Monday, February 9, 2015

Passages: Beaver Meadow Benjamin


Erin Stolgitis getting ready to run 10-year-old retired champion Beaver Meadow Benjamin in the Gun Dog stake on his home grounds of the Arcadia Management Area in Exeter, R.I., at Arcadia Field Trial Club's annual spring trial on May 1, 2011.

Video of Beaver Meadow Benjamin pointing a woodcock in 2008.

Pedigree of Beaver Meadow BenjaminPointer maleCH Beaver Meadow BenjaminCH Jebs VDCH Van Mac
Jebs Dottie
CH Beaver Meadow BetteCH Black Letter

Karen Unsworth writes: 

"I learned from John Stolgitis today (Monday, Feb. 9, 2015) that Beaver Meadow Benjamin was laid to rest last week. John, I know you’ll tell us about Benny when you are ready but I hope you don’t mind a short eulogy here as I know so many people admired your great dog. 

Benny was special … period. He was given to John as a pup and John started winning with him right from the start. There was so much to like about him … he was fast, he was fancy, he ran to the limits, he always found birds and when John bellowed … here came Benny … and if he didn’t come … go find him on point.

 I remember the first time I saw him. I didn’t know very much about field trialing but you would have to be blind not to recognize that Benjamin was an exceptional animal. I didn’t have a dog at that time but I knew after that day that when I got one … it was going to be a Benny dog. 

Before his career was cut short due to injury, he was a force to be reckoned with … always a threat no matter the venue. As a sire, he produced some great dogs … and his progeny are producing as well. I don’t know the number of Champions produced in this line but it’s a big one.

I feel honored to own and run “Benny dogs” and hopefully this line will continue thru John’s (and others) breeding programs.

 Benjamin lived to a ripe old age and had a great life with John and his family. 

I offer my condolences to John, Jill and Erin. God just got himself one great bird dog."

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