Sunday, August 4, 2013

Annual meeting/Ocean State trial results



EXETER, RI -- Region 1/ANEFTC held its annual summer membership meeting Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013, at Arcadia Management Area. Named as this year's slate of officers for Region 1 were: Richard Giuliano, president; Jim Curtin, 1st vice president; Dave O'Brien, 2nd vice president; Janice Gregory, secretary; Jeff Smith, treasurer; and Elias Richardson, Region 1 trustee. 

The slate of officers for the ANEFTC was reelected. They are: Richard Giuliano, president; Dave O'Brien, 1st vice president; Jennifer Braman, 2nd vice president; and Janice Gregory, secretary/treasurer. Named to the board of directors was Tim Cavanaugh. Stacey Goodie and Jim Curtin were re-elected to serve two more years along with Richard Bembenek, Jeff Smith, Elias Richardson, Karen Unsworth and Region 1 president Richard Giuliano.

The Association's annual awards were presented. Among those being honored were:

Oh My Darlin, owned by Jason Smit, second from left, and Chris Rarich, right. [Region 1 treasurer Jeff Smith, left; Toby Tobiassen, center; and Jennifer Braman, Region 1 2nd vice president.] 

From left, Kim Dellenger, Jeff Smith, Kelsey Dellenger, Lanny Dellenger and Jennifer Braman. The Dellengers' setter, Snuff Mill Atalanta, won the top Amateur Walking Derby prize. The setter is owned by Lanny and handled by his daughter, Kelsey.

Jeff Smith, left, and Jennifer Braman flank Jim Hathaway, whose setter puppy, Wizard's Ploughman's Poet, earned himself two awards from the Association.

In Ocean State Bird Dog Club's summer trial, which preceded the meetings, Iron Lady, a setter female owned and handled by Bill Bonnetti, won first place; Yankie's Ginnie Girl, setter female owned and handled by Frank Skut, won second; and Bailey, Kelsey Dellenger's setter won third. Judges were Jim Hathaway and Richard Giuliano.

First place in the Open Derby went to Katie, a pointer female owned and handled by Tim Cavanaugh. Second went to Robbie, Jim Hathaway's setter male. Judges were Richard Giuliano and Lanny Dellenger.

Amber, a pointer female owned and handled by Tim Cavanaugh, earned the blue ribbon in the puppy stake. Maddie, a Brittany male handled by Sarah Conyngham, took second.

Lunch was a lavish spread sponsored by Region 1 and catered by Richard Giuliano. Dips, cheeses and crackers of all kinds kicked off the lunch, followed by a variety of make-it-yourself sandwiches and lobster rolls very kindly provided by the Dellengers. While the meeting didn't have the best attendance, those who showed up ate and drank very well. :-)

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