Friday, October 16, 2009

Northeastern winners

Above, a birds-eye-view of the Northeastern Open Championship.
Photo by Dave O'Brien


Above, front from left, Tony Forte, George Tracy, judge Sherry Ray Ebert, Jim Smith, Mike Tracy and Ch. Lawless Lady, Jane Donze, Luke Eisenhart and RU Ch. Erin's Backstreet Affair, Earl Drew, Tammy Eisenhart, Margaret Drew, Jeanette Tracy, Bill Hyland and Gene Casale. Rear from left, Tom Hance, judge Vinnie Ballester and Stacey Goodie.

Photos by Stacey Goodie

EAST WINDSOR, CT - Winner of the 2009 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Championship is Lawless Lady, a pointer female owned by Jane Donze and handled by Mike Tracy. Runnerup was Erin's Backstreet Affair, a pointer female handled by Luke Eisenhart.

Both winner and runnerup competed against each other in the 16th brace.

Above, Mike Tracy and Jane Donze with 2009 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Champion Lawless Lady

Above, Luke and Tammy Eisenhart with 2009 Northeastern Open Shooting Dog Runnerup Champion Erin's Backstreet Affair.

Above, Mike Tracy getting ready for the breakaway.

Above, from left, judge Vinnie Ballester, reporter Stacey Goodie and judge Sherry Ray Ebert.

Above, Dave O'Brien presents Bill Hyland a plaque for his 40 years of service and dedication to the New England field trial community.

Above, Gene Casale, left, and Dave O'Brien go the through the never-ending paperwork.

Above, the Fearsome Foursome :-) Keeping this championship running were, from left, Bill Hyland, Sue Way, Gene Casale and Joe Marino.


  1. Congradultions Lawless Lady!
    Was Lawless Lady formerly known as Bell and raised and trained by Dale Martin?

  2. Hi Carol.....Thank you for congratulating "Lawless Lady". She was originally owned by Dale Martin and her name is still Bell.....