Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spruce Brook 2009 Fall Field Trial


EAST WINDSOR, Conn. - Sixty one dogs were drawn for Spruce Brook Bird Dog Club's annual fall trial held Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 29-30, 2009, at Flaherty Field Trial Area.

As Tropical Storm Danny made its way north up the East Coast, the effects were felt in the form of pouring down, cold rain all day during Saturday's Open stakes. The weather was much improved on Sunday when the day started off cool and foggy then turned sunny and warm as the storm moved up the coast and away.

Waiting at the breakaway, above

Weekend winners included:

Open Derby

(Judges: John Malone and John Fino)
1. Full of Bull, PM, Mike Tracy
2. Buffalo Bull, PM, Mike Tracy
3. Courrahee, PM, handled by Bruce Jacobs; owned by Jim Kilrain

Open Shooting Dog
(Judges: Gene Casale Jr. and Lloyd Miller)
1. Our Big Bully, PM, handled by Mike Tracy,
owned by Ernie and Karen Saniga
2. Double Trouble Joe, PM, handled by Matt Basilone, owned by Troy Terlizzi
3. Super Sioux, GSP, handled by Matt Basilone, owned by Katie Tazza

Honorable mention went to Ragged Hill Danny, ESM, handled by Bruce Jacobs and owned by Harry Townshend, and to Peace Dale Duke, ESM, handled by Mike Tracy and owned by Richard Frisella.

Hard luck dog of the stake was Southbound Stretch, owned and handled by John Fino and scouted by Aidan Malone. Stretch was winning the stake hands down but was lost with little but 2 minutes left in his half hour.
"Handler error'' was how handler John Fino described it. :-)

Southbound Stretch, above:
Best of the Open Shooting Dog Stake :-) but missing at pickup :-(

Amateur judges, above, Stacy Goodie and Dave O'Brien

Amateur Shooting Dog
Judges: Stacy Goodie and Dave O'Brien

1. Southbound Slick, PM, John Malone
2. Southbound Jack, PM, John Fino
3. Super Sioux, GSP, Katie Tazza

A barbecued chicken dinner Saturday night was prepared by Patrick Callahan and described as some of the finest chicked barbecue ever in history to have been prepared on the East Coast.

Field trial chairman was Don Gustafson who worked day and night in downpours and steamy weather to get the job done.

Don Gustafson, field trial chairman, above, always at the ready to keep this trial running smoothly, even from the shadows of his truck. :-)

Helping out planting birds was Elizabeth Malone.

Ready to plant those quail: above from left, Elizabeth Malone and Janice Gregory

Aidan Malone provided valuable scouting for whoever sought his services.

Above, from left, Aidan, Elizabeth and John Malone.

John Fino, above, and one of his many award-winning pointers :-)

Keeping an eye on things were, above from left, Bob Braman, Tad Dorry and John Fino.

Handlers Bob Locarni and John Fino.

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