Sunday, October 5, 2014

Running Order - 79th New England Futurity


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Forty of the top 2-year-old pointers and setters in the Northeast have been drawn for the 79th  New England Shooting Dog Futurity. The event will be held Oct. 16-17, 2014, at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Running will start at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 16, unless the Northeastern Championship has not been completed.

(Dog, Owner, Breeder, Handler)

1-1 Bull Ina China Shop PM Chris/Heather Palmer Great River Kennels Mike Tracy
1-2 Ladywood’s Keepsake PF Jeanette Tracy Jeanette Tracy Jeanette Tracy

2-1 Coosawhatchee Smooth PM Andrea Clark Great River Kennels Mike Tracy
2-2 Moonshine Magic PM John Malone Great River Kennels Pat Casey

3-1 Jessie’s Bonanza SF Ted Faust Jeanette Tracy Jeanette Tracy
3-2 Miss American Pie PF Dave O’Brien Stacy Goodie Dave O’Brien

4-1 High Drive Snapshot PM Allen Linder Allen Linder George Tracy
4-2 Steel City Arapahoe PM Harry Blain/Bob Reed Bud Moore Jeanette Tracy

5-1 Dry Creek Geronimo PM George Doyle George Doyle George Doyle
5-2 Vanilla Creek PM Donna/Jeff Ruth Great River Kennels Mike Tracy

6-1 Sugarknoll Bushwacker PM Peter/Chris Delcollo Gus Piperis Pat Casey
6-2 Great River Joe PM Neil Walker Allen Linder George Tracy

7-1 Enhancement South Bound PM Tom Hance George Tracy Mike Tracy
7-2 High Drive Boss PM Allen Linder Allen Linder George Tracy

8-1 Covey Up Black Ice PM Patti Maier/Keith Thomas Great River Kennels Jeanette Tracy
8-2 Wicked Game PM Richard Gillis Stacy Goodie Matt Basilone

9-1 Waybetter Rocky PM Carl Bishop Carl Bishop Bishop/Casey
9-2 Jessie’s Bojangles SM Ted Faust Jeanette Tracy Jeanette Tracy

10-1 Wildsky PM Allen Linder Allen Linder George Tracy
10-2 Southbound Kong PM Linda Casey Linda Casey Pat Casey

11-1 Dry Creek Jessie James PM George Doyle George Doyle George Doyle
11-2 Suemac’s Roll Tide PM Roger/Sue McPherson John Stolgitis George Tracy

12-1 Adjusted Attitude SM Earl Drew Dennis Beauford Earl Drew
12-2 Hollywood Forty Four Magnum PM Regis Lynn Regis Lynn Mike Tracy

13-1 Waybetta Bella PF Carl Bishop Carl Bishop Jeanette Tracy
13-2 Chasehill Hailey PF Claudia McNamee John Stolgitis Mike Tracy

14-1 Mama’s Broken Heart PM Stacy Goodie Stacy Goodie Matt Basilone
14-2 Southern Sparkling Julie PF Kent Cantrell Kent Cantrell George Tracy

15-1 Hillhavyn’s Show Stopper PM Brad Brown Bruce Mercer Jeanette Tracy
15-2 Waybetta Skip PM Carl Bishop Carl Bishop Bishop/Casey

16-1 Great River Journey SM Brian Sanchez Jeanette Tracy Jeanette Tracy
16-2 Chasehill Baby Bella PF Erin Stolgitis John Stolgitis John Stogitis

17-1 Come Fly With Me PF Greg Mavor Bruce Mercer Mike Tracy
17-2 Dry Creek White Lightning PM Jeff Smith George Doyle Jeff Smith

18-1 Urban Fantasy PM Troy Trilize Stacy Goodie Matt Basilone
18-2 Fast and Furious PM Muriel/Bill Primm Henderson/Forrester George Tracy

19-1 Walden’s Ridge Country Girl PF David/Laura Steel David Steel George Tracy
19-2 Buffalo Junction Bella PF Allen Dahl Allen Dahl Pat Casey

20-1 Premier’s Chill PF Bruce Mercer Bruce Mercer Mike Tracy
20-2 Grand Heritage Commotion SF Andy Wert Bill Ricci Jeanette Tracy

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