Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Region 1 ANEFTC Annual Summer Meetings


EXETER, RI - Region 1 and the Association of New England Field Trial Clubs held their annual summer meetings Sunday, Aug. 15, at Arcadia Management Area following the Northeast Field Trial Club's summer trial.

From left, Don Gustafson, Ed McGovern, Gene Casale, Frank McLaughlin,
Bill Whigham, Jennifer Braman and Jim Kilrain.

Patrick Callahan was re-elected Region 1 president. Seated as Region 1 officers were Bill Bonnetti, 1st vice president; George Doyle, 2nd vice president; Janice Gregory, secretary; and Jeff Smith, treasurer. Region 1 trustee is Elias Richardson.

John Stolgitis was re-elected as president of the ANEFTC. First vice president is Patrick Callahan; 2nd vice president, Jennifer Braman; and secretary/treasurer is Janice Gregory. Members of the board of directors are: Richard Bembenek, Don Gustafson, Jeff Smith, Elias Richardson, Joe Marino, Patrick Callahan and Jim Kilrain.

Jennifer Braman, ANEFTC 2nd vice president and points chairman, along with ANEFTC president John Stolgitis, presented awards for the top dogs of the year.

Jennifer Braman and John Stolgitis present the award for Lloyd Murray's Long Gone Zeena.

Kellie Short picks up an award for True Patriot, the ASD Walking Dog of the Year.

Bill Whigham gets one for Fox Cobble Jack, AD Walking Dog of the Year.

John Stolgitis with one of several awards won by Chasehill Little Bud.

Jim Kilrain with the Amateur Derby award for his pointer, Currahee

Gene Casale accepts the award for Caladen's Railway Max, Amateur Derby Dog of the Year.

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