Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 US Complete NE Regional Ch. Running Order

 U.S. Complete
 Northeast Regional
Running Order

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -- Twenty one pointers and setters have been drawn for the 2013 U.S. Complete Northeast Regional Championship, which starts Friday, Nov. 22, at Flaherty Field Trial Area. 

Judges are Norman Basilone of Pittsgrove, N.J., and Bill Bonnetti of Plymouth, Mass., who is also serving as field trial chairman.

A cocktail party will be held following Friday's running hosted by John Stolgitis, owner of last year's winner, Chasehill Little Bud. A handlers' dinner will follow Saturday's running.

Running order:
1-1 Chasehill D Lite PF Stolgitis
1-2 Megan's Blackjack ESM Malzone
2-1 Grouse Hill Dixie PF Stolgitis
2-2 A Carolina Shadow PM Malzone
3-1 Blackstone Stoney PM Stolgitis/Richardson
3-2 Texas Black Pepper ESM Malzone
4-1 Grouse Hill Bell PF Stolgitis
4-2 Merritt's Lucky ESM Malzone
5-1 Chasehill Little Bud PM Stolgitis
5-2 Merritt's Otis ESM Malzone
6-1 Chasehill Ben Franklin PM Stolgitis
6-2 Backcountry Sid The Kid PM Malzone/Cavanaugh
7-1 Chasehill Big Bradley PM Stolgitis
7-2 Indian Creek Spanish Fly PF Malzone
8-1 Backcountry Bella PF Malzone/Cavanaugh
8-2 Southbound Strech PM Fino
9-1 Indian Creek Olive Oil PF Malzone/Cavanaugh
9-2 Snuff Mill Atalanta ESF Dellenger
10-1 Texas Honey Bee ESF Malzone
10-2 One Bad Winter PF Stolgitis/Unsworth
11-1 Indian Creek Riptide PF Malzone
11-2 Bye

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