Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Running Order -- Region 1 Walking Championship


EXETER, RI -- Twenty-five dogs have been entered in the Region 1 Amateur Walking Shooting Dog Championship. The event will begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 13, 2013 at Arcada Management Area. (Sunday's stakes also start at 8 a.m.) 

Judges are Gene Casale Jr. of Marlborough, CT, and John Malone of Bolton, CT. Chairman is Richard Giuliano.

Running order:

1-1 Southbound Strech PM Fino
1-2 Victor's Big Jake ESM Forsyth

2-1 Yank's Bucky Boy ESM Skut
2-2 Fox Cobble Jack PM Whigham

3-1 Porter Meadow Elroy PM Bush
3-2 Richfield Silver Lining PM Flewelling

4-1 One Bad Winter PF Unsworth
4-2 Peace Dale Duke ESM Frisella

5-1 True Patriot ESM Short
5-2 Texas Copper Top ESF Klein

6-1 Sugar Knoll Jack PM Fino
6-2 Chasehill Little D-Lite PF Guliano

7-1 Yank's Ginny Girl ESF Skut
7-2 Islander ESM Kazic

8-1 Blackstone Stoney PM Richardson
8-2 Chasehill Bud Lite PM Unsworth

9-1 Belle PF Capocci
9-2 Chasehill Ben Franklin PM Flewelling

10-1 Texas Black Pepper ESM Klein
10-2 Misty Meadow Rosebud PF Unsworth

11-1 Dixie PF Capocci
11-2 Chasehill Little Bud PM Flewelling

12-1 Richfield Almond Joy PF Giuliano
12-2 Texas Honey Bee ESF Klein

13-1 Bullet PM Capocci
13-2 Bye 

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