Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Region 1 All-Age Championship

Front left, Champion SF Bandwagon with scout Joel Casale, and Runner-up Champion Ironstone Spectacular with owner/handler Elias Richardson. Rear from left, judges Keith Cagle and Dave O'Brien, Larry Smith, owner of the champion; Tony Forte, Gene Casale Sr. and Gene Casale Jr. 



EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- With two stellar finds and a ground race that proved unbeatable, SF Bandwagon, a 2-year-old pointer male owned and handled by Larry Smith of Pleasant Hill, Iowa, was named champion at the 2015 Region 1 All-Age Championship held May 2, 2015 at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

Runner-up with one find and a race that was only slightly shorter than the winner was setter male, Ironstone Spectacular, owned and handled by Elias Richardson of Uxbridge, Mass.

Judges were Keith Cagle and Dave O'Brien, who also served as championship chairman.

Bandwagon did a nice job during his hour and "it was worth [Larry Smith's] trip coming out from Iowa," said judge Dave O'Brien. The pointer was in tremendous shape. He ran his edges, was fast on the ground and handsome on his game. He had finds at 42 and 58.

Spectacular had a find at 4 minutes, and was, indeed, spectacular on point. He ran hard for his hour, hunting out all the proper areas. He finished well but didn't have quite as much quickness and range as the winner.

A small field of 10 pointers and setters were entered for the one-day event.

In the first brace, Ironstone Mona Lisa (Richardson) was paired with SF Maple Leaf (Smith). Mona Lisa had two finds, one at 4 and one at 20, and looked good on her birds. She slowed up somewhat at the end of her hour. Maple Leaf was up at 17 after a bird infraction.

The second brace featured Railway Jill (Casale) and Lonestar (Richardson). Jill had one find at 4, but she moved on her birds and was picked up. Lonestar had two finds, one at 8, one at 35, but lost steam as his hour went on.

Groundswell (Pombrio) and SF Bandwagon (Smith) were paired in the third brace. Groundswell went birdless with only one backing opportunity which he executed nicely. Bandwagon was previously described.

In the fourth brace, SF Trademark (Smith) was braced with Ironstone Spectacular (Richardson). Trademark went birdless and Spectacular was previously described.

In the fifth and final brace, Railway Danny (Casale) was paired with Southbound Strech (Fino). Danny had one find at 30 and then ran out of gas. Strech went birdless.

In the companion Derby stake, winner was Elias Richardson's pointer, Talladega. 

Many thanks to Tony Forte for providing his usual wonderful Italian cuisine, to everyone who pitched to make this championship a success, and to Purina for their continued support of field trials held in New England.

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