Friday, April 25, 2014

Running order -- Associated Field Trial Clubs of Conn.


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Associated Field Trial Clubs of Connecticut holds its annual spring walking/horseback field trial this weekend (April 26-27, 2014) at Flaherty Field Trial Area.  The event starts Saturday, April 26, at 7 a.m.

Chairman is Dave O'Brien.

Running order:
Amateur Horseback Puppy 
Judges: Eli Richardson & Leslie Hunt

1A. Eva GSPF Goodie
 B. Laddie ISM McClusky

2A. Ox PM Goodie
 B. Kate PF O’Brien

3A. Gus PM Palmer
 B. Diva PF Goodie

Harry Townshend
Amateur Horseback Derby
 Judges: Andrew Campbell & Chris Palmer

1A. Jill PF Casale
 B. Chip PM Richardson

2A. Bodhi PM Hopkins
 B. Sam SM Richardson

3A. Hank GSPM Goodie
 B. Rosie PF Malone

4A. Kate PF O’Brien
B. Bye

Bruce Jacobs
 Amateur Horseback
 Shooting Dog
 Judges: John Malone & Andrew Campbell

1A. Mike SM Richardson
 B. Dixie PF O’Brien

2A. Peeps PM Goodie
 B. Daisy PF Palmer

3A. Chad SM Richardson
 B. Boodha BM Hunt

4A. Willie PM Casale
 B. Slick PM Cavanaugh

5A. Dan SM Richardson
 B. Olive PF Cavanaugh

Amateur All-Age Horseback
 Judges: Chris Palmer & John Malone

1A. Chip PM Cavanaugh
 B.Danny PM Casale

2A. Peeps PM Goodie
 B. John SM Richardson

3A. Spec SM Richardson
 B.Olive PF Richardson

Amateur Walking Puppy
 Judges: Aidan Malone & John Malone

1A. Ox PM Goodie
 B. Laddie ISM McClusky

2A. Eva GSPF Goodie
 B. Chet PM Cavanaugh

3A. Diva PF Goodie
 B. Gina PF Labella

Amateur Walking Derby
 Judges: Chris Palmer & Eli Richardson

1A. Bo PM Malone
 B. Dee Dee PM Cavanaugh

2A. Rosie PF Malone
 B. Hank GSPM Goodie

3A. Katie PF Cavanaugh
 B. Kate PF O’Brien

4A. Diva PF Goodie
B. Bye

Amateur Walking Shooting Dog
 Judges: Leslie Hunt & Andrew Campbell

1A. Olive PF Cavanaugh
 B. Mac SM Clark

2A. Peeps PM Goodie
 B. Max PM Labella

3A. Slick PM Cavanaugh
 B. Toby GSPM Goodie

4A. Chip PM Cavanaugh
 B. Winnie PF Unsworth

5A. Lucy PF Olfshon
B. Bye

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