Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Running Order -- Central Conn.

 91 DOGS 

EAST WINDSOR, Conn -- Ninety-one dogs have been drawn for Central Connecticut Bird Dog Club's annual field trial to be held May 17-19, 2013, at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Running order follows:

1A. Speck  SM  E. Richardson
  B. Palara PF M. Tracy
2A. Jake PM   B. Pombrio
  B. Awsum Full Throttle PM G. Tracy
3A. Hot Blooded PM P. Casey
  B. Ices Image  PM M. Tracy
4A. Robin PF M. Tracy
  B. Triple Nickel Fred PM M. Basilone
5A. Coast to Coast PM G. Tracy
  B. Ben PM P. Casey
6A. Winterset Nothin to It SM M. Tracy
  B. Chad SM E. Tracy
7A. The Crowd Pleaser PM G. Tracy
  B. Archie  M E. Saniga
8A. Dancing Dayzee Dukes PF M. Tracy
  B. Bud PM M. Basilone
9A. Robbie  SM J. Hathaway
  B. Dan SM E. Richardson
10A. Dee PF P. Casey
    B. Miller’s Vanilla Snow PF G. Tracy

1A. Hugo GSP M.Tracy
  B. Limbsmoke Billy Boy  SM M. Basilone
2A. High Drive Hawk PM  G. Tracy
  B. Stony PM E. Richardson
3A. Palara PF M. Tracy
  B. Miller’s Vanilla Snow PF G. Tracy
4A. Enhancement Southern Belle PF   M. Tracy
  B. Limbsmoke Sugar Plum PF M. Basilone
5A. Dancing Dayzee Dukes  PF M. Tracy
  B. Z SF P. Casey
6A. Ices Image PM M. Tracy
  B. Pablo PM E. Saniga

1A. Big PM M. Tracy
  B. Clem  PF T. Tobiassen
2A. Emhancement Southern Belle PF M. Tracy
  B. Sally PF B. Pombrio
3A. Jetsettin Jenny  PF M. Tracy
  B. Misty Acres Abby PF  G. Tracy
4A. Palara PF M. Tracy
  B. High Drive Hawk PM G. Tracy
5A. Ices Image PM M. Tracy
  B. Bye
6A. Rockabull PM M. Tracy
   B. Bye

1A. Big PM M. Tracy
  B. Fort River Megabucks SM M. Basilone
2A. Moonlite Magic PF G.Tracy
  B. Fazan’s Dee Lite SF M. Basilone
3A. Strut’s Blaze PM M. Tracy
  B. Steel City Maven PF M. Basilone
4A. Erin’s Silver Wings PM G. Tracy
  B. Strech PM  J. Fino
5A. Rock Da House PM M. Basilone
  B. Jetsettin Jenny PF M. Tracy
6A. Rockabull PM M. Tracy
  B. Awsum Country Girl PF G. Tracy
7A. Deerfield Bell PF  M. Basilone
  B. Westerly Bonnie Blue Shadow PF M. Tracy
8A. Enhancement Southern Belle PF M. Tracy
  B. J.B.’s Hotwings PM M. Basilone
9A. Golden Nugget PF  G. Tracy
  B. Fazan’s Stress Free SM M. Basilone
10A. Dimeglio’s Bobbi PM M. Basilone
  B. Tall River’s Chico PM M. Tracy
11A. Gazzola’s Punky PF  M. Tracy
  B. Miller’s Vanilla Snow PF G. Tracy
12A. Grousewood’s Skeeter SM M. Basilone
  B. Serious Investment PM  M. Tracy
13A. Bullish Pride  PG. Tracy
    B. Bye

1A. Dancing Dazee Dukes  PF  C. Palmer
  B. Clem PF T. Tobiassen
2A. Robbie  SM J. Hathaway
  B. Speck  SM E. Richardson
3A. Knot PF T. Tobiassen   
  B. Archie  SM  E. Saniga
4A. Hot Blooded  PM  J. Malone
  B. Dan  SM  E. Richardson
5A. Jake PM B. Pombrio
  B. Chad  SM E. Richardson
6A. Jill  PF G. Casale
  B. Dee  PF J. Malone

1A. Bo PM C. McNamee
  B. Lila PF  E. Saniga
2A. Jack PM  J. Fino
  B. Mike  SM E. Richardson
3A. Stella  PF  C. McNamee
  B. Tina  PF E. Richardson
4A. Danny PM G. Casale
  B. Strech  PM J. Fino
5A. Angie SF C. McNamee
  B. Clyde SM E. Richardson
6A. Willie PM G. Casale
  B. Buck PM A. Pereira      

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