Friday, August 19, 2011

Running Order - Spruce Brook Trial

Saturday, Sunday
 Aug. 20-21, 2011

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Sixty-five dogs have been entered in Spruce Brook Bird Dog Club's annual fall field trial. The event starts on Saturday, Aug. 20, at 7 a.m. at Flaherty Field Trial Area, and will run through Sunday. Chairman is Don Gustafson.

Running order is:


1-1 Molly PF M. Basilone
1-2 Sue PF J. Tracy

2-1 Cover Up Nate PM J. Tracy
2-2 Rock PM M. Basilone

3-1 Triple G's Dominator Girl PF J. Tracy
3-2 Maggie PF M. Basilone

4-1 Hard Tellin' PF O'Brien
4-2 Dominator's Legacy PM J. Tracy

5-1 Covey Up Woody PM J. Tracy
5-2 Tiny G PF Gustafson

6-1 Belle PF M. Basilone
6-2 Queen PF J. Tracy


1-1 Buck ESM M. Basilone
1-2 Chisled In Stone PF J. Tracy

2-1 The Thrill Is Back PF J. Tracy
2-2 Trip PM M. Basilone

3-1 Keith GSPM Tazza
3-2 White Spider ESF J. Tracy

4-1 Enhancement Tess PF J. Tracy
4-2 Chip ESM M. Basilone

5-1 Scooter GSPM Tazza
5-2 Sukara's Grace ESF J. Tracy

6-1 Bee ESF M. Basilone
6-2 Maple Valley Cowgirl ESF J. Tracy

7-1 Sukara's Come Home Jessie ESF J. Tracy
7-2 Zena GSPF Tazza

8-1 Joe PM M. Basilone
8-2 Woodland Blaze BM J. Tracy

9-1 The Lobbyist PM J. Tracy
9-2 Junior PM M. Basilone

10-1 Grand Heritage Motion ESM J. Tracy
10-2 Bud GSPM Tazza

11-1 Earl PM M. Basilone
11-2 Land Cruiser Scout ESM J. Tracy

12-1 Mountain View Decision Maker PF J. Tracy
12-2 Bud ESM M. Basilone

13-1 Mike PM M. Basilone
13-2 Pete PM Malone

14-1 Ragged Hill Danny ESM Jacobs
14-2 Bye


1-1 Uno PF Goodie
1-2 Woodland Money Pit B J. Tracy

2-1 Sue GSPF Tazza
2-2 Captain Ben ESM Drew

3-1 Etched In Stone PF J. Tracy
3-2 Peanuts PM M. Basilone

4-1 Shadow GSPF Tazza
4-2 Sugar PF M. Basilone

5-1 Margaret GSPF Tazza
5-2 Excellence In Motion ESM Jacobs


1-1 Jimmy Rail PM Casale
1-2 Tiny G PF Gustafson

2-1 Hard Tellin' PF  O'Brien
2-2 Willy Rail PM G. Casale Jr.


1-1 Junior PM Luigi
1-2 Jenny ESF LeVasseur

2-1 River ESF LeVasseur
2-2 Railway Danny PM Casale

3-1 Wick ESM  LeVasseur
3-2 Sam PM J. Braman

4-1 Case PM LeVasseur
4-2 Blaze BM J. Schrann

5-1 Gamestopper PF Lordi
5-2 Pop PM B. Braman

6-1 Blue ESM LeVasseur
6-2 Colby PM

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