitis.

Strech was not seen after the breakaway.

Silver Lining put down a nice race and scored her first find at 12 with plenty of style and all in order. At 41, she scored her second find. She was seen shortly before time but the tracker was called for when she was not found within the time allowed.

John Stolgitis and Chasehill Little Bud.

In Brace 13,  Chasehill Little Bud, with John Stolgitis, was paired with Merritt's Pearl, handled by Terry Merritt.

Bud was putting down a very nice shooting dog race. His first find was at 11, where he showed his style. Then at 17, point was called again. Bud was quivering with intensity but not as high as usual, but all in order. At 34, he was found backing his bracemate. Then at 40, he had a breach of manners and was lifted.

Iron Lady, owned by Bill Bonnetti.
On Day 3, in Brace 17, Iron Lady, handled by John Stolgitis, had one find at 16. She was relocated after taking a step. All was in order at wing and shot. However, she was picked up shortly thereafter for not pleasing her handler.

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