Monday, April 1, 2013

Setter Club results


The grounds at the Cape. (All photos courtesy of Jim Hathaway)

Open Puppy
Judges: Jim Curtin and John Fino
1. Kellie PF Malzone
2. Buck PM Olfson

At the breakaway for the first brace of the puppy stake with, from left, judges Jim Curtin and John Fino, handlers Garry Malzone and Bill Bonnetti.

Florence Harwarth Open Derby
Judges: Bill Whigham and Jeff Smith
1. Indie PF Malzone
2. Otis ESM Malzone
3. Winnie PF Unsworth

Phil Fogg Classic
Judges: Jeff Smith and Bob Lang
1. Zach ESM Malzone
2. Bee ESF Malzone
3. Fox Cobble Jack PM Whigham

Amateur Puppy
Judges: Victor Forsyth and Bill Whigham
1. Buck PM Olfson
2. Bodhi PM Hopkins

Kelsey Dellenger, left, with her setter, Allie, and Karen Unsworth with her pointer, Winnie, first and second place winners in the Amateur Derby stake.
Amateur Derby
Judges: Bob Lang and Victor Forsyth
1. Allie ESF K. Dellenger
2. Winnie PF Unsworth
3. Addie ESF Maitland
At the breakaway in the Amateur Shooting Dog stake.

Amateur Shooting Dog
Judges: Jim Curtin, Jeff Smith
1.Fox Cobble Zeva PF Whigham
2.Rosebud PF Unsworth
3. Peace Dale Duke ESM Frisella

The sixth brace of the Amateur Shooting Dog. From left, judge Jeff Smith, Jim Bush with Porter Meadow Elwood, judge Jim Curtin, and Richard Frisella with Peace Dale Duke.

ASD winners: First place, Fox Cobble Zeva with Bill Whigham, and second, Rosebud with Karen Unsworth.

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