Friday, October 7, 2011


Starts 8 a.m. Friday, October 14, 2011

Flaherty Field Trial Area
East Windsor, CT

EAST  WINDSOR, Conn. - Thirty two dogs have been drawn for the 76th New England Shooting Dog Futurity to be held Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 14-15, 2011, at Flaherty Field Trial Area. The event starts Saturday, Oct. 14, at 8 a.m.

Judges are Richard Bembenek of Webster, Mass., and Gary Miller of Pinehurst, S.C.
Reporter is Margaret Drew of Hoffman, N.C.

Chairmen are Margaret Drew, Janice Gregory and Jennifer Braman.

A cocktail party will be held Friday, Oct. 14, following the running, hosted by Bob Reed and Harry Blaine, owners of last year's winner, The Lobbyist, handled by Jeanette Tracy.

On Saturday night, Oct. 15, Bruce and Barbara Jacobs will be honored with a presentation of the Bird Dog Foundation's  Life Patron Award.

Running order follows:

B: Breeder
O: Owner
H: Handler

1-1 BLAZE'S ISIS B: S Morelli; O: S Morelli; H: Mike Tracy
1-2 TRIPLE G DOMINATOR'S GIRL   B: Ladywood Kennels; O: B Guffey; H: Jeanette Tracy

2-1 COVEY UP NATE B: Ladywood Kennels;  O: K Thomas; H: Jeanette Tracy
2-2 SILVER HILL BIG BRUTUS   B: J Bush; O: E & P Marin; H: Pat Casey

3-1 CALADEN'S STORM TROOPER   B: R Calloway; O: R Calloway; H: Mike Tracy
3-2 DOMINESS B: Ladywood Kennels; O:  J Tracy ; H: Jeanette Tracy

4-1 LADY ANTEBELLUM  B: M Guiliano; O: E Richardson, H: Pat Casey
4-2 CALICO'S TOUCH OF CLASS  B: Calico Kennels; O: Calico Kennels & P DelCollo&D Herndon; H: George Tracy

5-1 LIVER MUSH  B: Summerhill Kennels; O: E Drew; H: Mike Tracy
5-2 OPEQUON CREEK  B: S Derrig; O: H Blaine & B Reed; H: Jeanette Tracy

6-1 ATTITUDE'S IRON WILL  B: J Paddy; O: J Patty & D Beauford; H: Kevin Stuart
6-7 BIG B: A Clark; O: S  & R Duerksen; H: Mike Tracy

7-1 STEEL CITY WHIRLWIND  B: H Blaine & B Reed; O: H Blaine & B Reed ; H: George Tracy
7-2 STEEL CITY MAVEN  B: G R Kennels; O: H Blaine & B Reed; H: Matt Basilone

8-1 SERIOUS THREAT B: G Strausbaugh & F Joyal: O: G Strausbaugh; H: Mike Tracy
8-2 COVEY UP WOODY  B: Ladywood Kennels; O: K Thomas; H: Jeanette Tracy

9-1 BACKCOUNTRY SID THE KID B: G Strausbaugh & F Joyal; O: C Catanzarite; H: Mike Tracy
9-2 DOMINATOR'S LEGACY   B:  Ladywood Kennels; O: D Shaffer & T Foust ; H: Jeanette Tracy

10-1 WAYBETTER PADDY   B: J Bush; O: C & C Bishop: H: Pat Casey
10-2 CALADEN'S COOL HAND LUKE B: R Callaway; O: R Calloway ; H: Mike Tracy

11-1 BIZZY BLUE  B: A Clark; O: S & R Duerksen;  H: Mike Tracy
11-2 HARD TELLIN'  B: J Kilrain; O: David O'Brien; H: Dave O’Brien

12-1 JETSETTIN' JENNY  B: Ladywood Kennels; O: J, J & K Lordi; H: Mike Tracy
12-21 WILLIE RAIL  B: R Calloway; O: G Casale  Jr.; H: G Casale Jr

13-1 BACKCOUNTRY BELLA  B: G Strausbaugh & F Joyal; O: C Catanzarite; H: Mike Tracy
13-2 PORTER MEADOW BETTE B: J Bush; O: J Bush; H: Pat Casey

14-2 EAST MOTION B: Summerhill Kennels; O: A Hower ; H: Mike Tracy
14-2 SILVER HILL LUCY LU  B: J Bush; O: E & P Marin; H: Pat Casey

15-1 CALADEN'S PISTOL PETE   B: R Calloway; O: R  Calloway; H: Mike Tracy
15-2 LICKITY SPLIT TAMMY  B:  F Henderson; O: D Miller; H: Pat Casey

16-1 RUFFWING DESTINY*   B: D Ptak; O: D Ptak; H: Jeanette Tracy
16-2 QUINCY'S SUSE*   B:  J Kilrain; O: B Hyland; H: Pat Casey

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