Thursday, September 16, 2010

Running Order - Arcadia Field Trial Club


EXETER, R.I. - Twenty-four dogs are vying for the top prize in Saturday's Open Shooting Dog stake at Arcadia Field Trial Club's annual fall trial this weekend (Sept. 18-19, 2010) at Arcadia Management Area. (directions at bottom of blog) On Sunday, 16 dogs will compete in the Don Jones Memorial Amateur Shooting Dog stake.

Order of running for the weekend follows:

SATURDAY (Stakes start at 7 a.m.)

Open Puppy
(Judges: Bill McNamee, Janice Gregory)
1-1 Yank's Bucky Boy ESM Skut
1-2 Richfield Jenna ESF Giuliano
2-1 Mimo ESM Scarpelli
2-2 Hard Tellin' PF O'Brien

Open Derby
(Judges: Dave O'Brien, Mitch Swierczynski)
1-1 Hold Em Molly PF Ecker
1-2 Richfield Almond Joy PF Giuliano
2-1 Schwenksville Reggie PM Ecker
2-2 Remi ESM Fragomeni
3-1 Chance PM Nemeschek
3-2 Buck PM Capocci
4-1 Lookout Prime Time ESM Ecker
4-2 Rock PM Bembenek
5-1 Celtics Sidebar ISF Ecker
5-2 Belle PF Capocci
6-1 Black Hawk Headliner PF Ecker
6-2 Bye

Open Shooting Dog
(Judges: Dave O'Brien, Mitch Swierczynski)
1-1 Neil's One Eyed Jack ESM Ecker
1-2 Yankie's Ginnie Girl ESF Skut
2-1 Porter Meadow Elroy PM Ecker
2-2 Brady PM Pacitti
3-1 Slim Jim PM Ecker
3-2 June PF Stolgitis
4-1 Foxfire PF Ecker
4-2 Patch PF Pacitti
5-1 Class Act Liz PF Ecker
5-2 Jill PF Breveleri
6-1 Richfield Gypsy Rose PF Ecker
6-2 Finn PM McNamee
7-1 Irving's Wicked Tina PF Ecker
7-2 Lucky PF Capocci
8-1 Grouse Woods Reece ESM Ecker
8-2 Speck ESM Scarpelli
9-1 Elhew Signature PM Ecker
9-2 Lexi PF Breveleri
10-1 Cas Tiny PF Ecker
10-2 Richfield Silver Lining PM McNamee
11-1 Scott ESM Scarpelli
11-2 Alder PM Breveleri
12-1 Matt PM Pacitti
12-2 Richfield Charlie PM Giuliano

SUNDAY (Stakes start at 7 a.m.)

Amateur Puppy
(Judges: Bill Bonnetti, Paul Kelly)
1-1 Richfield Jenna ESF Giuliano
1-2 Mack ESM Clark
2-1 Richfield Polly ESF Giuliano
2-2 Yank's Bucky Boy ESM Skut

Amateur Derby
(Judges: Bill Whigham, Janice Gregory)
1-1 Richfield Almond Joy PF Giuliano
1-2 Belle PF Capocci
2-1 Buck PM Capocci
2-2 Bye

Amateur Gun Dog
(Judges: Bill Bonnetti, Paul Kelly)
1-1 Yank ESM Skut
1-2 Luc BM McNamee
2-1 Gates BM McNamee
2-2 Whitey BM Hayes

Amateur Shooting Dog
(Judges: Dick Bembenek, Jim Curtin)
1-1 Finn PM McNamee
1-2 Floyd PM Kelly
2-1 Rocco PM D. Calcagni
2-2 Lucky PF Capocci
3-1 Bo PM McNamee
3-2 Jack PM Whigham
4-1 Dixie PF E. Calcagni
4-2 Richfield Charlie PM Giuliano
5-1 Iron Lady ESF Bonnetti
5-2 Richfield Annie PF Giuliano
6-1 Gabby PF E. Calcagni
6-2 Yankie's Ginnie Girl ESF Skut
7-1 Buck PM Cavanaugh
7-2 Lynyrd ESM Forsyth
8-1 Aldo PM D. Calcagni
8-2 Jake ESM Forsyth

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