Sunday, October 6, 2013

Running Order - New England Futurity


Flaherty Field Trial Area, East Windsor, CT

Oct. 18-19, 2013
 Start time 8:30 a.m.

Judges: Lloyd Miller of Bensalem, PA,
 and Tom Mercier of Voluntown, CT

Reporter: Margaret Drew of Hoffman, NC

Derby Breeder Owner Handler

1-1 Bluebar Jill PF Great River Kennels D Hood M Tracy
1-2 Hollywood Bo SM Lynn R Lynn G Tracy

2-1 Hillhavyn’s Showgirl PF Mercer B/C Brown J Tracy
2-2 Great River Shagger PM Great River Kennels Sanchez/Cohen G Tracy

3-1 Brown’s Miss April PF Brigman A Brown J Tracy
3-2 Awsum Full Throttle PM Henderson/Ricci Ricci/Primm G Tracy

4-1 Wizard’s Ploughman Poet SM Giuliano J Hathaway J Hathaway
4-2 I’ll Have Another PM Great River Kennels Sanchez/Hance M Tracy

5-1 Marshall Tucker PM Blaine/Reed D Honhold J Tracy
5-2 Hoppy’s Bullbreak Icehawk PM B Baals B Hopkins M Tracy

6-1 Bud of Piney Woods PM Drew Warters/Russell E Russell
6-2 Great River MacKenzie PM Great River Kennels C McNamee M Tracy

7-1 Steel City Karen PF Conroy Blaine/Reed J Tracy
7-2 Calico’s X Factor PM Henderson/Herndon/DelCollo Henderson/Herndron G Tracy

8-1 Duke of Earl PM Summer Hill Kennels S Morelli M Tracy
8-2 High Drive Skip PM Summer Hill Kennels A Linder G Tracy

9-1 High Drive Ice PM Great River Kennels A Linder G Tracy
9-2 Calico’s Cowboy Casanova PM Henderson/Herndon/DelCollo Henderson/Herndron M Tracy

10-1 Great River Gold PF Great River Kennels Sanchez/Hance G Tracy
10-2 Backcountry Sonny PM Catanzarite C Catanzarite C Catanzarite

11-1 Little Creek Girl PF Mensch D Ruth M Tracy
11-2 Quail Hollow Jessie PF Drew T Riley E Drew

12-1 Ladywood’s Farm Boy PM Blaine/Reed B Johnson J Tracy
12-2 High Drive Ranger PM Linder A Linder G Tracy

13-1 Hightailing Miss Kate PF Summer Hill Kennels K Joyce M Tracy
13-2 Backcountry Bonnie PF Catanzarite C Catanzarite C Catanzarite

14-1 Jamback’s Magic Mike PM Drew Richardson/Varner G Tracy
14-2 Chasehill Big Bradley PM Giuliano T Terada J Stolgitis

15-1 High Drive First Class PF Mercer A Linder G Tracy
15-2 Erin’s Moody River PF Derrig K Stuart K Stuart

16-1 Great River Dakota PM Great River Kennels C McNamee M Tracy
16-2 Railway Jill PF Casale, Sr G Casale G Casale

17-1 Snowsquall PM Bryan Rarich/Tobiassen T Tobiassen
17-2 Bully Bragg PM Mensch Saniga/Primm M Tracy

18-1 Drycreek Nitroglycerine PM Casey G Doyle G Doyle
18-2 Bye

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