Thursday, August 22, 2013

Running Order: Smith Classic



Flaherty Field Trial Area
East Windsor, CT

Aug. 23-29, 2013

 Judges for all stakes:  Steven Browder, Squire Lee)

 1 Silver Hill Lucy P.F. Sanchez
 Erin's Box Car Willie P.M. Strausbaugh
 2 Ice's Image P.M. Sanchez
 Dominator's Legacy P.M. Faust
 3 Great River Class P.F. Sanchez
 Rosie V.F. Walter
 4 Great River Magnum P.M. Sanchez
 Sukara's Come Home Jessi S.F. Faust
 5 Chase Hill Little Bud P.M. Richardson
 Richfield Silver Lining P.M. McNamee
 6 Sugar Knoll Warpaint P.M. Henderson
 Thomas Adirondack Mason S.M. Thomas
 7 Richfield Silver Belle P.F. McNamee
 A Whiskey Lullaby P.F. Goodie
 8 Calico's Gossip Girl P.F. Henderson
 Shaw P.F. Richardson
 9 Stone Cutter P.M. Stuart
 Serious Investment P.M. Strausbaugh
 10 Calico's Touch of Class P.F. Henderson
 Hard Tellin' P.F. O'Brien 

 1 Calico's Cowboy Casanova P.M. Tracy
 Bad River Leroy P.M. J. Tracy
 2 Great River Mackenzie P.M. Tracy
 Thor S.M. Thomas
 3 Duke of Earl P.M. Tracy  

 China P.F. J. Tracy
 4 High Drive First Class P.F. Tracy
 Bradley P.M. Stolgitis
 5 April P.F. J. Tracy
 Turk S.M. Thomas
 6 Calico's X Factor P.M. Tracy
 Farm Boy P.M. J. Tracy
 7 I'll Have Another P.M. Tracy
 Triple Nickel Fred P.M. Basilone
 8 High Drive Ice P.M. Tracy
 Knot P.F. Tobiassen
 9 Awsum Full Throttle P.M. Tracy
 Marshall Tucker P.M. J. Tracy
 10 Great River Platinum P.M. Sanchez
 Wizard's Ploughman Poet S.M. Hathaway
 11 Great River Gold P.F. Tracy
 Flash S.M. Thomas
 12 Hoppy's Bullbreak Icehawk P.M. Tracy
 Steel City Karen P.F. J. Tracy
 13 Great River Dakota P.F. Tracy
 Steel City Cowboy P.M. Basil one
 14 Jamback's Magic Mike P.M. Tracy
 Chang P.M. J. Tracy
 15 Great River Shagger P.M. G. Tracy 



 1 Klee's Handsome Hank P.M. Tracy
 Fazan's Stress Free S.M. Basilone
 2 I'm Earl P.M. Tracy
 Redgate's Sassy Pants P.F. J. Tracy
 3 Big P.M. Tracy
 Fazan's Deelite S.F. Basil one
 4 BigNRich P.M. Tracy
 Rip P.M. J. Tracy
 5 Tall River's Chico P.M. Tracy
 J.B. Silver Wings P.M. Basil one
 6 Miller's Vanilla Snow P.F. Tracy
 Stump Jumper P.M. J. Tracy
 7 Enhancement Southern Belle P.F. Tracy
 Rock Da House P.M. Basilone
 8 Misty Acres Abbey P.F. Tracy
 Archer's Black Powder P.M. J. Tracy
 9 Heritage P.M. Tracy
 Triple Nickel Mike P.M. Basilone
 10 Calico's Dynamite P.M. Tracy
 Grand Heritage Motion S.M. J. Tracy
 11 Strut's Blaze P.M. Tracy
 Skip A Beat P.M. J. Tracy
 12 Erin's War Creek P.M. Tracy
 Grousewood's Skeeter S.M. Basilone
 13 Westerly Bonnie Blue Shadow P.F. Tracy
 Maple Valley Cowgirl P.F. J. Tracy
 14 High Drive Rocky P.M. Tracy
 Covey Up Woodie P.M. J. Tracy
 15 Avalon Creek P.F. Tracy
 Deerfield Belle P.F. Basilone
 16 Erin's Silver Wings P.M. Tracy
 Dominator's Legacy P.M. J. Tracy
 17 Great River Ice P.M. Tracy 

 Ruffwing Destiny S.F. J. Tracy
 18 The Crowd Pleaser P.M. Tracy
 The Lobbyist P.M. J. Tracy
 19 Rockabull P.M. Tracy
 The King's Hand P.M. J. Tracy
 20 Moonlite Magic P.F. Tracy
 Steel City Maven P.F. Basilone
 21 Erin's Box Car Willie P.M. Tracy
 The Thrill Is Back P.F. J. Tracy
 22 Walden's Ridge Dominator P.M. Tracy
 Fort River Megabucks S.M. Basilone
 23 Serious Investment P.M. Tracy
 Deerfield Ben P.M. Basilone
 24 White Spider S.F. J. Tracy
 Jetsettin Jenny P.F. Tracy
 25 Calico's Touch of Class P.F. Tracy
 Chisled In Stone P.F. J. Tracy
 26 Great River Class P.F. Tracy


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