Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To start Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010, at 8:30 a.m.

EAST WINDSOR, Conn. -Thirty-six dogs have been drawn for the 75th running of the New England Shooting Dog Futurity. The event starts Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010, at 8:30 a.m. at Flaherty Field Trial Area.
Judges are Mike Husenits of West Lebanon, PA, and Don Gustafson of Goshen, CT.
Chairman is Margaret Drew of Hoffman, NC.
Order of running follows:
dog breeder owner handler
1-1 Avatar Guada PM S Derrig Tom Brigman Luke Eisenhart
1-2 Porter Meadow Merlin SM M Hodges Hal Bush Pat Casey

2-1 The Lobbyist PM H Blaine/Bob Reed same Jeanette Tracy
2-2 Suzie Wong PF John Palladino Nick Tomarelli Spencer Ray

3-1 Sugarknoll Diva PF J LaBree Hernden/DeCollo Luke Eisenhart
3-2 JB’s Silverwings PM J Braman B/J Braman Norm Basilone

4-1 South Bound Brie PF P Casey same Pat Casey
4-2 Bullish Pride PF R Dvorak Steve Hower Mike Tracy

5-1 Klee’s Cold Hard Cash PM R Duerksen M Huggins Jeanette Tracy
5-2 Cassanova Cowboy PM D O’Brien Stacey Goodie Stacey Goodie

6-1 Erin’s Ghost Dancer PM S Derrig Bill Bruchey Luke Eisenhart
6-2 Waybetter Jane PF C Bishop same Pat Casey

7-1 Railway Danny PM R Callaway Gene Casale Gene Casale
7-2 Moon Dancer PF D O’Brien same Dave O’Brien

8-1 The Thrill Is Gone PF B Reed Harry Blaine Jeanette Tracy
8-2 Kraftsman’s Southern Lady PF K Stuart same Luke Eisenhart

9-1 Klee’s Buster PM R Duerksen Jim Heimdal Pat Casey
9-2 Dave Matthews PM Summerhill K Til Hankley Mike Tracy

10-1 She Got Game PF B Reed Becky Johnson Jeanette Tracy
10-2 Creek Haven Jack SM Spencer Ray Frank Aloia Spencer Ray

11-1 Caladen’s Rein Dancer PM R Callaway Ross Callaway Mike Tracy
11-2 Uncle Ben SM M Hodges Earl Drew Earl Drew

12-1 East Coast Jessie June PF D O’Brien John Malone Pat Casey
12-2 Chiseled In Stone PF J McHugh same Jeanette Tracy

13-1 Uplander’s Country Class PM Denny McClenden U Pennacchietti Spencer Ray
13-2 Rockabully PM Roger Dvorak Ernie Saniga Mike Tracy

14-1 Kraftsman’s Black River P F Sean Derrig K. Stuart Luke Eisenhart
14-2 Gale Windz PF Summerhill K Earl Drew Earl Drew

15-1 South Bound Sally PF P Casey same Pat Casey
15-2 Bullerina Roger Dvorak Ernie Saniga Mike Tracy

16-1 Etched in Stone PF J McHugh same Jeanette Tracy
16-2 Waybetter Rock PM Carl Bishop same Dick Bembenek

17-1 Creek Haven Simon Sez SM Spencer Ray Rino Grassa Spencer Ray
17-2 Triple Nickle Mike PM J Braman Robert Bergen Norm Basilone

18-1 Glastonbury Little Bud PM D O’Brien Bill Hyland Pat Casey
18-2 Sugarknoll Warpaint PM J LaBree Pete DeCollo Luke Eisenhart

Meals will be available on the grounds in the clubhouse.

On Saturday night, a cocktail party will be held by William and Daretta Bruchey, owners of last year’s winner, Erin’s Dog Soldier, handled by Luke Eisenhart. A free steak dinner will follow, prepared by Dick Bembenek and ANEFTC officers and friends. All handlers and owners are invited.

Support the New England Futurity by purchasing a 75th anniversary hat for $15. Sales will increase this year's purse and are available through Margaret and Earl Drew and Janice Gregory.

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