Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Running order: Southern New England Woodcock Championship


EXETER, RI -- Thirty-seven dogs have been drawn for the annual Southern New England Woodcock Championship which starts at 7 a.m. on Friday, March 22, at Arcadia Management Area, Route 165. Fourteen dogs were drawn for the companion Joel Collier Derby stake, which starts at 10 a.m. Thursday, March 21, at the Stolgitis Field Trial Area at Arcadia.

Judges for the derby are Elias Richardson of Uxbridge,  MA, and John Malone of Bolton, CT.

Judges for the championship are Mike Best of St. John, New Brunswick, and Bob Little of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Running orders follow:

10 a.m., Thursday, March 21

1a Celtic's Strike ism Ecker
1b Chasehill Bud Lite pm Stolgitis
2a Pink pf Ecker
2b One Bad Winter pf Unsworth
3a Woodcock Haven Stella pf Ogilvie
3b Chasehill Big Bradley pm Stolgitis
4a Firefoot pm Ecker
4b Bette esf Conyngham
5a Snuffmill Atalanta esf Dillinger
5b Fieldstone Frm Tom esm Ecker
6a Tyson pm Stolgitis
6b Sunrise Star esm Ecker
7a Rockland's Ridge McGraw esf Ecker
7b Caird's Little Brynn pf Little

7 a.m., Friday, March 22

1a Chasehill Little Bud pm Stolgitis
1b Shadyhill's Billie Too sm Foreman
2a CasTiny pf Ecker
2b Greentown's Duke of Hampshire bm Hembrough
3a Chip's A-100 sm Foreman
3b Elhew Steppin' Up pm Ecker
4a Smokey sm Zuckovich
4b Grousewood's Reese sm Ecker
5a Sunkhaze Maggie Mae pf Flewelling
5b High Desert Dream pf Foreman
6a Chasehill Ben Franklin pm Flewelling
6b Chip's Charlie Brown sm Foreman
7a Centerville's Awsum Bill pm Conygham
7b Fox Cobble Jack pm Wigham
8a Shady Hills Beanie sf Foreman
8b Misty Meadow RoseBud pf Unsworth
9a Richfield Stella pf Stolgitis
9b Herbie's Asta LaVista sf Foreman
10a Richfield Almond Joy pf Stolgitis
10b Rivers Edge Duke sm Foreman
11a PeaceDale Duke sm Frisella
11b Celtic's Signature ism Ecker
12a Magic Mist Riley sf Dahl
12b Chasehill D-Lite pf Stolgitis
13a Riley's Rowdy Shadow pf Hetrick
13b Grousehill Dixie pf Foreman
14a Fieldstone Farm Clyde sm Ecker
14b One Bad Winter pf Unsworth
15a Chasehill Bud Lite pm Stolgitis
15b Magic Mist Charlie pm Dahl
16a Grousehill Bell pf Foreman
16b Magic Mist Bandit sf Dahl
17a High Desert Devil sm Foreman
17b Richfield Silver Lining pm Stolgitis
18a Windstar sm Ecker
18b Grouse River Ace pm Foreman
19a Lucky Luke Star sm Ecker

19b Bye

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