Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Running Order - Region 1 Amateur All Age

2011 REGION 1 
October 15, 2011

 EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Twelve dogs have been drawn to run in the 2011 Region 1 Amateur All-Age Championship to be held Oct. 15 at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Judges will be Jeanette Tracy and Mike Tracy.

Chairman is Jeff Smith.

Order of running is:

1-1  Glastonbury Little Bud PM Dick Bembenek
1-2  Bob’s Miller Seal PM John Malone/Jim Bush

2-1 Great River Magnum PM Brian Sanchez
2-2 Silverback ESM Dick Bembenek

3-1 Richfield Finnegan PM Bill McNamee/Brian Sanchez
3-2 Dimeglio’s Bobbi PM Luigi Dimeglio

4-1 Calico’s Tom Thumb PM Brian Sanchez
4-2 Porter Meadow Elroy PM John Malone/Jim Bush

5-1 Richfield Silver Belle PF Bill McNamee/Brian Sanchez
5-2 Silverhill Suzie Q PF Ed Marin/John Malone

6-1 Caladen’s Railway Max PM Gene Casale
6-2 Moon Dancer PF Jeff Smith

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