Friday, May 28, 2010

UPDATED - Spruce Brook Spring 2010 Field Trial


Four-day event draws 112 dogs

Open Shooting Dog judge Tom Tracy Jr., left,
and professional handler George Tracy.

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Winners have been named at Spruce Brook Field Trial Club's annual Memorial Day weekend field trial. The event was held Friday, May 28, through Monday, May 31, at the Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Open Shooting Dog judge Kellie Short.

Winners in the Bruno Longhi Open Shooting Dog stake were:

1. Heritage, Tracy

2. Voyager, Tracy

3. RJ's Shortstop, Tracy

Thirty-five dogs were drawn for the stake. Judges were Kellie Short and Tom Tracy Jr.

Pro handler Bruce Jacobs with Elhew Dancing Fire in the 9th brace of the Bruno Longhi Open Shooting Dog Stake on Friday.

Open Derby winners were:

1. Lucie, Casey

2. Buster, Casey

3. Buffalo Bull, Tracy

(14 dogs drawn)

Bird planter Kacey LeVasseur.

Open Restricted Shooting Dog winners were:

1. Sign Here, Tracy

2. Skuba, Tracy

3. Lucie, Casey

(15 dogs drawn)

Shannon Nygard tries to flush a bird for her pointer, Hi Noon Sport, in the 18th brace of the Amateur Shooting Dog stake.

Brian Sanchez flushes a bird for his pointer, Great River Magnum, while judge Matt Basilone looks on in the 18th brace of the Amateur Shooting Dog stake.

Amateur Shooting Dog winners were:

1. Great River Magnum, Sanchez

2. Chasehill Little Bud, Richardson

3. Chain, T. Tracy

(37 dogs drawn)

From left, Bill McNamee, Frank Joyal and Claudia McNamee.

Winner in the Amateur Derby was:

1. Richfield Silver Lining, McNamee

Other placements not available from club.

(11 dogs drawn)

Spruce Brook co-chairman Tom Tracy Sr.

Pro handler Pat Casey hands his tracker over to judge Kellie Short.

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