Saturday, October 12, 2013

Northeastern Running Order

Open Shooting Dog
                      Running Order

1A. Misty Acres Abby PF George Tracy
1B. Enhancement Southern Belle PF Mike Tracy

2A. Redgate’s Sassy Pants PF Jeanette Tracy
2B. Strut’s Blaze PM Mike Tracy

3A. The Crowd Pleaser PM George Tracy
3B. Triple Nickel Mike PM Matt Basilone

4A. Erin’s Box Car Willie PM Mike Tracy
4B. Archer’s Black Powder PM Jeanette Tracy

5A. Moonlite Magic PF George Tracy
5B. Southbound Strech PM O’Brien/ Fino

6A. Klee’s Handsome Hank PM Mike Tracy
6B. Calico’s Touch of Class PF George Tracy

7A. I’m Earl PM George Tracy
7B. Heritage PM Mike Tracy

8A. Jetsittin Jenny PF Mike Tracy
8B. Hillhavyn’s Stump Jumper PM Jeanette Tracy

9A. Grand Heritage Motion SM Jeanette Tracy

9B. Miller’s Vanilla Snow PF George Tracy

10A. Maple Valley Cowgirl PF Jeanette Tracy
10B. Palara PF Mike Tracy

11A. Dancing Dayzee Dukes PF Mike Tracy
11B. Grousewood’s Skeeter SM Matt Basilone

12A. Calico’s Dyno Mite PM George Tracy
12B. Dominator’s Legacy PM Jeanette Tracy

13A. Erin’s War Creek PM George Tracy
13B. The King’s Hand PM Jeanette Tracy

14A. Avalon Creek PF Mike Tracy
14B. Chiseled In Stone PF Jeanette Tracy

15A. The Thrill Is Back PM Jeanette Tracy
15B. High Drive Rocky PM George Tracy

16A. The Lobbyist PM Jeanette Tracy
16B. Erin’s Silver Wings PM George Tracy

17A. Great River Class PF George Tracy
17B. Covey Up Woodie PM Jeanette Tracy

18A. Fort River Megabucks SM Matt Basilone
18B. Great River Ice PM Mike Tracy

19A. White Spider SF Jeanette Tracy
19B. Awsum Country Girl PF George Tracy

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