Thursday, March 17, 2016

2016 Southern New England Woodcock Championship




EXETER, RI -- Forty-four dogs have been drawn for the 2016 Southern New England Woodcock Championship, which starts Friday, March 18, at Arcadia Management Area. The companion Derby Classic, which was to be held on Thursday, March 17, was cancelled due to lack of entries.

The championship course is Barber Farm, Pinetop Cemetery, Bridge, and will rotate in that order. Participants will meet at the check station daily on Route 165, leaving there at 7 a.m. 

Running order: 
1-1 Sunrise Star ESM Ecker
1-2 Daddy's Little Boy Butch PM Stolgitis
2-1 Chasehill Baby Bella PF Stolgitis
2-2 Celtic's First Strike ISF Ecker
3-1 Snuff Mill Atalanta ESF Dellinger
3-2 Richfield Almond Joy PF Stolgitis
4-1 Islander ESM Ecker
4-2 Why Not Whitney PF Forest
5-1 Cover Charge Search Engine PM Ecker
5-2 Ruff Grouse Lilly ESF Christopher
6-1 Sunkhaze True Blue PF Flewelling
6-2 Upper Ammonoosuc Sadie ESF Ecker
7-1 Spitfire ESF Spotts
7-2 Moss Meadow Doc ESM Moss
8-1 Bud of Piney Wood PM Ecker
8-2 Chasehill Ben Franklin PM Flewelling
9-1 Chasehill Haley PF Stolgitis
9-2 Fox Cobble Zeva PF Whigham
10-1 Woodcock Haven Stella PF Ogilvie
10-2 Snuff Mill Bailey ESF Dellinger
11-1 Frick N Coco ESF Ecker
11-2 Dewsweeper PF Straub
12-1 Rockland Ridge McGraw ESF Ecker
12-2 Chasehill Little Thudd PM Stolgitis
13-1 Bear River Partridgeberry PF Stolgitis
13-2 Call Me Maggie ESF Ecker
14-1 Guardian PM Flewelling
14-2 Michtner's Rock N Rye ESM Specht
15-1 Moss Meadow Traveller ESM Moss
15-2 Why Not Adam PF Stolgitis
16-1 Celtic's Signature ISF Ecker
16-2 Hoppy's Bullbreak Icehawk PM Stolgitis
17-1 Full Throttle ESF Spotts
17-2 Grouse Hill Belle PF Stolgitis
18-1 Wildwood Boone ESM Ecker
18-2 One Bad Winter PF Unsworth
19-1 Grouse Hill Dixie PF Stolgitis
19-2 Mitchner's Pepper Ghost ESM Specht
20-1 Victor's Golden Girl ESF Forsyth
20-2 Caird's Little Macy PF Little
21-1 Wizard's Ploughman's Poet ESM Hathaway
21-2 Fox Cobble Jack PM Whigham
22-1 Miss Penn Star ESF Ecker
22-2 South Bound Strech PM Olfson

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