Monday, October 6, 2014

Running Order -- New England Open


 OCT. 10, 2014  AT NOON

POMFRET, Conn. -- Twenty-six pointers and setters have been drawn for the New England Open Championship. The event starts Friday, Oct. 10, at noon, at Ragged Hill Farm, 36 Ragged Hill Rd. Three braces will be run on Friday, no more than seven braces on Saturday, and the remainder on Sunday. The advertised Derby stake was cancelled due to lack of entries.

[The Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship will follow the New England Open, starting Monday, Oct. 13, at Flaherty Field Trial Area in East Windsor, Conn.]

Judges for the New England Open are Tony Gibson, of Union Springs, Ala., and Elias Richardson, of Uxbridge, Mass.

A cocktail party for participants will be held Friday night courtesy of Susan and Roger Duerksen, owners of 2013 Champion Klee's Handsome Hank, handled by Mike Tracy. A Handlers Dinner will follow.

Running order follows:

1-1 Octavio ESM M. Tracy
1-2 High Drive Ranger PM G. Tracy

2-1 Erin's Box Car Willie PM M. Tracy
2-2 Calico's Touch of Class PF G. Tracy

3-1 Palara PF M. Tracy
3-2 Wizard's Ploughman Poet ESM Hathaway

4-1 Enhancement Southern Belle PF M. Tracy
4-2 Awesome Country Girl PF G. Tracy

5-1 Strech PM Fino
5-2 Attitude's Iron Will ESM M. Tracy

6-1 Miller's Vanilla Snow PF G. Tracy
6-2 Great River Ice PM M. Tracy

7-1 Uplander's Pocahontas PF G. Tracy
7-2 Jetsettin Jenny PF M. Tracy

8-1 Westerly Bonnie Blue Shadow PF M. Tracy
8-2 Sugarknoll Warpaint PM  G. Tracy

9-1 Little Girl Creek PF M. Tracy
9-2 Calico's Dyno Mite PM G. Tracy

10-1 Erin's War Creek PM G. Tracy
10-2 Klee's Handsome Hank PM M. Tracy

11-1 I'm Pistol Pete PM Drew
11-2 Winterset Arriba PF M. Tracy

12-1 Mr. Utley PM M. Tracy
12-2 Great River Class PF G. Tracy

13-1 Great River Mackenzie PM M. Tracy
13-2 Bye

14-1 Backcountry Tornado PF M. Tracy
14-2 Bye

Fall foliage at Ragged Hill Farm

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