Saturday, August 28, 2010

Running order - Smith OSD Classic




EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - A highly competitive field of 72 dogs has been drawn for the Inez C. Smith Memorial Open Shooting Dog Classic to be held at Flaherty Field Trial Area. Judges are Steve Merton of Manchester, Conn., and Kevin Stuart of Schenectady, NY. The event begins at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 29.

The Inez C. and Elwin G. Smith Shooting Dog Classics are presented by the Pittsburgh Field Trial Club and Associated Field Trial Clubs of Connecticut.

Running order for the OSD Classic follows:

1-1 Bay Country Hope PF J. Tracy
1-2 Buffalo Bull PM Tracy

2-1 Coosawhatchie Chief PM Tracy
2-2 Ard Righ Rockette PF J. Tracy

3-1 Erin's Dancing Queen PF Eisenhart
3-2 Voyager ESM Tracy

4-1 Great River Razor PM Tracy
4-2 I Wanna Be A Cowgirl PF Basilone

5-1 White Spider ESF J. Tracy
5-2 Caladen's Sawmill Struttin PM Tracy

6-1 Gamestopper PF Tracy
6-2 Fazan's Stress Free ESM Basilone

7-1 Hightailing Miss Daisy PF Tracy
7-2 Erin's Black Fury PM Eisenhart

8-1 Calico's Big N Rich PM Tracy
8-2 TS Steel Force PM Basilone

9-1 Heritage PM Tracy
9-2 Snow Warning PM Eisenhart

10-1 Great River Class PF Tracy
10-2 Sound Investment ESF Eisenhart

11-1 Little Things PF Tracy
11-2 Enhancement Tess PF J. Tracy

12-1 Erin's Box Car Willie PM Tracy
12-2 Fazan's Delight ESF Basilone

13-1 Calico's Dynomite PM Tracy
13-2 Mohawk Mill Dana PF Eisenhart

14-1 Lawless Lady PF Tracy
14-2 Caladen's Bimbo Jones PM Eisenhart

15-1 Bittersweet Alibi PM Eisenhart
15-2 Maple Sugar Nugget PM Tracy

16-1 Stone Tavern Matrix ESM Tracy
16-2 Marques Earl PM Basilone

17-1 Great River Ice PM Tracy
17-2 Sukara's Come Home Jessie ESF J. Tracy

18-1 G.I. Jane PF Tracy
18-2 Erin's Backstreet Affair PF Eisenhart

19-1 Waiting Til Midnight PF Tracy
19-2 Erin's War Creek PM Eisenhart

20-1 Caladen's White Hawk PM Tracy
20-2 Windfall's Silver Rain PM Eisenhart

21-1 The Insider ESM Eisenhart
21-2 Great River Magnum PM Sanchez

22-1 Green Mountain Keeper PF Tracy
22-2 Phillip's High Line PM Eisenhart

23-1 Calico's Catch N Release PM Tracy
23-2 Richfield Silver Belle PM Eisenhart

24-1 Talisman PM Tracy
24-2 Triple Nickel Nick PM Basilone

25-1 Our Big Bully PM Tracy
25-2 Erin's Little Soldier PM Eisenhart

26-1 No Rules PM Tracy
26-2 Erin's Skydancer ESF Eisenhart

27-1 Avalon Creek PF Tracy
27-2 Grousewood Skeeter ESM Basilone

28-1 Klee's Handsome Hank PM Tracy
28-2 Great River Dominator PM J. Tracy

29-1 M's Kid Rock PM Tracy
29-2 Enhancement Trey PM J. Tracy

30-1 Harbor City Cash PM Basilone
30-2 Caladen's Railhawk PM Tracy

31-1 Klee's Shooting Star PF Tracy
31-2 Enhancement Alice June PF J. Tracy

32-1 Annafield Buck PM Tracy
32-2 Erin's Dog Soldier PM Eisenhart

33-1 Buffalo Creek PM Tracy
33-2 Erin's Foolish Pride PM Eisenhart

34-1 RJ's Carbon Copy PM Tracy
34-2 Indian Creek White Snake PM Eisenhart

35-1 Caladen's Railway Max PM Tracy
35-2 Mt. View Decision Maker PF J. Tracy

36-1 Serious Threat PM Tracy
36-2 Erin's Little Engine PM Eisenhart

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